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Forms: fomamaigter, fommamaigedar, fomámaigid, fhomammaigther

v Mid. Ir. form from O.-Ir. fo-ammámaigedar q.v.; the forms fomamaigter, fommamaigedar, Ml. 26a8 , 113c6 are perhaps scribal errors. subjugates: ipv. línaid in talmuin ┐ fomámaigid duib hí, BB 15b48 = subjicite eam Gen. i 28 . Subjoins, appends: conid aire-sin fhomammaigther i fhus (= unde hic subditur) PH 5842 .

See follg.


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Forms: forb, foridmbi, fordobi, forb, fordo-be, forraib, fuirb, fordonrabat, formbed, forbia, forbái, -bui, -bae, forrabái

v consuet. pres. 3 s. forb, Mon. Tall. § 3 . foridmbi, Corm. Bodl. s.v. lāith ( Corm. Y 811 ). fordobi, Corm. Y 1189 . subj. pres. 3 s. forb, Mon. Tall. § 57 . fordo-be, Laws ii 404.18 . forraib, SR 3919 ; Mon. Tall. § 7 . ? fuirb, Laws ii 332.12 (see for-ben). 3 pl. fordonrabat, Hy v 104 . past subj. 3 s. formbed (?) Ml. 23d17 . fut. 3 s. forbia, LU 10061 . Rawl. 142a49 . sec. fut. 3 s. forbiad, LU 5039 . pret. and perf. 3 s. forbái (-bui, -bae v.l.), Metr. Dinds. iii 116 . forrabái, Cáin Ad. 18 .

I Intrans.

(a) is over or remaining, is left, remains, survives: formbed a ainm ind firso that the name of this man should survive Ml. 23d17 ( Thes. i 717 . Or is this a miswriting of forsa mbed ?). a forbi ... for lortaid na muindtire whatever remains over after the community are satisfied Mon. Tall. § 3 . ... neich forbé lortid ..., § 57 . dia forraib fuidel SR 3919 (= si quid residuum fuerit Exodus xii 10 ). dollotar anair congabsat Cluichri Cliach ┐ ní fortaat (i.e. are no longer settled there) LL 190b28 (= Rawl. 155b43 ). Passing into sense is still to come , often expressing mere futurity (cf. ar-tá): is ann forbia th'esérge, BNnÉ 295 § 22 . domuinsetar go madh aca forbíadh a ionad, 296 § 30 .

(b) With prep. is on, over, dominates: forbía a ainm fa Eirinn co brath, RC vi 175y (= forbiad firu hErinn a ainm v.l., cf. II d). for-bhiadh a ainm os Erinn co brath, BB 260a12 .

II Trans. with acc.

(a) is on, is upon , of physical and more often fig. relations: in tan ... is forsail foridmbī (i.e. when the vowel is long) Corm. Bodl. s.v. lāith ( Corm. Y 811 ). barr bude fordotá [ = for-dut-tá, ZCP xvii 196 ] LU 10007 . Cf. a tir fortá Ciannachta, ZCP viii 314.16 . Here perhaps: a Brigit ... rogab do chlú fora clú | ind ríg is tú fordatá LL 50a32 ( Hail Brigit § 25 ). im choin forambi [forbi v.l.] ottrach `a hound of (i.e. on) the dunghill' Laws i 126.8 . forraib ammarthan do gnuis `misfortune take your face!' Mon. Tall. § 7 . Maire ... for-domraibhi á sén, ZCP vi 257 § 2 . cach óen beres [co]cert cert | fortraib bennacht epscoip hErc (fortbeir, fodreith, fortbaid v.l.), Mart. Tall. 124 ( LL 364 marg. inf. = AFM i 168 ). bennacht Brigte ┐ Dé | fordonrabat, Hy v 104 . (with tmesis:) fordonitge Brigte bet on us be B.'s prayers 89 . bid he mo ainm forbia in cath-sa dogres, Rawl. 142a49 . intí nothisad ar tus ind issed a ainm forbiad in mag, LL 170a28 ( Dinds. 158 ). bid amra do chenel ┐ fortabia do hainm, Anecd. iii 57.20 . is ed a hainm foridtá ZCP iii 46.6 . Mongán mac Fíachnai, ised foridmbíad, Imr. Brain § 32 . it e a n-anmanda foratait feadha ... in ogaim (= the vowels are named after them), Auraic. 244 (= fordotait 2559 ). cf. conad he a ainm sidhe fordota in berla sin which is on that language 4003 . sal ... on tsalchar fordobi in chois, Corm. Y 1189 , where the relativity is apparently expressed by an infixed pron.). cia tintud forata na psalmu? what translation is on the psalms? Hib. Min. 10.330 . cisi erndail (gnūis) fortā na psalma?, 3.61(78) . See 1 for II b. forrabae (forrubu v.l.) crith in uli talmuin the whole earth trembled Ériu ii 192 § 1 .

Cf. cach cor fordita [for-did-tá ?], O'Curry 1898 ( 23 P 3, 22d ). diam tobar techda forda mbi, O'D. 2219 ( Nero A 7, 150a ). In: forbi a sétaib, Críth G. 587 , it is perhaps intrans. with instrumental dat. but the meaning is uncertain.

(b) is incumbent on, is due from (see 1 for II n, and attá): conid aire forata anmanda [fer] nErenn ... co raib baithius ┐ comna, etc., Ériu i 219 § 5 , cf. 218 § 1 .

(c) In following passages it seems = there ensues, furthermore, also, item: fortá fortormach na cána-sa there follows an additional enactment Ériu ii 210 § 23 . fortá a forus ib. fortā forus inna cána sae ... bithcáin for clerchu, Cáin Ad. 34 . fortha forus na cānae: dia ngontar ..., 40 . Similarly ib. 39 , 41 , etc. Cf. the following passages from Laws, where it is rendered `ordained,' `is due,' O'Don. Suppl. (see R. Smith and Thurneysen ZCP xix 114 n. 7 ): fortha a forus na gontar ..., H 3.18, 303.34 ( O'Curry 628 ). foratha nach duine ro la eisce im araile .i. foratha no for a tarrastar cach duine laas eisce im araile .i. .iiii. cumala dire ó urradh ..., H 3.17, c. 629 ( O'D. 876 ). Cf. forthach nach duine ro la esce, O'Curry 2115 ( H 4.22, 79b , see ZCP xix 115 n .). fortha nad cria nech di dernaind dondaig dian cria is dire thadait aridmbia further, that none shall buy ...; if he buy it he is liable for the theft-penalty H 3.18, 188a ( O'Curry 340 ), where ar-idmbia evidently = foridmbia in use II (b) above : foratha nech dogni gufiadhnaise in fiach doscara isé fiach fil fair inn, H 3.17, 452 add. slip ( O'D. 600 ). ┐ fortha riar o cach adgarthar ┐ fortha aonollamh ... in gach crich ... ┐ fortha da bretheam la gach saoraicme ..., O'Curry 1607 ( 23 Q 6, 5a ) = forad ... forad ... forad, O'Curry 2272 ( Eg. 88, 20 ). forathá ceithre uinge a n-othrus caoicus, O'Curry 1162 ( H 3.18, 461b ). forathá nech condeiríg i ndail no a nairecht, O'Curry 1163 ( H 3.18, 462b ). In each of these two exx. the MS has merely fōr.

Cf. forath [sic] ni acair, etc., Laws iv 380.3 (untransl.). foratha airitiu oighedh, O'Dav. 68 .

(d) is over, is above, with notion of superiority; excels, dominates (cf. I b, II a) : forbíad a ainm hErind co brath LU 5039 (= forbiad a ainm ... firu Erend, TBC-I¹ 551 ). flaith foridmbi `a lord who is over him' BCrólige 59 . la ríg forbí tuatha `who is over the laity' [who is over (a number of) tuaths ?] Ériu vii 166 § 2 . hi rēr ... ardflathui forbē tuath [toathae v.l.], Anecd. iii 23.15 . forbiath do mac maccu cāich, ZCP viii 309.15 . is tu for bias do braithre ┐ do chlann forbiat a clanna co brath, Rawl. 124a44 . Cf. tri húi Duind Désa ... forbái bésa bith-gábaid `who was leader in a life of peril' Metr. Dinds. iii 116 .


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Forms: frisroresgab

v (cf. fresgabál and fris-ócaib) Rises, ascends, generally of ascending to heaven: na sé cémend iarsa frescabat na naím ... dochom nimi, LU 2339 ( RC iv 248 ). amal ro fhresgab dochum nime i fiadnaise a apstal, PH 2515 . ro resgab, 1160 . indiu rofresgabsat na da sruith ... dochum nime, 1932 . risinn ārradh nglainidhi fris rofreasgabh B. docum nime, Lism. L. 954 = frisroresgab, LB 32b29 . In wider sense: acht na freasgabad on talmuin topur, BB 16a12 (= ITS xxxiv 54 ). Cf. fons ascendebat e terra Gen. ii 6 . amal fresgēbus a n-airde, PH 1832 . do berat dréimireadha co ro freasghabhsat for taiblibh ... an tréndunaidh, Hugh Roe 130.15 (f. 35a) . See fris-ócaib.

