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aisil Part, division, joint. Of body; joint of meat; Of land; Of part (of the ornament?) of a sword; Of shields; Of cloth; fragments, pieces
1 alt 1 joint, articulation (in human beings and animals); limb; Of the socket of a weapon; Of some part of a sword; Of curls in hair 2of a subdivision of a book; Of the division between the syllables of words; metre (type of composition?) 3 juncture, point (of time, etc.); shape, form; kind, sort; state, condition, circumstance; death-dirge; in a position to, able to; way, manner
1 bás death; pledge, security for redemption from death (?), see gell.; death against a pillow i.e., natural death:; death by the sword; death in childbirth; dies; having a gentle death; grave- clothes; act of wounding fatally; deadly wound; death-bringing
claidbech 1 sword-wielding, equipped with swords, of or pertaining to the sword 2 swordsman
claidbed act of putting to the sword , striking with the sword
1 claidbid puts to the sword , strikes or cuts with a sword
claidbíne little sword , dagger(?)
claideb 1 tusk; beam
claidebdae sword-girt
colg 1anything pointed, piercing instrument; spear-point 2 sword , prob. small sword, rapier 3 sting; stab, thrust; act of piercing, stabbing 4 awn of barley, wheat etc. 5 fury, rage
1 dét 1 Tooth; Fionn's wisdom-tooth under which he placed his thumb when seeking inspiration 2 Set of teeth, the teeth.3In colg (claideb etc.) d. ivory-hilted sword; ivoried blade
1 días 1 ear of corn; Transf. of shoot or fruit of palm tree 2Transf. point of a weapon (usually of a sword ); Of a lance; Of a part of a weaver's beam (cf. claideb) (?)
do-ícsa Raises on high; draws out, removes, takes off; of drawing a sword from a sheath; draws off
dorn 1 hand, fist; a handful; a fight with fists; Hand as symbol; to denote seizure, possession; underhand, secretly (mod.?) 2 hand as a measure of length 3 handful (= lán duirn), small quantity 4 blow with the fist, buffet 5 handle; `the hand-can'; can with handle; Of a bell; a sword-hilt 6Exceptionally foot (of an animal) (?) 7 strong-fisted; crimson-fisted; deft-handed; hand-sword
1 dornchla sword-hilt
dornchur sword-hilt
druim(m) 1 back; Back of men or animals; a pent-house, shed; a calf-shed 2 back, surface (flat or convex) 3 ridge, usually of elevated ground; hill; ridge, crest of a wave; Of a sword-blade 4 one above (after) another, in succession; upside down, topsy-turvy; Backwards; following, in succession (addition) to:; on account of, by means of; Away from, off from; abandons, abjures, re- nounces 5 broadbacked 6 back-leather; tombstone; keel; Of part of a diadem; `superscription', envoy; back-spleen; ridge-beam; Of the cornice of an altar (?) 7 crippled
dub 1 black, swarthy; dark; dark (i.e. red) wine; black bile, melancholy; Of persons, swarthy of complexion or blackhaired; Of a blind person; iris or pupil (?); dark (in moral sense); dire, gloomy, melancholy:; In B. na f. great, expressing intensity;2 black pigment, esp. ink; an inkhorn; gall; oak-gall (?); dawn?3 dark and speckled; black and curling; very feeble; dark crimson; dark red; dark brown or dun; dark blue- grey, livid colour; turns livid; blue-black, intense black; dark tan- coloured; dark grey; the spleen; ball of the thumb; dark brown or dun; dark red; black-limbed (?); blackfooted; name of a plant, black maidenhair; black-toothed; plaintive-sounding; melancholy-mad (downright m.?; black-faced; black-shanked, -legged; black-eyed 4 abyss, deep; dark bondage; name of a disease (kind of jaun- dice?); part of an axe; sword; tribute; black bondage; blackthorn, sloe; crow or raven; downright perjury; obscure word; black hatred; black spear; nefarious stealing; black foreigner, Dane; black heathens, Danes; dark stream or river; black heathenism; black fluid or humour; melancholy; black vessel, name of a measure (?); dark liquid; black pool; Dublin; black exile; Of an outlaw band in general; Dane; symphytum or comfrey; penitentiary; mighty king; dark plain (?); black (crushing) defeat (?); dark design (?); dark pigment or liquid; foul weather; defiance, challenge; black fast (lasting three days); black fast, keeping a black fast 5 foul weather 6 black rod
fáebar 1a sharp edge; the axe-edge; a sharp-bladed weapon; a sharp-edged tool 2 keenness, sharpness; hence apex; coincidently with, at the time of
ferann land, domain, territory, of a definite area, large or small; gen. of land possessed or occupied by an individual, tribe or nation; mensal land; charter-land, lawful estate; sword-land; land assigned to a particular purpose; land for the support of a monastery, etc.; service-land; glebe-lands; land won by prowess; dowry-land; land for the support of the King's heir; a field, enclosed plain
fet 1a whistling or hissing sound; soughing; Of sound of a sword cleaving the air; whizz of bullets; Of pipe of birds 2a pipe used for blowing
fulang 1 bearing, supporting, enduring; Holding out against; capacity to endure or withstand; power of endurance 2 bearing, upholding, supporting (in physical and moral sense) 3 supporting, maintaining (with food, etc.); Transf. of food, provision 4 suffering, tolerating, allowing 5with ó, refraining (from) 6concrete, a support, prop, etc. Of the legs as support of the body; stays; Of the attachment of a sword
gábait a piece, a section, a division of the body (?); a part (usually of the body) cut off by a skilful sword-stroke
4 gen a sword
1 genam a sword
genum a sword
gerr 1 short (of space or time);; a short time 2 castrated; a short horse, a gelding (?) 3? syncopated
