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ar-tét goes in the place of, com- pensates for
con-tét associates, goes with; comes together
do-tét 1 used to come 2 comes; comes back, returns 3 comes, ensues, takes place; appears, arises (of persons, consequences, events) 4 is (goes) surety for:; hits upon, contrives; comes off, escapes; comes from, arises or develops out of; comes to, accrues to; touches on, men- tions; comes or falls on, happens to; goes with, applies to, is incident to; Opposes; turns to, takes up, practises 5 goes; goes on, advances 6is construed as
for-tét 1 helps, assists, succours; Confirms, corroborates 2 takes pre- cedence, prevails
fris-tét `goes towards'; encounters (an experience), meets, answers (a purpose, obligation)
in-tét follows
remi-tét Goes before, precedes
1 tét 1 rope, cord 2 string of a stringed instrument; musicians 3a spider's thread
2 tét wanton
3 tét road, way
6 tét mighty (?)