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Forms: tairmthecto

n ā, f. vn. of tarmi-tét. As u, m. g s. tairmthecto, Wb. 3d6 (see Thurn. Hdb. § 725 ).

I going across, traversing, passage: t.¤ in díthruib`the passage of the wilderness,' Ml. 83b11 . fri t.¤ hi consain `to the passage into a consonant,' Sg. 14a7 . 15a4 . ni loc tairmthechtae di in s, 16b5 . cen t.¤ persan `without transition of persons,' 220a8 . cáin dómnaig cen t.¤ ind itir not to travel therein, Fél.² lxiv § 17 , cf. nir gnathach le C.C. tairimthecht ó espart dia Sathairn co maidin Luain, BCC 186.36 . See also under II. ac tairimthecht an glinne, SG 115.6 = Acall. 940 . do bhādoip a thairimtheachta boats crossing it (a river), Fl. Earls 106.5 . re taighleoiriocht ┐ ré toirimtheacht ┐ re teachtairiocht ` ambassadorship ,' CRR² 68.14 .

In Fl. Earls a passage round the top of a wall or building, gallery, architrave (?): a ttighi a mhūir ┐ a thairimtheachta `the rampart and circuit,' Fl. Earls 68.9 . 96.21 . go srethoip do cholomhnaib ... go ttairimthecht chomthrom choimhrēidh do c[h]lochoib ... marmair, 152.y . 186.z. forsan tairimthecht atā fair ar in taep amoigh, 220.13 .

II transgression, sin: ni t.¤ rechto, Wb. 2c18 . 3c29 . 10a27 . 13d26 . 15a16 . 19b16 . hon t.¤ , Ml. 39a17 . ar digail tairmthechta rechta daé, 74b5 . 74b7 . do dígail a tarmthechta, SR 7196 . hi cinaid do thairmtechta-su, LB 129b37 . comic iar tairmtecht `payment after transgression,' Laws i 260.z . t.¤ domnaig transgressing Sunday (i.e. by working, travelling, etc.): fiuchae tairmt[h]echtai in domnaig, Anecd. iii 25.18 . Ériu ii 192 § 2. 204 § 23 . turbuid thairimtechta in domnaig exemptions from the transgressing of Sunday (?), 208 § 32 v.l. (turbaide techta i n-domnaig `lawful exemptions of Sunday,' text). See also under I. t.¤ gráid transgressing holy orders: sacart ... iar tairmtecht a graid cen aithrigi, Ériu vii 150.14 . ZCP x 53.7 . RC xv 488.7 . no muna beadh thuingeas in gradh ní beas toirimtheacht dia gradhaib unless what the order swears is something which constitutes a transgression of the order(s), H 4.22 p. 33 ( O'Curry 2010 ).