gíallaid 1gives hostages, obeys, submits; submits at the point of the sword; serves, is in base clientship; surpasses; resembles 2 obeys, serves
gláede 1a dagger, a knife 2the blade of a reaping-hook; a sword , a large knife
glaidis a sword
imchlaidbed the act of exchanging sword strokes, fighting mutually with swords; an exchange of sword strokes
imdénam 1act of embroidering, ornamenting; embroidery, ornament; an ornamental border; ornamental work; On garments; On leather articles; On sword-hilts, etc. 2the act of constructing, covering; shape, form, struct- ure; covering; fashion; Reparation, restoration 3act of proving, proof of a charge; evidence accepted as final proof; making good in the sense of proving; Used in opposition to séna denial of a statement or charge
imdorn the hilt of a sword
imdornchor the hilt of a sword
1 lann 1 Thin plate, layer; Of ornamental plate; trophy, award; Of shields, armour, etc. a panel, plate; fish-scales; cooking-plate, griddle 2 Blade, sword; polished, whetted blade; dies in battle
1 mael 1 crop-headed, shorn, and by extension bald; tonsured; bald 2 youth 3of cattle, hornless 4of things blunt, headless or pointless (of a torso, stump, etc., also of weapons) 5of places, etc., bare; dismantled; Exposed, defenceless 6 fig. blunt, dull, obtuse 7 awnless wheat, or perhaps free-threshing wheat 8 blunt-fingered, clumsy; blunt-pointed 9 consecrated residences; a blunt or broad-toed shoe or sandal; bald head; bare stone' (blunt or flat?); a flat- topped hill; a clenched fist; fist with closed thumb used as a measure, about four inches; Transf. a blow with the fist, a cuff; sword; a (blunt-headed?) spear or javelin; a large mouth- ful or lump (of food)?; a dismantled or outworn earthen fort; a blunt splinter; stump of a tree 10 truncates
mudorn 1the bone of the ankle or wrist; an ankle, wrist; ankle-bone 2part of a sword , hilt 3name of a measure?
mul a globular mass, heap, lump; a collection or heap; turrets; around head; heaps (?); daring, towering; a rounded or blunt hill; a lump; a clenched fist; (pl.) hilt of a sword; a broad crown
sathach sword
slacc a sword
sloichreth sword
spata sword
taithbéim return blow (one of Cú Chu- lainn's feats. Used both of sling-shot and sword-stroke); side-stroke
1 téit 1 proceeds, goes forward, turns out; goes away, departs; passes away, vanishes; yesterday; dies; continued 2 dies, perishes 3 goes upon, sets out on, etc.; Of sexual union; resorts to, indulges in, becomes subject to; is inflicted upon, comes upon (of misfortunes, etc.); is given to; is buried (?); y becomes liable for x; attacks, overcomes; x prevails over y; changes into, is exchanged for, becomes; x inspires, causes, gives rise to z in y; goes towards, for, etc.; goes out of, leaves; departs; escapes; elapses (of time), passes away, vanishes; dies; goes to, towards; Of marriage, sexual union; departs from, leaves, abandons; outstrips; surpassed; escapes from; x fails y, y fails to accomplish x; x fails; goes to, towards; `is gone thither' =has died; expressing purpose goes to, goes for the purpose of; dies; applies to; is given to; y succeeds in doing x; fares with, turns out for; suits, becomes; goes to communion; Goes between; comes to pass between (of quarrels, recon- ciliations, etc.); goes under; be lost; undergoes, submits to; dies by (the sword ); goes towards, throughout; attacks, assails; set; éiric; goes towards, against; opposes; devotes oneself to, adopts, takes a certain course; guarantees, goes surety for; takes after, resembles; goes into, enters; embarked; penetrates, invades, attacks; goes into (of numbers, etc.), fits into; goes to, sets about, resorts to, indulges in (of actions and states of being); becomes; results in; x results in y for z; Gramm. ends in (of words); amalgamates with, is assimilated to (of sounds); goes with, accompanies; is let go (unpunished) with; x succeeds; pleases; goes from, departs from; be off; is sent (on an errand) by; outstrips; escapes from; gives up, forsakes; y is deprived of, loses x; goes before, precedes; goes on, fares forward; goes past, passes; goes over, across, past; overcomes, overwhelms; exceeds, surpasses; transgresses, violates (a law, etc.); becomes necessary for, becomes due; passes by, is omitted, lost, forgotten by; escaped; goes through
1 tír 1 earth, ground (opposed to water); on land; portion of land; owner; territory, province (cf. talam I (c), (d)); Land of Women, Otherworld; Land of the ever- living; Heaven; Heaven; Livonia; Hence people of a territory 2 measures or kinds of land; measure of land; land won by the sword; measure of land; land of a deceased person which reverts to the fine; inviolable land; homeland; the land of the pond, part of mill; main- land; hollow land, churchyard 3 in, into the land; lands; Hence survives, exists, subsists; spends, passes (time); Tiree
torcelta part of a sword , collared hilt-guard (?)
2 ub the point of a sword
uball, ubull 1the fruit of the apple-tree, an apple; a crab-apple; wild-apple; the fruit of other trees, viz. fig and palm trees, etc.; a pomegranate; a pomegranate; a date; the fruit of the forbidden tree; apple of discord, etc. (of classical mythology); the apple of the eye : (fig.); the apple of the throat, Adam's apple 2any globular object, a ball; as an ornament to confine the hair; musical balls; feat-apples; a weapon of warfare, a missile, cannon-ball; the ball of a (ball-and-socket) joint (Anat.); the pommel of a sword; the knob at the butt-end of a spear(?); the boss of a shield