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n lard, grease (< Lat. axungia, Stokes, ACL iii 214 ; Meyer, MacCongl., Gloss. s.v. ): usga, tuis, boladh, tócht, Kirk ( Eg. Gl. 615 . For meanings here cf. P. O'C. cited under úsc). usqa quasi susge .i. geir suis (.i. na muici), Corm. Y 1286 . tumud na cainnell a geir ┐ uscca in carna `the candles to be dipped in tallow and the grease of the flesh meat,' Laws ii 252.2 . g s. loch do braisig belaiche | fó barr úscai olordai `under a cream of oozy lard,' MacCongl. 37.31 (= uscu, 121.2 ). tar tibrén úscai olorda, 85.19 . ic gabāil ēisc ... dona dubān smera, cona riamnaigh uscai, cona slait geired, 122.2 .