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1 bolg 1 bag, satchel; sack; provision-sacks; foundling; quiver 2 belly, stomach; middle, centre 3( smith's) bellows; Of musical instruments; bagpipes
butúr smith 's paring-knife
1 cerd 1 craftsman, artisan (most freq. of a gold- and silver- smith ); God 2 handicraft, art, skill, accomplishment, feat; hence occupation, office, way of life, practice, characteristic behaviour
felmac A pupil, student, apprentice to an art or craft, esp. a bardic pupil; in Laws also a pupil of the 7th grade of Latin learning; scholars, literati; of the pupils of a smith
1 flaith 1 lordship, sovereignty, rule; reign 2 king- dom, realm, esp. the kingdom of Heaven; lords, princes 3A ruler, prince; Of Deity; a chief, lord, applied to the various degrees of `aire' subordinate to the `';4expressing preeminence or exalted quality usually chief—, princely, lordly:; the blessing of lordship; a chieftain hospitaller; farmer; chief; chief and warrior; a chieftain smith; lordly isle; a prince and hero; high-prince 5 bright-realmed; feasting like a chief (?)
gaba smith
gilla 1a youth of an age to bear arms; one who has arrived at the third of the six ages of man2a male child, a boy 3Used of a pupil 4a servant, a gilly, a messenger; cup-bearers; grooms; a spear-gilly; sergeant (?); horse-boy; the boy who feeds the smith's furnace; a stud-groom, a stableman; a messenger
gobae a smith
goibne smith's craft
goibnecht the craft or calling of a smith
goibned doing smith's work (?)
goibnide pertaining to smith's work
Goibniu 1the smith of the Tuatha Dé Danann 2a smith
1 id 1a hoop-shaped object, a withe (bound around some object); Of the withe put round an anvil when distraining on a smith 2a fetter, a chain, a spancel; a spancel, a shackle between the forefeet; the long spancel (i.e. hindfoot to forefoot)3a collar 4a ring; ringlet, curl
2 nes(s) 1a wooden mould for shaping a smith 's clay furnace or oven 2the clay furnace itself.
tarngor smith's tongs, pincers