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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: frisbiur, rithbeir, frithbeir, frismberat, frisbered, frisbera, frithmbeurae, frisbér, frithmbert

v opposes, resists, obstructs: pres. frisbiur (gl. obnitor) Sg. 22b6 . meit nánd rithbeir (gl. quantum non ... obsistit) BCr. 32c4 ( Thes. ii 19.32 = frithbeir, 36.27 ). frisber gl. stat , ZCP xxi 288 § 41 . pl. 3 with rel. frismberat (gl. obesse) Ml. 14c21 . impf. frisbered omnu huain `who used to avert fears from us' ACC 16 . pres. subj. frisbera (gl. refragari) ZCP vii 480 ( Enchir. Aug. 72a ). ma frithmbeurae , ZCP iii 450.27 . fut. frisbér sa (gl. enitar) Acr. 15a2 . pret. frithmbert in fer fercach opposed him Trip. 210 (2474) . frisbert tinu a thoeb `he attacked his side's fatness' [?] ACC 101 , with gl. : .i. romairnestar ut dixit. nech frisbert a thigerna, LU 1033 (as if = frismert). fris-mbeart .i. do bhraith no do mharbh ... neach frismbeart a thighearna, O'Cl. perhaps these two exx. belong to fris-mairn, q.v. Vn. frithbert, q.v.

2 tin

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adj ( cf. tinach, tinaid, 2 tinne) u soft part, fat part (of body): Columb Cille, cóelais tin 'Columb Cille, he made his belly thin' Ériu xxiv 19 § 18 . frisbert tinu a thoib .i. ro frithbrudestar conar'bo thiug a thoeb, quia fit `tin' .i. tiug nó moeth nó boc nó tosach, ut dicitur `tinnscital,' ACC § 101 ; 'he opposed the fat parts of his body' Ériu xxiv 30-31 . tin .i. meith no bocc no maoth, ut dicitur, frisbert tinu a taoib ┐ ni bi fri coilced tinca, H 3.18, 79 . ( O'Curry 138 ). tin .i. bog, ut est frisbert ..., O'Dav. 1601. tin .i. tosach no bunadh. tinnrem .i. tinnsgital, 1602 . tin .i. maoth nó meth nó bocc nó tosach nó tindscetal nó tinnrem, O'Mulc. 871 . Hence in B. na f. soft, easy: búc tion, ZCP iii 378.12 = budc t.¤ , v 483.18 .

? tinu

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n ? fatness: frisbert tinu a thoib, ACC § 101 . See 2 tin.