1 inis

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Forms: inis, insi, indsi, indse, insi, innsi, indsi, inse, índis, inse, inseo, insi, insi, indsi, inis, indsi, inse, inseda, innseadha, insi, insiu, indse, inseadha, inse, insi, innsi, indsedh, inseadh, insib, innsib, indsibh, innsibh, insedhaib, innseadhaibh, insibh, inis, nInis

n ī, f. In Mid and Mod. Ir. freq. inflected in pl. as dental stem. n s. inis, Corm. Y 744. Imr. Brain § 4. LL 13a31 . insi, Anecd. i 1.4 . Laws i 16.12 LL 13a20 . indsi, Anecd. i 1.7 . indse, Metr. Dinds. iv 92.15 . a s. insi, Imr. Brain § 61 . LU 3358. innsi, Lat. Lives 107.8 . indsi, Laws i 78.12 . Anecd. i 1.7 . inse, Thes. ii 299.7 ( Hy. I pref. ). LL 181a38 . índis, LL 395a31 . g s. inse, Thes. ii 241.18 (Ardm.). Imr. Brain § 61. Fél. July 7 . inseo, Thes. ii 241.18 (Ardm.). indse, LU 3356. insi, Trip.² 2427. LU 9150. d s. insi, SR 4008. LU 3379. indsi, Anecd. i 1.6 . SR 4009. Laws i 12.z Comm. inis, Anecd. i 1.3 . Fél. Aug. 8. Laws i 16.6 (sic leg., Stokes, Laws Crit. p. 22 ). Acall. 6558. n p. indsi, IT i 190.31 . inse, Todd Lect. vi 2.13 . inseda, Cog. 140.3 . innseadha, AFM i 564.6 . a p. insi, Ml. 89d18 . Trip.² 2424 ( insiu , v.l.). indse, Alex. 884. inseadha, Keat. i 200.59 . g p. inse, Ml. 89d18 . Imr. Brain § 25. insi, Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. 1912, xxv 439 § 7 . innsi, AU i 512.x . indsedh, i 490.13 . inseadh, TD 20 § 49. d p. for insib , Thes. ii 299.15 . innsib, 312.1 ( Hy. II ). indsibh, SR 3396. innsibh, Aithd. D. 29 § 18. insedhaib, SG 64.x . innseadhaibh, Dán Dé xxviii 39. insibh, AFM iii 326.x . n du. di inis , ZCP i 420 § 183. See IGT Decl. § 150.11 and KZ xxviii 146 § 3.

an island (very common in place names, see Hog. Onom., Indexes to FM., AU, etc.). i.¤ ab insula , Corm. Y 744. inis .i. nesos graece, insola interpretatur , O'Mulc. 734. cen muir dia etarscarad fo chosmailius n-inse, Ml. 89d18 . lasinn uile talmuin ón file im na insi imacuairdd, ib. dul for insib mara immach, Thes. ii 299.15 . muchatócc inse fáil augustín inseo bicae, 241.18 . immeraad in n-i.¤ immecúairt, Imr. Brain § 61. Manandān mac Lir, cendaighe amra robūi a nI.¤ Manann, Corm. Y 896. Máel-rúain ... grían án inse Góidel, Fél. July 7 . maicc Nessáin ónd i.¤ , Fél. March 15. corogab tir ... | i n-insi Deprofane, SR 4008. i n-insib i mmedón in mara tened, LU 2193. ingen ríg Insi Fer Falga, 9150 . la tri cenela saera randsat in indsi so, Laws i 78.12 . muirinis mara ina beir ceathra (one of the places into which distress is not taken), iv 6.10 . Siuchraidh mac Loduir iarla Innsi orcc of the Orkney Islands, AU i 532.10 . a n-indsib Orcc ┐ Catt 'Orkneys and Shetlands' Celtica xiii 4 , Peritia xii 315 n. 85 . Ragnall mac Gothraidh, rí na n-innsi `Lord of the Isles' (i.e. of the Hebrides), 512.x , Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig i 14 . rí Innsi Gall, AU 989.4 . a hInnsib Gall, CMT² 38 § 51 . tri longa do longaibh Gall na n-Innsi do shlat do Ulltaibh, ii 58.17 . inghion Rígh innsi Fionnghall, Caithr. CC 24 . a hinsib Mod muirech `sea-girt islands of Mod' (i.e. the islands in Clew Bay), Metr. Dinds. iii 408.5 . as na hindsib .i. a Créit, a Cicir, a Sicil, a Corsic, PH 5388. atat di i.¤ a fudomhuin in mara sin, ZCP i 420 § 183. Cathal ... do mharbadh la Cénel Eogain na hInnsi (i.e. of Inishowen), ALC i 70.10 . an bhréiginsi lér fhaoi Art (of Ireland), Studies 1921, 75 § 18 . dá ghimhis don ghoirmṠinainnsi | uman n-i.¤ adhmholaimsi, IGT Decl. ex. 1395. for insedhibh uisccidhe no for olénibh mara, Hugh Roe 178.14 . As nom. loc. Ennis, co. Clare: dá bhrághaid uaim i nInis , DDána 77 § 1. mainistir Inse i ttuadhmhumhain, AFM iii 326.6 .

an island (often artificial) used as a storehouse or fort: 'na duinib trénaib daingnib | inna indsib eradblib, SR 3396. daroclasa a n-indsi ┐ a nduini ┐ a ndingnada, BB 500b35 . ni chumdaigem mura na paláti na tegdaise rígda na indse for uscib, Alex. 884. ro daingnit leis ... dúin ocus daingni ocus inseda, Cog. 140.3 . M. ... do indradh Condacht ┐ do thoghail a híndseadh `M. harried Connaught and destroyed its (artificial) islands,' RC xvii 344.13 .

In many poetic names of Ireland , e.g. rannsadar a maic ... | i.¤ n-Airt, Metr. Dinds. ii 38.46 . i.¤ Bhanbha na ttrí ttonn | do ṡlonn sí trí hanma sin, IGT Decl. ex. 1152. mór antrom inse Banbha, Keat. Poems 981. i.¤ Bhreagh, TD 1 § 2. i.¤ Ealga, eadhon, oiléan uasal, Keat. i 98.23 . go hi.¤ aoibhinn Ealga, Keat. Poems 10. Gnia ... cenn crabhaidh insi hEmhir, AFM i 514.20 . tilid Éirinn gan ainimh | a héineing d'I.¤ Ḟuinidh `they rule Ireland without reproach, from one corner to the western land,' TD 10 § 11. cid mesc lib coirm inse Fáil, IT i 133.1 . is ferr d'andrib Inse Fáil, Metr. Dinds. iii 202.45 . an seachtmhadh hainm (i.e. of Ireland), I.¤ Fáil, Keat. i 100.52 . fata srúm gimhsi gach gille | ag súr Innsi finne Fáil, IGT Decl. ex. 1405. ar fhud Innse Laoghaire, DDána 77 § 8. an ceud ainm tugadh ar Éirinn, I.¤ na bhfiodhbhadh, eadhon, oiléan na gcoillteadh, Keat. i 96.11 . an t-ochtmhadh hainm, Muicinis, 100.66 .


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Forms: íriu, íre, hírinn, írind, iri, írenn, írend, hirind, íre, írínd, írind, írinn, ire, ireann

n n, f. n s. ind íriu , Ériu ii 192.8 . íre, O'Curry 1591 (< 23 Q 6, p. 2a ). hírinn, ZCP xi 85.14 . a s. írind, LU 8711. iri, Rawl. 73a21 . g s. írenn, SR 2234. írend, LU 10561. d s. hirind, Laws i 258.7 . dind íre , Fél. Ep. 26. n p. írínd, Laws iv 124.27 Comm.

land, earth, soil ; the earth, the world: iriu .i ferann, ut est besaé i.¤ isahé dire .i. inti isa hé in ferann is les eneclann in gait neich (an gait nech, v.l.) ass, O'Dav. 1079 = besa hé íre asa hae dire, O'Curry 1591 (< 23 Q 6, p. 2a ). irraind .i. ferann, ut est na brúchta ith oichne iraind (? leg. a irind) ... .i. nocha bruchtand foichne in etha isin ferann `that a corn-blade may not spring forth from land,' O'Dav. 1080 (irraind scribal error for írind or írinn, W.S.). ad-mestar hírinn asa ilménib : méin oír, méin airgit ..., ZCP xi 85.14 . ni abail i.¤ (.i. tir) an fuid ces ... .i. ní eiplenn a tír o neoch na bi a foss, O'Curry 430 (< H 3.18, p. 233b ). aithgabala ... for duiniu, for hirind, for marbdilib, for beoceathraib, Laws i 258.7 . oldas a tir .i. oldas in fearand dara tairngithir e, ind ire (sic leg., Plummer MS. notes) o tobur co lind, iv 208.18 Comm. uair isa nírínd (? leg. isat n-írind) do cach ceathra they are lands for every cattle, Laws iv 124.27 Comm. or perh. read : it sain-írínd ... they are special lands for all cattle. for nem a conrúalae | cech laithe dind íre `what has gone to heaven every day from the earth,' Fél. Ep. 26. romṡóerae, á Íssu, | ar cech ulc for íre (: díle), 450 . trethan dilenn os cach maig | is mor n-írenn rocechlaid, SR 2234. dorat Abram a chomarbus huili eter iri ┐ indile do Isaac, Rawl. 73a21 . fortacrith in n-írind, LU 8711. oc collud a n-hírend destroying their land (of birds that had grazed the land and left it bare), 10561 . cóemchlód fri drochḟerann (-írind, v.l.), Triads 72. glē lim nī forlaig hí.¤ | oc rīg sēt bat n-amradar `earth never has hidden ...,' Fianaig. 16 § 39. forrabae crith in uli talmuin ... co rolaa ind í.¤ a clocha ┐ a cranda i n-arde, Ériu ii 192.8 . nī ma tulaid for īrind | nech nā dēna āindīdin upon earth, ZCP xii 297 § 13. fo thuinn írenn iar n-éccaibh `beneath the surface of the clay ...,' TFrag. 200.6 . irionn .i. fearann, O'Cl. ire, ireann ` ground, land, field ,' O'R.


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v (lommairt, see lommrad) prob. a nonce-formation. makes bare, strips : for talmuin .i. for talamain for main do lomartaig in talmun; no forsin main dia lomrann cach a toil (etymol. gloss), Laws v 14.6 Comm .


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v (*lommar, cf. luma(i)r)

(a) shears (off), strips (off), cuts off: scailp a uerbo scalpio (scalpo, v.l.) .i. lomraim, Corm. Y 1185 . garbae adbae . . . / i llomrat fir maiche mes, O'Curry 150 ( H 3.18, 82b ) (mesrad maiche .i. cenna daoine iarna n-airlech, ibid). ro lommair-som in fróech isin maigin sin co fúair a graif, Trip.² 1020 . no lomraitis . . . na hubla ┐ nos ithitís, LU 1684 (ICM). ben . . . tainic o da lomrait cairigh go ndernadh etach da olaind, Laws ii 416.23 Comm . lomraid a c(h)ennchoṅgraim na mmnā strips off, Fing. R. 980 . lomair eoin aille aile an crand cuiscle, Anecd. i 70 § 177 (leg. lomairset, Ed.). ceni lomardais . . . / mo dá n-ó dim chiunn, Ériu xviii 14 § 17 . bid aithech samlumsa . . . lommeras a cend sin ditsa, RC xiii 438 § 9 . ro lomair cach trenchend, Cog. 160.11 . ro lomair, ro ledoir . . . Gullu cut off the heads of(?), 138.1 . a barr gur lomair dá láimh / cromaidh an crann, Aithd. D. 49.31 .

(b) despoils, plunders : roscaird .i. rolommar gl. conrassit (leg. -rasit), Ml. 14b2 (Ascoli suggests roscailt ?). ros lommair im a n-almu, Alex. 1093.

