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as-soí turns away
con-soí turns towards; changes
do-soí 1 turns, changes (into) 2 turns (prob. orig. reflex.) 3Perh. also bears, brings forth
imm-sói 1 turns round, moves, drives; Fig. changes 2 turns round, revolves, rotates; attacks; turns about, goes, returns 3 converts, changes; changes, becomes; changes into; in theological sense converts 4 revokes, annuls, abrogates, reverses (a contract, etc.; generally glosses do-intái) 5 turns against, revolts against; attacks, turns upon; turns against, attacks
ind-sói 1 turns, returns. (intrans. and trans.) 2 turns aside (from allegiance) 3Of being converted to the faith, trans. and intrans. 4 translates
soí artistic