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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: do-ísca, tíscaid, doticsa, doneiscend, comben, tīcsat, tisccet, tíscar, ticsath, tiscaither, tiscaither, doicsed, thíscad, don-iscide, tíscébad, tíscál

v (-icsa?) See Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 491 . Later do-ísca and as simple vb. tíscaid. Raises on high; draws out, removes, takes off . Used of drawing a sword from a sheath , plucking a lance from a wound, stripping off clothing, etc. Indic. pres. 3 s. is iarom doticsa (leg. do-icsa, Edd.) a delg asa brut `then she draws her brooch out of her mantle', Mon. Tall. 150 § 61 . tanīsca C. asa thruaill C. draws it (a sword) out of its sheath, TBC-I¹ 928 . tīsca a cend dia muin takes the head off his (own) back, 796 . tīscaid a ētach de, 747 . tiscaid Riches a hétach dí fíad Ch., MU² 1040 . . . . acht fir cuibse aen fir doniscnai (of drawing a spear out of a wound), Laws v 490.9 .i. don aen fer rotharraingas he, 492.24 Comm. tiscaid a órnáisc n-ōir dia mēor draws off , RC xii 62.1 . ? am-mīl doigsin a chenn de, ZCP iv 41.4 = doneiscend, YBL 58a41 = comben, TBFr. 241 . ? tecsaidh Ceallach ceirtle cruinne C. raises aloft (?) the ball of the world, AFM i 302 . 3 pl. tīcsat dona conuib ┐ dosleicit for slicht na n-og they let slip the hounds, Corm. Y 1018 = ticsaid (.i. benaid), Corm. 35 . tisccet, TBC-I¹ 2106 . Pass. bithus di chend dít amal tíscar di lun as it is cut off a blackbird, TBC-I¹ 1391 . Ipv. 3 s. ticsath a chruich gl. tollat crucem suam, Thes. ii 245.4 (Cambr.). Pass. tiscaither a tarr fon cāinte dus in fuirestar ind or ann let the satirist's belly be taken out, RC xii 66 § 29 . tiscaither, O'Dav. 153 .

Indic. impf. 3 s. doicsed a uball asin lestar he would take an apple out of the vessel, RC xxv 346 § 3 . ní thíscad a drucht do rind ind fheóir he would not remove, FB § 88 . Pass. in tan don-iscide (.i. roberthi) crand as a thóib when a log was taken out of its side, BDD § 65 = BDD² 586 . Pret. 3 s. a tonicas a frithisi, foopart dicetal 'when he took [it] out again, he began to chant' CIH iii 879.29 , Ériu xli 139 . Condit. 3 s. fer nobid i n-airthiur in tigi tíscébad (sic leg.) frigit fri foscod in claidib he would remove a fleshworm, BDD § 99 .

Vn. tíscál. See also ticissiu.

ticsaid , ticsal

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x see do-isca, tíscál.

tiscaid, ticsaid

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x see do-isca.