(c) Fig. of exacting taxes, etc.: a trocaire in eirreich re iarsa loimera a tairgille gurab a comairet cedna lomras a eneclann .i. dublad re sin, O'Curry 1673 ( 23 Q 6, 25b ) `i.e. the merciful view is that the two periods of exaction must be consecutive,' Plummer MS. notes. mad in feichemh toicheda lomrus fiach, O'D. 767 ( H 3.17, 550 - 1 n. ). forsin main dia lomrann cach a toil `the wealth from which everyone extracts what he likes', Laws v 14.7 Comm . (etym. gloss on for talmuin ).

? merga in mondaill / lenga lomraim, IT iii 100 § 172.

2 luisne

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n (lus) herb, plant : cona facbatis cid luisni hi talmuin ann, IT i 136.19 . l.¤ `a hand of beaten flax', Hog. Luibhl.


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Forms: nemthe, nemid, nemhid, -nemiud, nemid, nemthiu, neimthiu, neimed, senneimedh, Nemed, nemed, nemedh, nemed, Nemed, Nimeth

n o, m. orig. s, n.? occas. treated as neut. in law texts; the gender is m. when denoting a person or animal (male or female) and n. when denoting an abstract notion (e.g. 'sacredness' or 'privelege') or a place, Bechbretha 107-8 , ZCP xlv 100 , but see CMCS viii 48 . cf. coa nemthe nert, LU 3480 (g s.? `to the protection of the shrine', ZCP xv 188 § 15 ). g s. ind nemid , Trip. 240.19 = in nemhid , ib. 4 . d s. -nemiud, LL 227a20 . n p. nemid, Laws v 14.12 . a p. nemthiu, LU 9786. neimthiu, Laws i 260.17 . neimed (o, m.), IGT Dec. § 11. 20 .

I The orig. sense is prob. that of a consecrated place, = Gaulish νεμητον (cf. Αὐγουστο-νέμετον Ptolemy's name for mod. Clermont Ferrand; see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 37 , RC xxiii 138 ), which prob. represents an indigenous word used of sacred groves; cf. de sacris silvarum quas nimidas vocant , Du Cange s.v. nimida (< Conc. Liptini A.D. 743 ), which seems to represent an orig. fem. It is sometimes not possible to distinguish the sense 'sacred place, sanctuary' from 'privilege', Bechbretha 107 . In Irish lit. a sanctuary : nemed gl. sacellum '(small) sacred place' Sg. 13 b 1 . atnaig tar fót crúach i n-ardnemed dia díte, di-eim ar díantólae slúaig 'he brings him away over gory sod into a high sanctuary for his protection, which protects [him] from the swift tide of a [hostile] throng' Críth G. 53 . nemed gl. asilum 'a place of refuge' Ériu lv 9 ; in early Christian lit. prob. a small chapel or oratory (or else the spot on which such stood), freq. in connexion with `cell'. conid Dún a sen-nemed, LU 754 (of Downpatrick, the burial-place of Colum Cille) = RC xx 178 § 44 (`senior church') = senneimedh, BCC § 374 ; perh. for sén-n.¤ auspicious holy spot, i.e. the place of his resurrection. ní ra cráid chill nā nemed, RC xiii 84 § 98 ( LL 303b39 ). nemed cille no duin, Laws iv 214.4 (glossed .i. in releg cemetery, ib. 24 ; cf. LU 754 above ). neimhedh naemainglech (of Cluain Cesáin), Acall. 500. neimedh Sináin, ZCP x 12 § 7 (seems = tempall S., ib.). can comarci . . . do cill no do nemead, Cog. 152.3 . ro cumdaigedh leis ceallaca dhais Erenn ┐ a neimhedha, 138.21 . nior fhagbhadar Lochlannaigh naomh nó neimheadh no ceall uasal . . . gan argain, Ériu i 80.12 . Content. vi 196. cin chadus do chill nā do nemedaib, Ann. Conn. 1236 § 16. ? nipsa cell cin chlocc . . . nipsa haí cin imditin, nipsa neimeth cin imfochaidh, Anecd. ii 60.5 ; cf. nemeadh cin imfochaid (sign of degenerate times), ZCP ix 168.22 .

pn Prob. in this sense in place-names: Nemed, Trip. 240.19 (place where there was a `neimed'). a Nemud slebe Fúait, TBC-LL¹ 5355 = o nemiud, TBC-I¹ 3298. i nNemiud, Metr. Dinds. iv 166.55 (also in Sliab Fuait). Cf. termond na fían . . . im rēid airthir Nemid nāir, LU 4148.

II Secondary meanings, arising prob. from the immunities or honour attached to a consecrated spot.

(a) sacredness ; privileges or insignia (belonging to a profession, rank, etc.), status, dignity: nemeth .i. nem iath .i. i n-as dír d'eclais, Corm. Y 962. nemaith .i. a n-as dir d'ogaib, 963 ( = nemáith, Corm. p. 31 ). nemuath .i. a n-as dir d'filedaib, 964 : all three exx. are etym. glosses on `neimed' acc. to its various applications; similarly O'Mulc. 830 fg. (There may have been a techn. term nemiath; cf. Anecd. ii 74 y : crodh neich nat ba neoit nim [nem v.l.] iath, from a judgement pronounced by `filid' and `brethemain' = the property of a person who is not niggardly towards the Church?.) ro ordaigset fir Herend a nemthiu and sin .i. cloc ┐ salm do eclais. Gēill do rigaib. Trefoclae techtae do filedaib. Aithgabáil do fennethaib, LU 9786 = RC vi 165.9 , Trip. 564.33 (`privileges' in both places). cia nemed as uaisle fil i talmain? Nemed n-ecalsa. Cia nemed is uaisliu fil a n-ecluis? Nemed n-espuic: is e espuc as uaisliu dibside easbuc ecalsa [sic leg.] Petair, H 3.18, p. 17a ( O'Curry 46 ). Colum ar chennsa . . . fri neimhedh eccalsa ┐ ealadhan, 2296.26 .

Possibly in this sense in chevilles: for nem noebda niab nemed , SR 7135 (g p.? or n s. in sense I?). naemda nemedh , Anecd. i 61 § 93. mét nemed , Ériu iv 106.6 . acht ní sóeras nemed de 'except that which sacredness increases of it' Bechbretha 58 .

(b) closely connected with preceding sense, and not always to be distinguished from it, is that of a person (or class of persons) possessing legal status or privileges ; acc. to MacNeill, MacNeill, Law of status 273 n. 1 , a generic term for every person having the franchise of the Féini (but the word seems to be sometimes employed collectively of an entire class); used with much latitude of application, somet. (chiefly in the compd. uasaln.¤ ) of the highest dignitaries, king, bishop, head of the `filid', somet. (esp. in the Uraicecht Becc in Laws v , a late text) of handicraftsmen or master-workers; see ZCP xv 262 - 3 and cf. Corm. Y 962 - 964 quoted above. atat do [ = dá] neimhid do-cuisin for talmuin, saeirnemead ┐ daerneimeadh. Ite saer-nemead filead and .i. ecalsi, flatha, filidh, feine. Daerneimead imorro, aes gacha dāna olchena. Is aire ada daernemead aes cacha dāna, fobith is do shaernemthib fognait. Acht i[s] saer cid cach creanus a suiri dia dán, Laws v 14.1 fg. ; i.e. the free `neimid' comprised churchmen, rulers, `filid' and `féini', the subject `neimid' handicraftsmen, but the latter could purchase franchise by their art. ni tuath gin tri saorneimthibh samaigter, eclais, flaith, file, Eg. 88 f. 20b ( O'Curry 2272 ). admestar díre cōir cach graid do ṡoernemthib ┐ doernemthib, ZCP xi 95 § 52 ; cf. dire .i. di-errethe do nimt[h]ib ara n-uaisligitaid, Corm. Y 417 = nemthib, Corm. p. 15 (i.e. `díre' is not paid by `neimid' on account of their rank). gúala nemid filed `the coffer of a privileged poet', Triads 255 . mórad nemed `exalting privileged persons', Tec. Corm. § 1.16 . nā ben ra cellaib nemid !, LL 141 m. sup. nib dulta duit da thig | ar enech noím no nemid, LB 277a12 . a chombrāithre naom ┐ neimhedh his brother saints and churchmen (?), Anecd. iii 2.4 . cach dán a nemed, ACL iii 226 ( Aib. Cuigni 14 ; expld. `to every art its practiser', ZCP xvii 49 , but perh. = a). neimheadh gach dán da ndernta, Metr. Gl. 28 § 43 (where n. seems equated with the handicraft, etc. itself), cf. neimheadh .i. gach dán no gach ealadha, O'Cl. There is a distinction between nemed Dé 'a person privileged from God' (i.e. a cleric) and nemed duini 'a person privileged from man' (i.e. a king, poet etc.), Bechbretha § 39 (notes) .

A law-tract freq. alluded to was the Bretha Neimed, which contained among other things rulings of the `filid' on technical points and was included in the curriculum of the `cana' or poet of the fourth year; see IT iii 36 § 18 (Bretha Nemídh) and Auraic. 1298. isna Brethaib Nemed, Corm. Y 142 , 143 = Nemid, Corm. p. 7.

(c) a halidom; any valued article (property, etc.)? consuitter fir ┐ dliged imaille for neimiudh truth (proof) and right are founded on `neimed', Laws v 8.14 ; by Thurneysen, Cóic Con. p. 12 , transld. Heiligtum and expld. as someth. sacred; from the sequel it appears that the `neimed' for judgements of the church was the Scripture, for those of the `fili' rules of law (roscada) and for those of the `flaith' rules, maxims or precedents and testimonies. Cf. O'Dav. 1175 : lam fo nemiath .i. . . . lam fora mindib. nach nemedh do gait `the stealing of an article of little value' (? of great value), Laws iii 394.13 . in cintach in neim-neime do gabail de riana nimhe, a neimhe riana ferunn, H 3.17 c. 132 ( O'D. 160 ), i.e. non-`neimed' property was to be confiscated before `neimed' property, the latter before land. Of cattle : ro suidiged son la Feine hi comdire fria huasalneimthiu cethra, Laws iv 198 z , cf. 200.3 , 19 . ni gaibhtiur nimhe cethra i n-athgabail, H 3.17 c. 131 ( O'D. 159 ). nemeth bó, O'Mulc. 830 e .

