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ainbthen 1 storm , tempest 2 violence, fury, rage
anfud 1 turbulence, fury, rage 2In name of a weapon
1 basc a storm or heavy fall of rain
1 cas 1Of hair curly, hence of persons curly-haired; Of animals curly-haired, -furred; Of trees etc. twisted, tangled; Of terrain, mountains etc. of dense vegetation(?); somet. translated steep; Of sea, rivers etc. eddying (?) 2 ingeniously; steeply
1 cith Shower. Of rain, hail, snow; In sense of abundance; In vaguer sense trial, hardship, battle, etc.; storm-swept; dewy
derdal storm
derdan, dertan storm , squall, bad weather
2 do-fich attacks, fights; conquers, takes by storm .
doinenn foul or stormy weather; tempest; Of a storm at sea
éirge 1 resurrection 2 mental exalta- tion, spirit, cheer 3 growing up, maturing 4rising in hostility, taking up arms, attacking 5starting up, setting forth, proceeding, setting about 6 desisting, ceasing from, departing from; befalling, happening to; attacking; to rise against, rebel against 7 military service; military service, `rising out'; muster, levy; waylaying, highway robbery; uprising; lordliness (?)
éirgid 1 rises, stands up; Of recovery from illness; Springs up, appears; Of the sun rising; Of wind, storm 2of resurrection 3 arises, mounts upwards, ascends, soars; Of liquids, etc.:; rises over, crosses over 4 grows up, matures 5of noise, manifestations of passion, anger, grief, joy, etc.: 6rises in hostility, takes up arms, rebels; attacks 7starts up; arises and sets forth, proceeds 8 abandons; renounces, gives up, forsakes; springs up at, attacks; meets; befalls, happens to; increases or thrives with, benefits one; one succeeds (in), prospers; (a quarrel) arises between; overcomes (?)
esgal noise, roar (of water); storm , commotion; (mental) confusion (?)
2 fráech 1 furious, fierce; wrathful [spear] point; fierce youth 2 dangerous in wrath; lively in rage; fierce and dour
3 fras-, frais- 1 volleys; teeming; rain-cloud (?) scattered clouds (?); showery or rainy weather; rain-storm
fúasnadach perturbed, violently excited, turbulent; tumultuous; storm-tossed
gaillim a storm
1 gaim winter-storm , winter; winter-food; winter-Lent; winter-grass; winter hair; winter grazing; a winter's day; a winter-stall; winter-lightning; winter- trespass (?); winter-rye
gam winter; (- storm )
1 garb rough, rugged, coarse; rude, harsh (of physical and moral qualities); a voiceless continuant; a rough field; a rugged cliff; coarse bread; a rough cloak; rude bondage; harsh authority; rude suffering; rough sport; rough clamour; harsh crooning; bristles; a rough (jagged ?) row; of rough growth (?); I squeeze roughly; rough-land; rough-haired; rough wind; of cruel fetters; a rugged hand; harsh tuning; rude force; rough- bearded; a roughly-fashioned vessel; with stormy waters; fiercely burning; goldylocks, goosegrass; rough weather, storm; rough hewing; rough-hewn; rough stream; rough washing; fierce fire; rough land; rough wave; rough thunder; rough third
lingid 1 leaps, jumps; leaps a leap; leaps over; attacks, overpowers; Of fortified places, towns, territories: takes by storm , cap- tures, conquers 2 leaps, jumps, rushes; Of rivers, lakes, erupts; sets about, engages in; jumps over, crosses (of barrier), overcomes (of persons)
1 sín bad weather, storm; less freq. in general sense, weather (freq. in pl.), season; rarely, good weather; the times, circumstances, atmosphere, attitude; stormy sound
stoirm storm
tesgal noise, uproar; storm; uproar
tonngar surge of waves; storm; surge
1 trethan 1 sea, partic. stormy sea, storm 2Metaph. uproar, fury, thundering
3 trom 1 heavy; Of sleep; Of a perfume; heavy, severe, grievous, difficult; Hence sad, sorrowful; great, vast, powerful, mighty; Of the earth; severer 2 weight, heaviness, burden; greater part, bulk; severity, distress, difficulty, sorrow; persecution; blame, censure 3 grievous lament; severe battle; great storm; mighty fleet; great pros- perity; heavy sleep; severe vengeance; great lord; mighty shout; sore disease; mighty flame; great benefit; heavy cloud; swooned; great pity, lamentation, sorrow; severe conflict; heavy snow; great belly; mighty fire; heavy conflict 4 very quarrelsome; of heavy dew; heavy-sodded; heavy and broad; heavy and great; mighty and red; amply measured 5 sleeps heavily; destroys; shouts loudly; severely wounds; severely wounds