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táin 1 driving out, off 2 cattle-raid, plundering expedition 3 driven cattle, herd, flock; possessions 4 plunder, booty, spoil (gen. of cattle)
tan, tain 1 time, while, point of time 2 when, whenever; seeing that, since; when, whenever; until, before; since, seeing that; Final that; if; whenever; since 3 of old, once; `meanwhile' (?); sometimes ... sometimes; now and again, sometimes; sometimes ... sometimes; once; at any time, at some time or other; at all times, constantly; then; at this time, now; now; suddenly, immediately; afterwards, then; afterwards, then; for a time
túagrótae a farmer's road leading to a `ród,' or into a moun- tain
1 tul, taul, tel, til 1(part of ?) a cross 2 boss of a shield; Hence shield 3Of parts of the body; forehead; forehead; face to face 4 crest of a wave 5 at the end of (?) 6 violent fight; driving, beating on (?); frontal or direct blow, violent blow; great boiling; extempore judgment (?); great fierceness; head-on encounter, fierce battle; encounter; front (of forehead); frontal bone (of the head), forehead; boss of a shield; favourable judgment (?), prima facie case (?); burly (?) back; frontal (protruding ?) muscle or sinew; speedy judgement; stony vale; wailing, clamour, clashing (spec. of shields); boss of a shield; high plain, plateau (?); large chasm; exact middle; violence, impetuosity; immediate obligation; violent start 7 very aggressive; well-directed, finding the mark (of slings, missiles, etc.); with broken bosses (?); rough, fierce, violent, etc.; stinking, rotten; surface-stinking; with yellow boss; smooth-topped; very cer- tain (?); very brave; protected in front by a hedge (?); rough, fierce; bright- bossed; green-hilled; green- swelling; very bitter; blue-fronted. Of waves, the sea; Of shields blue-bossed; clashing, clamorous; keen-edged; with broad forehead; Of a shield broad-bossed; lit. bare-topped. Of an animal's horns; Of headless bodies; very cheerful, merry; very swift, violent, impetuous; gentle, steady; very sudden 8 smashes, shatters