(d) in special sense of landed property, any land owned by a nemed-person, esp. glebe-land: neimheadh .i. neamhiath .i. talamh as dlightheach d'eaglais, O'Cl. teampall . . . do forbhadh lasan epscop . . . ┐ neimheadh .i. talamh ecclusda do órdughadh dhó `glebe-land', AFM ii 1082.21 . ? nir dhíon ar an ccaptin . . . neimhedh naoimh nā filed, fiodh nā foithirghlend, v 1788.12 (transld. `sanctuary'). fer médaigthe neimhedh eccailsi ┐ ealadhan who augmented the property of church and science, vi 1908.8 (tr. `an exalter of sanctuaries'). ro croithset neimheadh an naoimh ┐ an innsi uile `glebe-land', Hugh Roe 92.2 (f. 24b) , of Tory Isl. blessed by Colum C. gan indradh no orgain neimheadh eccailsi ná eladhan, 190 z (f. 51a) . ? screpul gach teineadh cin tart | do neimeadh coicidh Connacht, Lism. L. 4780 (tr. `the chapel').

pn Nemed occurs as name of the leader of the Fir Bolg in the Book of Invasions = Nimeth, Gildas Hist. Brit. § 13 ( ZCP x 155 ); also N.¤ mac Sraibchind, see LL 129b14 . Possibly the same word as the above, see Van Hamel, ZCP x 183.


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Forms: rastail

n o, m. (Lat. rastellus) a rake, agricultural tool : rastal .i. ris talmuin benas, Corm. Y 1121 . rastail, gl. rastrum, Ir. Gl. 814 . a corrana ┐ a rastail troma treuairi, TTebe 1278 . do rastlaib ┐ do corránaibh, CCath. 2506 .


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Forms: sun(n)radach, sainredaig, sainredchaib

adj o, ā (sainred) later generally sun(n)radach (sund-, sonn-).


(a) peculiar or belonging to (an individual), characteristic of; particular, special, set apart: s.¤ gl. peculiaris, Sg. 57a1 . Ml. 137b4 . sainredaig gl. peculiari, 138b3 . sainredchaib gl. privatis, 126a10 . ind s.¤ gl. privato, 124d14 ; s.¤ gl. sua, Sg. 148b4 . inna caine sainredchae gl. elegantiae singularis, Ml. 37b10 . cach gnúis nad techta ainm s.¤ `a special name' (a name of its own), Sg. 154a2 . in son file iar cul indi as sanctis asberr du cech s.¤ ┐ rubrigach techtas nech `to everything particular and excellent', Ml. 37a18 . asberam sanctos sainredchu . . . doib dint sainriud inna noibe techtae, 37b16 . atat . . . .v. psailim sainrethcha isin tsaltair forsa taphair ind apgiter ebra, Hib. Min. 6.190 . in forcmaither áes sainrethech dond fhi[u]r midboth?, Críth G. 32 . selba sainrudcha personal possessions, LU 2178 ( FA 25 ). da oibriughadh mor tshunnradhach fein, Smaointe B. Chr. 335 . In pl. also several, distinct : dunaib gnusib sainredchaib inna ndule, Ml. 108d14 . donaib oindaib nó donaib sainredcha[ib] gl. singulis, 45a8 (`preeminent', Thes.¤, cf. (c) below). ic sāssad cethri rann sundradach in betha, Corm. Y 607 .

(b) specific, definite (oft. = Lat. quidam, Eng. a certain): ainm do dorus s.¤ in hIerusalem, Ml. 131c3 . itá sóebchore sainraedach i mmedon in tsrothasin, LU 2113 ( FA 18 ). sluind persainni [sain]raidchi . . . in fer-sa saindriud cona anmaim . . . Sluind ceniuil immorro . . . is e in fear ┐ ni fes cia sainriudh acht is fer tantum, Auraic. 706 - 13 = persainde saindredaige, 3460 . daigh feised cisi inad sainradach a mboi, D IV 2, 73va4 . nāch do galar sainruthach etir atbath that he did not die of any particular disease, BColm. 106.4 . ro sudiged . . . fer sainrodach do guin ind arad that some man should be chosen to kill, LU 9755 = RC vi 164.16 . dofornic lanamnai sainredaig ara chiund a certain couple, LU 11017 . tre forcongra druincce sainredhaicche don Ord a certain section, Irish Texts iii 40.13 . i mbeól átha sainredhaigh a certain ford, AFM v 1856.3 . ro fhorcongair . . . for dhaoinibh sainredhacha uaisle, vi 2074.21 . aurthuch na forthuch for nech saindredach (.i. for nec dib go sunradach), Laws iv 178.20 , 180.12 Comm . sē laithe sonnradhacha chom dēirce gacha bliadhna appointed days, Fl. Earls 100.2 . Perh. partial, biased in: ma fiada forgill ni bi . . . sunnra[da]ch seircech, ni bi eitsech eascorach, O'Curry 2601 ( Eg. 88, 51 (52)b ).

(c) in sense special = pre-eminent: ferais Fand . . . fáelti sinredaig (sic) fri Coin C., LU 3779 ( SCC 35 ). is e do-rat seirc sainredaig dó sech cach n-apstal, PH 1922 . Cf. Ml. 37b10 cited above. ? neamhchoimeád na dtrí subháilceadha dhiadha ┐ na gceithre subháilceadha sonnrádhacha the theological and cardinal virtues, Eochairsg. 93.8 . do bi se sunnradhach ingantach tar cach uile, Smaointe B. Chr. 1964 .

Gramm. definite, due to definition by the article: .t. lom séimhiughadh sunnarthach .s.¤ aspiration caused by the article, IGT Introd. § 34 (11.32) .

II As adv.

(a) used like sainriud, in tsainriud: ni dae saigit s.¤ .i. ni he a ttarbh airithe fein ionnsaighit, Leb. Gab.(i) 30.18 . ro choraig airchindech airithe do na hulib dúilib saindredach: Lucifer dona demnaib, grian dona rendaib, etc., severally, PH 6380 . ateoch nem ┐ talmuin ┐ Cruinn in tsainrethaig C. above all, LU 5514 = inthainsrethaich, TBC-I¹ 1032 . dolluid dochum Fiachna in t[s]ainredach, LU 10925 . in na laimther forgull na airthiuch bid nech (leg. neich?) int[s]ainrudach `that it belongs to anyone in particular', Laws iv 192.14 . ? día sathairn do sundrách , BCC 268.19 .

(b) with co: in druth co sundradach, Laws v 144.1 Comm . beir lat soir go sunradhach go Breifneachaibh mo bhennacht especially, BNnÉ 266 § 234 . ar einech Ceneoil-Conaill uile ┐ hUi Tairce[i]rt co sonradhach, AU ii 254.8 . cur milset tuatha ┐ eclusai . . . ┐ co sundradach manestir Brathar Preciur, Ann. Conn. 1296.9 . ro fiarfaigh B. scela na criche-sin ┐ co sunnradach scela Sisian, ZCP vi 290.30 . is é peacadh an éadóchais go sonnradhach thuigthear ann so, TSh. 1904 . ar na neic[h]ibh fliucha, ┐ ar usci na fairgi go sunnradach, Ir. Astr. Tr. 46.25 .

3 sech

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ind in sech is (see GOI § 35 , § 883 ) introducing an explanatory word, phrase or clause that is to say, namely, in other words , folld. by abs. (deut.) form of vb. Rare in Wb., does not occur in Sg., but freq. in Ml. Often preceded by .i. When the following clause would normally begin with 3 sg. pres. indic. of copula this is omitted. Other parts of copula remain: .i. sech is óen spirut fotdáli, Wb. 12a8 . sech is ardi son dombera dia do neuch `that is a sign that God will give', Ml. 51b10 . sech is inonn óin lesom a ndede n-isiu, 62c3 . sech is mor son á n-andach durigensat, 80b4 ; but: sech is ba trom foraib són cen tíchtain á tíre fadesin, 34d12 . .i. sech is hit saigte asind fidboicc, 80b6 .

Before a plural noun, sech it is sometimes used: .i. sech it inna forcital són, Ml. 107a14 . sech it aitribthidi ind nime són gl. caeli, 70a11 . in doltai sech it gnimai són, 75d6 ; but sech is is more frequent: sech is na menmana son, 35c5 . inna briathra sin sech is inna torgabala són, 44b11 . sech is inna gnimu són, 53b10 . inna ilchaigthiu .i. sech is inna conuala, 76d13 . sech is inna diamri nó inna imdoirsea, 92d5 .

Other exx. (són or ón frequently follows the explanatory word, phrase, or clause. Cf. noch is). .i. s.¤ is spés ón, Wb. 25c7 . .i. s.¤ is doringensat són gl. narrauerunt, Ml. 16d6 . s.¤ is ho gnimaib són gl. effectibus, 20c12 . .i. s.¤ is no-n-doirtais ┐ ara-foimtis intiu són `i.e. that they should enslave and take into them', 28c18 (gl. manciparent see note). .i. s.¤ is amal no-n-gnetis ón gním in n-aithchi dorchi, 30a4 . .i. s.¤ is concumai són gl. possit, 32d15b . honaib tunchaib .i. s.¤ is honaib srebnaib són, 39c10 . s.¤ is sásatar gl. saturati sunt, 40a10 . s.¤ is ataim són confesses, 42b26 . .i. s.¤ is dolega inna pecthi són, 46d6 . hua taidchur s.¤ is du thaidchur són `by return, that is, for return', 70c5 . s.¤ is cen a chomallad ón `that is, without fulfilling it', 76a15 (gl. qui sub Lege fuerunt). lassa lar ndluith s.¤ is lasinn uile talmuin `with the compact ground, that is, with the whole earth', 89d18 . s.¤ is ní gati eronn ón `it is not to be taken from us', 106c13 .

Infrequent outside the O.Ir. Glosses: secht n-athgabala . . . nacon toibget leasa cid be no-do-gaba; s.¤ is in ti no-do-gaib isse asren a fiachu `that is, he who takes them, pays the fines', Laws v 256.27 . mad be cetmunterasa techta, comaith ┐ comc[h]eniuil—s.¤ is comc[h]eniu[i]l cach comaith `und jede gleich `gute' ist ja ebenbürtig', Stud. in E. Ir. Law 46 § 22 (= Laws ii 382.1 ). atait secht mbreitheamain nad fuigliter la Feine s.¤ is go tuath ┐ cenn a fuigell `that is, their decision is a falsehood to people and chiefs', Laws v 352.18 . crosfigeld fri bíat iterum i forciund ind cáocaid medonaich sechis cantemus hisuidiu. crosfigild iarum oc Domine probasti frisa cedna sechis imun Michíl inddalae fecht immon Muiri a fecht naild `a cross-vigil with 'Beati' again at the end of the middle fifty, that is, 'Cantemus' at this point; then a cross-vigil 'at Domine probasti'in the same way: that is, 'Hymn to Michael' one time; 'Hymn to Mary' the next, Mon. Tall. 30 (138.10 , 12 ).


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Forms: súga, sugha, suighi

n o, m. (Lat. sucus, assim. to súigid, GOI § 924 ). Cf. n. pl. súga, Alex. 663 . sugha, CCath. 2530 . suighi, Marco P. 166 . Given as vn. (súgh), IGT Verbs § 75 .

