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n (smit) In phr. bri(a)mon smet(h)rach, explained as the act or rubbing or pulling the lobe of the ear as a means of coercion, a device used by poets in order to obtain the granting of requests. For full discussion see ZCP xxi 324 ff . brimon .i. ainm nemthiusa dognīat filid im nech atatoing .i. meilid smit ind aue iter a dā mer ┐ doēcce in duine ima ndēne nemt[h]ess, Corm. Y 149 = briamon smethraige , Corm. p. 8 . briamon smethrach (brimon smetrach, v.l.), RC xxvi 24.78 (see Gloss.). brimon smitrach . . . .i. fourrach neich o smit a cluaisi .i. cleas briatharda donidis na filid fo daigin ecnaig go bfourrgitis nech tria smiot a chluaisi do tarraing, Auraic. 4645 ff . = b. smetrac[h] . . ., 1328 ff . ? Cf. n.loc.: Magh Smeathrach i nUibh Fáilghe, Keat. ii 1961 .