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Forms: sloind

o, later also sloind. vn. of sluindid.

(a) act of expressing, mentioning, relating; expression, indication, signification : oc slund in dedi sin `in expressing those two things', Sg. 209b28 . cid arna airecht pronomen n-aitrebthach dia ṡlund in othuth? `why was not a possessive pronoun invented to express it in the singular?', 198b3 . do slund aimsire deirbbae `to express certain time', 66b15 . ní s.¤ na aimsire acht is s.¤ in gnimo gnither indi `it is not the expression of the time, but it is the expression of the action that is performed in it', 188a28 . robbí uár recar less dígbail ind ḟolaid conid écen suin fria s.¤ sidi huare nád robatar suin do ṡlund ind úildetad inchoisget, 45b1 . doimmthastar fri s.¤ nintliuchta `it is combined to express the meaning', 3a3 . s.¤ gnimo hirec dogni indidit gl. significat, 153a3 . amal rongab in anmmanaib s.¤ persine, 71b10 . s.¤ gnimo cen torant persine `expression of action without denoting person', 154a4 . conid for sluind ┐ toraind na ciall sin, LB 107a25 . bid . . . altus ┐ almus hic sluind huaisle, Lib. Hymn. i 66.19 . airis F. ic sloind (sloindedh, v.l.) seanchasa do fheraib hErind `F. remained relating the stories of the men of Ireland', Ériu iv 150 § 29 . ? slonnaib srethṡluag, SR 2692 .

(b) name, designation : Maelsechlainn slecht sluinn co sain | de chlethchlaind Chuind, LL 133a31 . rogart in muicc fri séis slaind | triana chruit co Céis Coraind, 165a43 . in duine dianad sloind ic na felsamaib `domun becc', PH 4606 . bidh de a slóind seo uirago uair is do fhir doronadh, BB 16b30 .