Juice (in a large variety of applications).

(a) toth .i. sūgh, ut dicitur: toth ethlinne .i. sūg ethlinne, O'Mulc. 870 . sucus .i. sugh, ACL i 336.113 . co thírmaigid cach s.¤ bís isnaib ballaib gl. ut exsiccet sucum membrorum, Ml. 44d8 . cáin in sug assa sóeraigthib sugthíar, Goid. 157.10 (ACC). cuich gela . . . | suig fri sreba bright vessels for streams of juice (of tallow wax?), SR 4346 (`snuff-dishes', Exodus xxxvii 23 ). do hól neich narbá dliged dóib .i. immáillsi ┐ súga na n-arm (of soldiers suffering from thirst), Alex. 663 = allas na n-arm, BB 494a41 . cuithe salach sūg a filthy, oozy pit, KMMisc. 270 § 43 . s.¤ na ecailsi ógi | mairg na-n-ib i n-ecoiri (ref. to Eucharist?), LL 150a17 . rochraith sug amroisi for a ech, TTebe 3760 . dabhach . . . | a sileann sugh suarc-bracha, SG 112.7 . súgh as nách neimhnighe neimh exuding a juice (of butter), TD 37.2 . teach ar n-athar dúinn is dual, | sgathadh [a shúigh do badh] shámh `sweet were even a spell of its sweetness (?)', Aithd. D. 62.3 = scathad a shuidhi bidh sāmh, ACL iii 236 § 3 . súgh talmhan, tromthoirthe coll, DDána 79.20 (for subh? `toradh', Gloss.). gan súgh mar bhlas a bhracha, 113.18 (`deoch', Gloss.). sugh na heorna barley-water, RC xlix 50.20 . sugh nó silne na cloch ar techadh (= tégad), ACL i 328 § 85 . púdar . . . arna cumusc . . . a subh daingin `to a stiff juice', O'Gr. Cat. 242.17 . In rhetoric: cain s.¤ set gai in cleitīne cain, Ériu i 118 § 9 . In cheville: súgh n-glé, ML 10.17 (cf. sóg).

(b) Specific applications. Of the sap, juice of plants, etc.: ruidhiud fasas a n-aigid in duine tri sug in lossa do cuimilt faethi, Auraic. 5572 . sug in rois doni ruamna na ndrech, 5645 . sithal . . . a sil sugh subh into which drips the juice of berries, SG 111.24 . sugh na sgoth the nectar of flowers, Studies 1923 422 § 10 . cenglait a croinn cu snighenn sugh friu, Marco P. 163 . mar nách roinneand (sic leg.) an crann an suth thairrngeas ón talamh ris na géagaibh, Ó Héodhusa 44.11 . frémh ┐ súgh chroinn na hola, Romans xi 17 . alue[n] .i. sugh luibhi is cosmail risan sgilla, ACL i 325 § 15 . acasia .i. sugh na n-airnedh n-anabaidh, RC ix 243.2 . Hence of wine: súgh cuain foreign wine, DDána 103.19 . súgh caor i gcuachaibh, Measgra D. 58.23 . re súgh bhfíonchaor bhfíneamhna, TD 33.11 .

Of blood: súgh th'ochta an uair do shilis, PBocht 17.15 . súgh an bhuinn ler saoradh sinn, DDána 3.38 . do mhaith sin sugh a ochta | do shúr mholta fhir Eachtgha, RC xlix 169 § 4 . thug sugh a mbrollach gan choigil do Shéamus, 23 G 24 401.5 .

Of milk: súgh bó, Irish Texts iv 51 § 17 . ar shúgh do chíoch d'ól, PBocht. 4.30 . ar son súigh t'ochta d'ibhe, A. Ó Dálaigh xix 13 . súgh [cíogha] Muire, DDána 26.34 . súgh do chíoch, Keat. Poems 1338 .

Of tears : sugh m'abhra (sic leg.) ag dalladh mo derc, Rel. Celt. ii 256.19 .

Of phlegm : sugh na srona, RC xii 344 § 38 .

Of urine: buain in conlóin a talmuin gein do gabur a sugh ann (of trespasses by dogs), Laws iv 122.14 Comm . ro phetraigset in tír n-uli do phetragugud ┐ do sh.¤ nat[h]rachda `von Schlangengeifer', Alex. 710 = fri etruth (.i. tūt) na natrach, BB 494b41 .

(c) In sense of vigour, energy, strength : in ben tsirg cin sug nirt, Laws i 140.35 Comm . bamar-ni for a ecla, cin seg cin s.¤, amal bemís marb, PH 2967 = cen sead cen sug, YBL 146b25 . co nderna mesc aimnertach é cen sh.¤ cen nert ann, RC xxiii 420.z . ? g. pl. in: ri roraid fri Samúel s.¤ | co nerbarad fri Saúl, SR 5641 . co trethnaib iar srethbruig s.¤ , 6263 .

(d) Perh. essence, inner nature in: riasiu ro fiastar cia aisc cia s.¤ , RC xxvi 16 § 12 .i. cia s.¤ aisci mori fogebi form innate blemish (?), 17 n. 3 . cen s.¤ n-aisgci (`without a particle of blame'), BColm. 82.27 . más fhíor súgh na soisgéala `inner meaning', Aithd. D. 94.30 .

Compd. ¤rúad bloody: gur bho fuinneóga silteacha súghrúadha ochta . . . na n-anradh, ML 130.6 .


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Forms: toirbhirt, toirbheart, toirbert, tairbirt, thairbirt, therbirt, tairbirt, tarbairt, tairberta, tairberta, tairberta, toirbertad, toirbheart, tairbert, tairbirt, toirbirt, toirbheirt, toirbhirthe, toirbheart

n ā, f. Later also o, m. vn. of do-airbir. toirbhirt, O'Cl. toirbheart, Eg. Gl. 607 . n s. toirbert, TTebe 881 . tairbirt, Metr. Dinds. iv 98.81 . a s. thairbirt (: airdairc), MacCarthy 174 § 3 . d s. therbirt, Ml. 46d2 . tairbirt, Rawl. 143a54 . tarbairt, LL 149a25 . g s. tairberta, TBC-LL¹ 3769 . n p. tairberta, Anecd. ii 35 § 16 . a p. tairberta, Tec. Corm. 16.71 . ? g p. toirbertad, BB 62a35 . IGT Decl. § 42 . As o, m. a s. toirbheart (: neart), Measgra D. ii 64.62 . d s. tairbert, BB 442a5 . g s. tairbirt, RC xvi 41.7 . toirbirt, O'Gr. Cat. 472.26. DDána 17.26 . n p. toirbheirt, TD 29.3 . Note also g s. toirbhirthe, Donlevy 258.20 . 260.5 . IGT Decl. § 25.

I inclining, bending; subduing, conquering: do therbirt dilguda dáe a dochum gl. ad inclinandum Dei indulgentiam, Ml. 46d2 . ? ar toirbeirt dīlghadha | don domnán c[h]é, ZCP viii 202.19 . t.¤ intslúaig | fo thuinn talman, SR 4123 . 5647 . ? tairbirt fo mám Etarcomol, LU 5687 . máth banaugra co sārtairbirt violence (?), Cáin Ad. 28.z and note. in choland ... thoirsech iar n-a toirbert tria áine ┐ abstanait, PH 4948 . fuair a thairbirt [i]sin treas | la Eochaid defeat (?), MacCarthy 174 § 3 . do t.¤ na cathrach to reduce the city, BB 442a5 . o'tcon[n]airc Césair na mór-shluáigh do tairbhir[t] co mór ré háilgius in catha `given up utterly to the demand of battle,' CCath. 675 . ag toirbheart chliar gach chineadhaigh `ag sárughadh (?),' DDána 114.38 . Cf. iar dtairbhirt a gceirt fa dhó `since they had twice won their rights,' Content. vi 104 . cen tairbirt unconquered: rosiacht in tarb cen tairbeirt, Metr. Dinds. iii 370.62 . do chosnom Temra cen t.¤ | re sluag nEmna n-airrdric, Lec. 221c19 = BB 192b47 . rigraid na nAirgiall n-amra | ... | can t.¤ o chath Conla, Lec. 292d6 .


(a) carrying, bringing, escorting: deich crainn do crannaib aenbéme, no tairberta (small enough) to be carried (?) H 5.15, 28a ( O'D. 1677 ). fer tairberta in condaid `the man who puts on (carries ?) the firewood,' Laws iii 264.18 . Cf. CCath. 1762 . artraigi iarna tarbert co lLianan Chinn Mara ships which had brought them, Ann. Conn. 1235.12 . cuirthear teaghlach úr le hEirc | go múr Teamhrach dá thoirbheirt to conduct her to Tara, DDána 71.15 .

(b) bringing forth, birth, pregnancy: Corc ┐ Cormac i n-oentairbirt ructha, LU 4405 . cid airdairc in tairbirt tren (birth of three Colla's), Metr. Dinds. iv 98.81 . is d'aentoirbirt ruc a bhen íat d'Eochaig, Cóir Anm. 104 . ni h-iarsma aen mháthar ... na aen tairbhearta, MR 144.16 .

(c) ministering to, serving with food: fáilti na lláma ic tairbirt in chuirp, LL 282a44 = YBL 138a19 . ? luid medon lai arabarach dia thairbirtsom, Anecd. i 8.4 . dligid a tairbirt gl. dligid a biatad, Ériu xii 18 § 22 gl. 2 .

(d) With cath giving, preparing, threatening battle (?) : no tuairget ín talmuin oc t.¤ ín catha, BB 495a3 = co airbertugud in chathaigthi `beim kampfeschütteln,' Alex. 721 . co tudchaid Aedan mac Gabran do th.¤ chatha umpu, YBL 126a17 .

(e) handing over, delivering: iar ttairbirt a thighearnais dia mhac, AFM vi 2220.2 . d'es Tairrdelbaig Ruaid da tarbert doib a ngill, Ann. Conn. 1373.5 . ní dar dtoirbheart do thriath oile | do fhuluing Críost Christ did not suffer only to cede us to another master, DDána 31.18 . ionnshamhail an firsin do thoirbhirt do Shátan, 1 Corinth. v 5 (1878) . ? Here also: fuair Madian a thairbirt thair `met his deliverance (?)' (of death), Ériu iii 196 § 14 . handing down, tradition: trachtadh, toirbheart `tradition, a treatise,' Eg. Gl. 607 . congmhúidh na toirbhearta [fúarabhair] `hold the traditions,' 2 Thessal. ii 15 (1878).

