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aimréi(d)tech contentiousness
dál-tech A meeting-house
éccin(n)tech 1 indefinite, undeter- mined (in sense, extent or number), uncertain; in round numbers; a vast indefinite number
indil(l)tech given to making plots
2 in(n)tech way, path
tech , teg 1 house, dwelling; makes submission to 2 householder; household; general charac- teristics, building materials, etc.; a state of darkness, ignorance; a wicker-work house; a burning house; abbots' house; armoury; privy; church; bell-tower; common house (in a monastery); dovecote; courthouse; lecture-room; bath-house; smithy; infirmary; house of the hostages (at Tara, etc.); Tara; meeting-house, reception-house; privy (?); drinking-hall; dormitory; dormitory; brothel; banqueting-hall; principal building; palace; guest-house; drinking-hall, banqueting-house; inn, hostelry; infirmary; penitentiary (in a monastery); palace; refectory; treasury, a place where valuables are kept; library (of a monastic settlement); ancestral home; oven-house; underground chamber, vault, dungeon; a house of refuge; blockhouse; farmhouse (?); oratory 3an enclosed passage; Of heaven; hell; the Seven Mansions; family, line 4 inside; home; at home; from home; from door to door; dwelling with, together with
1 tein(n)tech fiery, impetuous, ardent
2 tein(n)tech , tein(n)trech 1 lightning 2 flashes, sparks