(f) deed, exploit, action, performance (?) (cf. airbert): tharla mér na hinghine iona láimh, gur bhen an croicinn ┐ an feoil d'áontoirbert dé, RC xxix 132.10 . ua tindisnach toirbert (tairberta, v.l.) an fhir sin (` passage '), TTebe 881 . ar tairthaighe a toirbertad, BB 62a35 . ? condar dimdaig diar tarbairt, LL 149a25 . buailte íte a tairberta | atearca a daerchlanda, IT iii 92 § 138 . is and airberedh bith a dalta ... ┐ nach t.¤ doberedh fuirri conōcbad in talmoin `every vigour which he bestowed on her,' RC xvi 60.15 . o Macha ... | gus in toirbeirt feardha feil, Ériu x 81 § 49 . ? gan chéill gan toirbheart ` intelligence ,' Measgra D. 64.62 . ? in-Egept daill t.¤ bren, SR 3951.


(a) giving, gift, liberality: toirbhirt .i. tabhairt, O'Cl. cíis Fáolan ag iarraidh ubhall do thairbirt don soiligh dó, BNnÉ 30.6 . tuc ... tairbert (-a, v.l.) set ... da Ampiaraus, TTebe 2408 . do thoirbhirt a thrócuire `to dispense his mercy,' Dán Dé xviii 31 . lámh neartmhar na dtoirbheart dtrom, A. Ó Dálaigh xviii 6. nir th.¤ ocus nir tidnacul enig d'Ulltaib ... esidein, MR 316.4 . Toirbheart an Uamhain de Dono Timoris, TSh. 401 . ? do bhí im ruire-se ... | toirbheart is oirbheart is aoibhne, Hackett xxxix 131.

(b) In religious sense offering, oblation: ní foláir le Dia neach do thoirbirt na díolaidheachta-sa asa láimh fein, Ó Héodhusa 56.7. an chuid is tuigsionuighe ... do thoirbhirt do Dhia, Donlevy 338.6 . gníomh toirbhirthe `act of oblation,' 260.5 .

As n. pr.: T.¤ a gilla, RC xvi 41.5 .


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Forms: t., talmain, talam, talman, talmain, talmanna, talmana, talman, talmanib, talmhan, talmha, talaimh, tailimh, talam, taladh, thalaidh, talta, talman, talamgeindi

n n, m. n s. int huile t.¤ , Ml. 69d3 . a d s. talmain, Wb. 33d4 . Ml. 113c2 . 115b14 . 131b4 . SR 2020 . Thes. ii 353.8 . talam, Wb. 21d4 . Ml. 45d13 . 68c4 . g s. in talman , Ml. 51c24 . a du. talmain, Corm. Y 516 . n p. talmanna, ML² 1581 . a p. talmana, Ml. 81c14 . g p. talman, Ml. 40d16 . d p. talmanib, 69a10 . See IGT Decl. § 19 . In Early Mod. Ir. also with varying gender and inflection. As n, f. : g s. na talmhan , DDána 3.8 . TSh. 186 . Cf. na talmha (: Torna), Content. xvi 200 . As o, m. : g s. an talaimh , TD 11.12 . tailimh, ITS xxiv 128.11 . g p. talam, Maund. 72 . IGT Decl. § 17 . n s. taladh, TBC-LL¹ p. 135 n. 11 . g s. thalaidh, Maguires of F. 31.12 . a p. talta, Mac Aingil 350.10 . Cf. Corp. Astron. 50.24 , 88.9 . n s. talman (m.), De Contemptu s.v.

I the earth in geographical sense.

(a) the earth, the world : int uile comthirchomracc sanctorum hi t.¤ , Wb. 7c8 . in nule cuaird in talman, Ml. 25a8 . hi fudumnaib talman, 40d16 . aesca bís ... os t.¤ , BCr. 33b1 . i nelluch in talman, Thes. ii 5.32 . tairismige t[h]alman `stability of earth,' 356.3 . ri dorigne ... t.¤ , SR 315 . ríg talman `earthly kings,' Fél. Prol. 245 . manid t.¤ imid-rae, BDD² 501 . in t.¤ condascara ná inné búadrugud mo meic-sea ... for Táin bó Cualnge?, TBC-LL¹ 4690 . Adam ... mac in talman nóim, PH 2023 . for talmuin .i. for talamuin for main dolomartaig in talmun, Laws v 14. 1 , 6 Comm. nāch bīad a dīn for talmain he would have no protection on earth, ZCP viii 114.z . clár ... an talmhan, TD 7.37 . os fheruib in talman, Stair Erc. 499 . sealbh na talmhan, Matthew v 5.

(b) earth as opposed to heaven: ar indocbáil talman `earthly glory,' Wb. 23d21 . eter muntir nime et talman, 26d5 . Ml. 106a3 . 119d9 . Thes. i 484.7 . rosōera mo chorp for talmain | ronóeba m'anmain for nem, ii 353.8 . Ísu Crist ... slaníccid nime ┐ talman, PH 2981.

(c) country, territory: inna ndoine robatar isnaib talmanib sin, Ml. 69a10 . mairg talamh dár thighearna, TD 32.42 . ca talamh duit?, 38.1 . isin T.¤ naomtha `the Holy Land,' ALC i 468.1 .

(d) Hence in phr. tír ┐ t.¤ (cf. W. tir a dayar): di thír et t.¤ ná ní sin, Wb. 9b19 . oc scarad fri Temraig .i. fría tír ┐ fria talmain co bráth, LU 4386 . óna thír ┐ óna thalamh féin, TSh. 2738.

II earth, ground as distinct from air and water (in this sense occasionally in pl. ).

(a) In general sense of earth, ground, soil: far samailsi fri talmain, Wb. 33d4 . ni mesa indas t.¤ for tiresi gl. terram quae est sicut vestra terra, Ml. 34a5 . t.¤ tíre tairngeri, 118d22 . trí indlach inna talman nisin `through the cleaving of those earths' (earthquake), 40d16 . forsna talmana cobsaidi `on the firm lands,' 81c14 . lubai in talman, SR 1568 - 9 . lamcur doib (stakes) co nach urfaema in t.¤ , Laws iv 112.12 . fóid in talman, RC xxiii 414 § 26. maidm talman ... ina faiche `a chasm ... in his green,' Laws iii 254.19 Comm. maidhm talmhan ` earthquake ,' Keat. iii 2400 . a n-īslib ┐ a n-etrigib na talman, ML² 37 . saididh ... an cuailli ... cu raghaibh t.¤ `took root,' Lism. L. 2385 . talta tiorma clochacha dry, stony soils, Corp. Astron. 50.24 . is talamh naomhtha, Exodus iii 5 .

(b) the earth as enveloping medium: as in t.¤ fessin, Ml. 45d13 . fó thalmain, TBC-LL¹ 614 . Hence tech talman an underground chamber, cellar: co seotu is tech talman, SR 3196 . na tairclasa ┐ na tigi talmun, BB 238b2 . airdlestair ┐ tighi talman, ML² 81 . a n-uaim thalman, Stair Erc. 1811 . Hence also the earth considered as burial-place, the grave: asréracht ... | Ísu a brú thalman, Fél. March 27 . i lepaidh talman, ZCP vi 264 § 1 . tabhair [ar] ndal i dtalmhain | neamh dom anmhain, A. Ó Dálaigh xxiii 11. no go bhfilligh tú chum na talmhan, Gen. iii 19.

(c) the earth as a surface, crust: cach luib ... ticc tria thalmain, SR 1926 . riasiú táirset t.¤ , BDD² 943 . do tuit ceathruímthe frisin for talmain one fourth of it (the fine) lapses, is annulled (?), Laws iv 126.21 Comm. do thalmain caithid a cuid they eat off the ground, Maund. 39 . fri lár talman, LU 8379 (FB). clār talman, ML² 1375 . Frequently in phr. co talmain to the ground, down: fer co talmain every inch a man, TBC-LL¹ 5322 . cor bris gach oirbi ... co talmuin , RC xviii 151.3 . rug dorn tréinfhir go talamh `brought a strong man's hand to the ground,' TD 10.18 . guna co talmain, Stair Erc. 2137 . o mulluch co talmin, Mon. Tall. 157.11 . cen rochtain co talmain, cen éirghi ar uachtar shaili the bottom of the sea, Lism. L. 3771 . Also with fo: tuc mór slúag fo thalmain laid low, Sc.M² 24.z . bhar bhfuil | ná léigeann tréan fá thalmhain, Content. xxix 10.

(d) the earth in explicit antithesis to sky and water: a muirib ┐ aeraib ┐ talmandaib, Ériu ii 136 § 118 . connar cungain nem nó talmain, LU 8533 (FB). nem úasaind ┐ talam ísaind ┐ muir immuind, TBC-LL¹ 5974.

(e) Hence dry land: dus in fagbad ... | talmain (the dove sent by Noah), SR 2568 . tond fri talmain, LU 8617 (FB). ní fuil t.¤ ann (beyond Pillars of Hercules), Stair Erc. 1383.

III earth as a substance, clay: cona bi t.¤ and gl. (argentum) terrae purgatum, Ml. 31c29 . ? dia tarat Dia tinfed ṅglan | dochum do chuirp i t.¤ , SR 1790 . do delbais in taeb sa ... | do thalmain, ACL iii 242 § 7 . ón thruaill talmhansa `this body of clay,' Dán Dé xvi 12.

Various: etarche ... .i. etartalamh .i. talamh is īsliu eter dā talmain ardae .i. eter dā imaire, Corm. Y 516 . a T. uas talmannaib (God), Ir. Lit. 2.21 . Of the Virgin Mary: talamh í as airde ná neamh, DDána 46.57 `a creation higher than Heaven is she,' Ir. Monthly 1928, 268 ógh ... dar bh'ainm naomhthalamh ós nimh, DDána 49.6 . ? corop ech bas t.¤ tíre | alad úane `a horse of land' (reward for poem), MS. Mat. 489.20 ( LL 45b23 = Rawl. 85b44 ).

Compds. ¤chrith earthquake: mar thrasgarthar an teach ... lé talaimh-chrioth, TSh. 9137 . ¤chumscugud earthquake: ro gab crith ┐ t. mór insi hErend, LU 9759 . trethan ┐ t. mor, TTebe 2932 . tromthorann ┐ talamhcumhsccughadh, AFM vi 2132.6 . ¤geinddae: g s. in talamgeindi gl. terregenae, Ml. 68c4 . ¤minugud act of pulverizing earth: Findoll Caisirni .i. cisternaei ... .i. talamh-mhinugud, ar issé cét-duine lér' tochladh talamh ar tús, Cóir Anm. 254 . ¤nem (dvandva) heaven and earth: tighearna ar talaimhneamh, Aithd. D. 94.1 . ¤thuinide: iat ina lighi ... re lar ... co ngabtais in talam-tuinide `they were taking hold of the site of the earth,' CCath. 6138.

1 tend

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adj o, ā (1 tendaid, see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 198 ).

(a) strong, firm, hard, severe, vigorous: aitteand .i. aiththeand acht (no sech) is áith is teand, Corm. 4 . Of persons: ticfa in tailcend t.¤ , LU 9895 . rī tenn, ZCP viii 119 § 3 . gan bheith teann i dtigh nimhe | ... | ni bhiú I shall not be un-strong in the house of heaven, Dán Dé xiv 20 . cara teann tairise, DDána 7.24 . h-I Shégda fa tenn torad, Hy Fiach. 226.3 . mé dho bheith teann a nadhuigh dhruinge dháirighthe, 2 Cor. x 2 . Of parts of the body: co súilib dessaib tennaib, SR 5555 . tenna a cnis `with stout bodies,' Éigse ii 108 § 2 . modh o fercc bit na suile tenn ` protruding ,' Rosa Angl. 56.15 . Of the earth, places, etc.: o thalmain tinn, SR 143 . Temair t.¤ , ZCP viii 116 § 9 . Of fire: a rruisc ... immar chaera tenda tentide, TBC-LL¹ 6148 . teine t.¤ trēn `strong, mighty fire,' Ériu iii 144 § 9 . Cf. clóidme teanda tenntige, PH 8111 . da nathraigh ... ┐ ruisc gera lasarda leo ┐ siat teanna tenntide, Aen. 489 . Of abstract ideas: is tenn a menma-som firm , Bruchst. i 24 § 54 . toirrsi theann, Metr. Dinds. iii 364.119 . Of the religious life austere: mo chrábud tenn `my severe piety,' BColm. 52.8 . ná bad roth.¤, ná bad lax (of monastic government), Ériu iii 104 § 33 . epscoip tenna ` austere ,' Gorm. July 21 . Various: is t.¤ mo chris, RC ii 113 § 14 . in doman robo t.¤ fort anallana, PH 8125 . día ris mo thuaith tind, LU 10868 . feinnigh cró fa tenn ar toir, LL 394.43 . tūairgnech na tromchloidhimh | bid t.¤ don tslūagh, ZCP viii 212.8 . cluiche tenn `a mischievous game,' Triads 90 . cīsa tenna is tuarustla severely imposed, ZCP iv 237.13 . cidh t.¤ do bērla bladhach boastful , vi 265 § 25 . tabhair mo lann ... | go ccuirinn treasfhaobhar teann | ar a glantaobhaibh `a firm battle-edge,' Studies 1923, 599 § 12 . rug dar n-annsa eachdra thinn, IGT Decl. ex. 857 . maor í Chuinn is teann tobhaigh `is secure of tribute,' TD 10.43 . Mag-uidir ... | ar cach uile as teand dtabaigh, ZCP ii 354.27 . gan tacha tinn `without stiff bargaining,' AFM ii 822.12 . ruathar tenn, Cog. 76.19 . itche thenn, SG 389.21 . gér bha teann an teidhm, ML 8.2 .

Adv. tagra go teann `to make stout stand,' Content. xxviii 58 . ó táthaoi-se astigh go teann `since ye are fast inside,' Ériu i 22.90 . Féis Temrach ... dogníthí in tan sin go tenn ` strictly ,' O'Gr. Cat. 578.22. ór is nár a rád co tenn | muna fédtar a chomall `to speak too stiffly,' SG 107.14 . Cf. cor bris gach oirbi t.¤ co talmuin `clean to the ground,' RC xviii 151.3 .

Compar. ni bai dóere bad teinné, SR 3675 . tenniu a chuindsc[l]iu chaintocud, BDD² 1020 . ua tendi tomhaitheam Tid ... na bacur P., TTebe 1439 . teinde ris in ugdar seoit do beith a laim nech `the author thought it more sure' (Plummer MS notes), H 5.15, 24a ( O'D. 1664 ). ní as tinne ná mo lucht leasa | do-rinne an t-ucht deas-sa ar Dia, DDána 30.9 . With de: tinnide ár spéis id bhuime `my love ... for thy nurse is increased,' Ó Bruad. i 22 . Superl. ? tinnem ruccae ruis sin (name of letter r in Briatharogham of Morann m. Máin), Auraic. 5570 . Cf. tindi rucae, 5572 . an trat bis an re a nenceime ris an ngrein is annsin as mo ┐ as tinne a solus, Ir. Astr. Tr. 46.8 . tú an tóir is tinne 'n-a leanmhain, Aithd. D. 97.31 . an tan ba tinne a taobh gheal ` stoutest ,' A. Ó Dálaigh lv 4.

(b) With prepositions. t.¤ ar severe on; powerful over: a ógbhadh ... ar ar thinne caomhfhile, DDána 70.17 . teann ar aicme an dá Eoghain `powerful over,' Aithd. D. 15.30 . 's bheith go teann ar thruduiribh `to smite heavily brawlers,' Content. xxiv 18 . 's gan tú teann ar chlannaibh Táil `for you do not impress C. T. (?),' xix 1 . teann ise ar a haradhain `pulls at her rein' (of a horse), Studies 1933, 407 § 15 . comadh teann ar Mhuire me | go mbé a guidhe leam gach laoi importunate (?), Dán Dé ii 25 . gomadh teann ar Mícheál mé, A. Ó Dálaigh ii 8. Cf. xx 13 . t.¤ as confident in, on account of: an chíoch asa teann ar dtagra, DDána 30.1 . an barr asa teann tusa (`the victory of which you are proud'), Content. xxiv 27 . as t'fhocal ní fhuilim teann, Dánta Gr. 88.7 .

(c) Gramm. of letters of the alphabet, including -ll-, -nn-, -rr-, -ng- and unlenited consonants: na cúig connsuine theanna, IGT Introd. 6.3 . an tan teaguimh .n. ┐ .d. no dá .n. dá chéile a ccomhfhocal do-ní .n. teann díobh, 13.14 . beithe teann, duir theann 'unlenited b, unlenited d', Celtica xxvii 59 § 4 . tinne theann, Celtica xxvii 59 § 6 . See also leth compds.


(a) With nouns. ¤adbar: Sefraid ... t. taisig na hAngaili, Ann. Conn. 1375.16 . ¤blad: ar tend-blaid `secure fame,' Metr. Dinds. iv 340.21 . ¤boga: um theann-bhogha ` taut ,' Content. viii 22 . ¤bríg: Cassian tuir co tennbrig, Gorm. Aug. 5 . ¤buille: tennbhuille casúir, IGT Decl. ex. 913 . ¤choir: do cer Tait, tenn-coir nar tim, | do laim R., Leb. Gab.(i) 212.19 . ¤chol: ciarbo thenn-col `a heavy reproach,' Metr. Dinds. iv 224.20 . ¤eire: leó ag tabhairt a dteannoireadh, TD 16.26 . ¤fheidm: 's bhar dteinn-fheidhm d'ualach oruibh, Content. xiv 21 . ¤fhocal: labhair trá do theann-fhocal `your arrogant words,' xxiii 4 . ¤grád: a aicme ar ar dhoirt mo thoil-se a tionnghrádh dil, Hackett vii 5 . ¤guth, Studies 1920, 417.15 . ¤maithe: bá do theannmaithibh Gall Mumhan eisidhe, AFM v 1706.5 . ¤medón: lénti ... co t. traiged dóib, TBC-LL¹ 183 . rostatlaig ar thenn-medón he clasped her by the sturdy waist, Ériu iv 104 § 50. ? ¤nél: fuair a brath ba tennél tair | sa chath re ceinēl Eogain it was a dense cloud in the east, BB 58a44 . Aristarcus tenn-Poil, Gorm. Aug. 4 . ¤ponc: do réir na n-ughdar dtromdha | admhas uile an teann-phonc-sa `this important point,' Content. xvi 159 . ¤rath: amnirt indiu mac Senbath | ar ro scarad re th., LU 1251 . ¤rí: Fland ... | tendrig Fotla feraind, Fél. 6.9 . ? ¤ruidiud: na dinruide .i. na derna tennruidhiudh indligthech `unlawful information,' Laws iii 56.12 Comm. indrud .i. orguin, ut est buirech indrud, ┐ ata tennruidhe[dh] mar sin ` damage ,' O'Dav. 1129. See tinnriud, tinnruide. ¤sáith: im ur dia tumadh ┐ a tennsaith dóib di, Laws ii 150.3 Comm. a teannsaith do na bochtaib `full sufficiency,' iii 20.3 Comm. ¤tech : do thogbháil a teinnteach mbúidh, DDána 93.38 . ¤treise : meic Erca tenn-treise, Gorm. Apr. 19 . ¤uide severe, difficult journey (?) (in Laws in etymological gloss on tuinide) : im tuinide raitig .i. im in tennuide (sic leg.) beiris as in ti dana tech in rot `difficult journey,' Laws i 128.25 Comm. tuinide raitaig .i. ... tenduidi berus in ti dara teg in rot, iv 28.6 Comm. is hí a theandoide ... teacht ōn topur ... conuice a leabaidh féin (sic leg.), Feis Tighe Chonáin 249 . Cf. Fen. 184.27 .

(b) With adjj. ¤aeb: Tirsus t. `austere and beautiful,' Gorm. Jan. 28 . ¤bágach: tigerna tennbhághach, Rel. Celt. ii 168.3 . ¤cháid: Celestinus t., Gorm. Apr. 7 . ¤garg: mo ghort ni treorach tenngharg, BS 86.x . ¤gluair : na h-eist-siu ris na stoccaib tendgluaire Tirrannda, TTebe 1331 . ¤mer: na dtres dtinnmher, O'Gr. Cat. 510.12. ¤mín: Conna tennmín, Gorm. Apr. 12 . ¤mór: Tola tendmor, Mar. 30 . ¤óc: t'Aedoc tarbech t., July 13 . ¤óg: Pancratius tuir thendog, Apr. 3 . ¤roscach: for dírmaib dronaib tendroscachaib, LL 273b12 . ¤sháithech: muinnter ... | d'ócaib dercaib tennsadchib ` firm-fed ,' MacCongl. 39.8 . do gleicc na tarb tennsaiteach, Bodl. Dinds. 28.

(c) With verbs and verbal nouns. ¤doirtid: noco tenndoirtit as na cuir `do not abrogate,' Laws iv 56.17 Comm. ¤fhastaid (ad-suidi): iat rothennfhastsat cach cath `who strictly checked every fight,' Metr. Dinds. iii 12.131 . ¤gabaid : ón tSionainn ... | teinnghéabhaidh go seantuinn `he will seize all land up to,' Studies 1929, 593 § 3 . iar ttechtadh ┐ iar ttendghabhail an tíre, AFM v 1664.18 . ¤goirid: do theannghoir teallach an chígh `the furnace of His breast was heated,' Aithd. D. 63.30 . ¤lenmain: Síol Suibhne ... | ... | dá dteinnleanmhain ní treoir ghearr | i seinleabhraibh eoil Éireann, DDána 102.15 . ¤opad: tennopad in chathaigthe do Achíl, TTr.² 1396 . ¤rith: 'na teinnrioth atá an chruinne, Aithd. D. 98.11 . leig a teinn-reath léd theangaidh `full course,' Content. x 1.

2 tiug

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adj u

(a) thick, dense : binit .i. benait .i. benaid in n-as co mbí t.¤ .i. techt, Corm. Y 125 . nas .i. t.¤, naus graece, piger latine, ar is moille in loim t.¤ quam in loim tanae, O'Mulc. 827 . cúlmonga tiuga, BDD² 1274 . croicenn t.¤ uimpi, TTebe 3733 . smerdnide smir guala guirm | buale th.¤ tuirn tulcid ass, PRIA xix C 540 § 2 . for lochaib tiugaib téchtaigib, PH 8295 . a lind báin, tonn-maigrigh, thigh ` turgid ,' Ériu iv 224.7 . srotha móra tonngarbha tiugha teinntidhi, RC xxviii 310 § 6 . cor chuir in tonn t.¤ da treoir | ben Palaip maic Eremoin, Metr. Dinds. iii 434.35 . do-thaét in tond tuile tig | bāidis dia eis in n-ingin, iv 60.47 . an t-ár t.¤ ar chlainn Fheidhlimidh, ML 140.18 . cluiche in righ do beith co t.¤ , AU ii 512.10 . fan gcéibh dtigh ngéig-fhiarbhuig ngloin, DDána 91.37 . madh tiugh an tadhbur, Rosa Angl. 186.5 . in trat teidhfis an taer tiudh sin ` condensed ,' Ir. Astr. Tr. 148.13 .

(b) solid : ní chluinethar in corp t.¤ trom in n-anmain n-aerda, LL 275b18 . senchaide in talman tig, Ériu vii 228.5 . ar techt ar in talmhain tigh, IGT Decl. ex. 772 . ar talmuin tigh (: fuaidridh), ZCP xii 385.11 . is me an chré ['n-a] talmhain tigh, DDána 42.17 .

Equative ba tigither fál fidbaide, Alex. 739 . Compar. as tigiu .i. as methiu gl. crassioris, Ml. 20b1 . innus nar tigi cith cloichsnechta ... inaid clocha na caemtalman, Stair Erc. 1550 . is tighi in fual, Rosa Angl. 270.7 . an cainnleoir práis is tighe ... dá bhfuil ann, TSh. 5049.

As subst.

(a) thick part (cf. 1 tana): o thana [a] thaib co t.¤ a oxaille, TBC-LL¹ 2562 . co ngeib ar t.¤ a bán-ṡliasat co cumtuch a chuirp, LL 189a53 . itir a t.¤ ocus a tana, ZCP xiv 351.13 . re taca ocus re t.¤ na talman, MR 284.25 .

(b) density, press, crowd : ruc tiubh an tsluaigh air, AU iii 40.19 . i t.¤ int shluaig, TTebe 3298 . mara róibhi tiugh na nIubhal, Fier. § 215 . do tanuigheadh tiogh an tsluaigh, DDána 85.22 . tangadur tiugh na Féinde eturru, Acall. 6724 . t.¤ ... in airlig, MR 240.13 . co ro tanaighedh a tiugh co ro h-uirbhernaigh a n-uasail, AFM vi 2072.8 . go ttothacht ┐ go ttiugh a shloigh, 2100.7 . tánic Iarla Urmhumhan go [d]tiugh sluaigh go B[oile] Áth Truim, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 47.29 .

Compds. ¤ár heavy slaughter : slaidfid for slúagu slana | fo chiuchra for tiugára, LU 4582 (TBC). dorad tiughāra mōra foraib, ZCP xiv 263.9 . go rabhadar tiughára mora ar na Gailianaibh, CRR² 44 . ¤ár-dáil meeting of heavy slaughter: ra-chommoratar in tigardail i cend Conaill, CRR § 46 . ¤bainne thick milk: croinntile .i. tiughbainne, O'Dav. 571. ¤déantach closely wrought: go tirim tiuigh-dhéantach, Studies 1923, 598 § 11 . ¤formnach thick-shouldered: tarb torachta tiugformnach, CCath. 955 . la cúl tuaighe truime tiughfhormnaidhe, AFM v 1818.14 . ¤fhuar frozen: linnte tiughfhúara téachtaighthe, ML 130.14 . ¤gáill thick jaw?: a meic dūir daill iffirnn, a thicāill (: gipāin, Britāin), Bruchst. i 28 § 63 . ¤lagin pottage: doberar seland dóib hi tiuglagin nó for arán, Mon. Tall. 146.z . dogeni fadesin ind tiuglaigin allae sin, 147.6 . ¤lind turgid lake: is fatha trúag in tiug-lind, Metr. Dinds. iii 346.100 . ó 'tbath Rí co ngestul grinn | fo thescul is fo thiug-lind, 458.104 . maidm Locha Rí, dar cach rind | ba tairm tacha, ba tiugh-lind, 108 . ¤nár strong and modest?: mac Tuathail techtmhair tiúgnair, BB 231a47 = Keat. iii 110.8 .

1 túar

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Forms: t.

[n o, n. ? t.¤ ngarg, Metr. Dinds. ii 44.31 ] Perh. vn. of do-fera (duferthar gl. conditur, Ml. 138a9 ), Wortk. 178 , ZCP xviii 318 . See túaraid.

I Sign, omen, portent .

(a) With follg. gen. (in many exx. in this section the meaning cause, reason would also suit. See also under II): t.¤ fola fleochud | t.¤ tedma tart, Tec. Corm. 17.5 - 6 . a thoisc dobo th.¤ rige `an omen of reproach,' Metr. Dinds. iii 56.29 . tigerna ... | beith 'na agaid is ansēn, | nī tūar ratha ar talmuin tigh `it is no sign of grace on earth', ZCP xii 385.11 . is tūar dīthi dāine | mo naomhchloc caom ceōlach my bell (used in excommunication) brings ruin, 388.28 . tuar nindlighidh `prognostic of illegality,' Laws i 50.22 Comm. ? gilidir casnaide cóir | ... | t.¤ mongi maicc Echdach (of a youth), Ériu iv 94 § 13a . In Mod. Ir. it is usually impossible to decide between the meanings omen and cause: tuar ansógha, O'Gr. Cat. 392.11. gidh tuar mo dhoirre a-dire though what you say is liable to anger me, DDána 101.58 . tuar doimheanmna, Dánta Gr. 44.12 . tuar feirge foighide Dé, PBocht 25.1 . ar chan tusa is tuar fodhoird `your poem will cause you repining,' Content. xxiii 1 . tuar fola `omen of blood,' Oss. iv 66.6 . tuar gill `a man promising excellence' (note to 80.32a ), Aithd. D. 26.12 . tuar guil a chuilim do cheol, KMMisc. 49.23 = Measgra D. 57.1 . múr d'ollamhnaibh innse Fáil | leis do tógbhadh, tuar iomráidh `a portent of fame,' Content. xxx 13 . tuar malluightheachta, TSh. 215 . bá tuar timdibhi saoghail ... dósomh innsin, AFM v 1616.x . is tuar tala do thionnsgnadh it is enough to awaken our love, A. Ó Dálaigh x 4. gidh t.¤ tuirsi, Ériu ix 10.125 .

(b) As vn. foretelling, foreboding, prophesying: beid mná siabhartha ... | ag tuar an chatha do chor, TD 4.28 . suidhe i n-adhbha Airt ... | a chairt ní tharla ga thuar `his charter promises not that he rule in Art's house,' Aithd. D. 17.24 . an chlann dar dual dola ar neamh | ag tuar a fhola d'aithfear, DDána 27a.29 . do bhuail a cheann ar chloich ... ag tuar sonais dó, Keat. iii 795 . do rugadh le bás an báire is lia dá thuar `the game, as oft was threatened, hath been won ...,' Ó Bruad. ii 106.9 . gur theastuigh roimh nóin, | ar dtuar a blátha d'áille a hearraigh um thós she died ... in the promise of her beauty, Hackett xii 14 . ná bí ag tuar do thriall amach `do not anticipate thy departure,' Oss. vi 188.23 . Note also: dorinneadar na deamhain drochthuar dhó `gave him bad omens,' Keat. ii 790 . do rin Cathfach draoi ... tuar ┐ tarrangaire don inghion, IT ii2 110.x . an tráth rugadh an mac so dho, ┐ go bh-facaigh an drochthuar faoi, GJ iii 122a12 . ar sráid dá thuar is luath mo hata dhíom `to salute him, doffed my hat must quickly be,' Ó Bruad. ii 20.20 . ? gach gaisgídheach a's tréan shluagh, | do thug a thuar' ar an bh-Fhéinn, Oss. iv 138.8 .

II Act of meriting, deserving, winning, gaining, obtaining (not always distinguishable from I): ni fil a[i]rcsiu nā aititiu eter brathraib na finibh ... fri forcetal dāna, fri tuar ngraidh ... in gaining (poetical) rank (?), ZCP xii 365.5 . ag tuar nime dar n-anmain, KMMisc. 317.18 . lá dá raibhe sé ag siobhal | ag tuar diomdha an Dúiliomhan (Paul), Dán Dé vi 27 . bean torrach ag tuar broide who had deserved imprisonment, DDána 37.6 (= fa tuar broide, Ir. Syll. Poetry 41 ). go dtí leam a thoil do thuar till I win His love, DDána 38.12 . rí don fhuil uasail ... | a-tá ag tuar na hairdríghe, Aithd. D. 18.36 . déanta tuar na Tríonóide `I must merit the Trinity,' Dán Dé v 7 . gidh tuar séad san saoghal súd `though they win wealth in the world' (of lies), A. Ó Dálaigh v 2. tuar toile, DDána 108.20 . ní d'fhaghbháil teasda gan tuar, 91.56 . ré tuar ┐ ré tuilleamh na glóire thall, TSh. 4960 . an mada cartaighthear a ttigh na bratha ┐ fhilleas ann aris ag tuar a chaoirlighthe a n-athuair the cur who is turned out of the meat-shop (?) and returns thither to be ejected anew, Luc. Fid. 332.8 . See also under 1 túr.