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Last Revised: 2019


adj (cf. 1 secc). Epithet of a cauldron (coire) variously explained by glossators: caire a.¤ .i. an-aisic .i. īarsinni aisices a dliged do gach ae. nō an-scuithe .i. neamscuithe .i. gan toichned dogrēs, Corm. Y 361 . caire ansíc .i. an 'gá diultad conach siccus tirimm he acht a beith bithḟliuch dogrés, O'Dav. 321 . briuguid ... oca mbí caire ansic 'who has a cauldron which is never dry', QML xiii 4 § 4 . Glossed: .i. caire dlegar do beth for tine do gres ar cind cach tascuir dodainic, Laws i 48.6 Comm. briugu leiteac . . . coiri ainsicc lais, v 78.8 .i. coir[e] aigi as aiscend a dliged do cach, 11 Comm. caire ainsicean . . . .i. caire no aisicead a cuid choir do gach en, MR 50.21 . cori asicain (ansicain v.l.) no ainsirc (leg. ainsicc), IT iii 187 § 8 = coiri aisic, § 9.


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Forms: anscuithe

adj also anscuithe (scuithe) immoveable, unchangeable: caire ainsic .i. . . . nō anscuithe .i. neamscuithe .i. gan toichned dogrēs, Corm. Y 361 . anscuiche .i. cona scuichither dia gablaib, Laws i 48.16 Comm. in gach brudin . . . coire ansguith[e], RC xxi 397.1 . ail a.¤ lit. immoveable rock i.e. established point: for-toing ail anscuichte lais .i. f. airdi no aimseir . . . no laid no litteir . . . it hé mairb in sin for-tongat for biu, ni fortongar cenaib an immoveable rock testifies along with him i.e. a sign or time . . . or a lay or letter . . ., those are the dead that testify against the living, without them there is no over-ruling testimony, ZCP xv 361 § 46 ; xvi 228 . feitheam for-toing fir fri hailche andscuithe, O'Curry 1890 ( 23 P 3, 22 ). tri ailge anscuichthi, ZCP xii 363.35 . ni ruc C. breth riam cen teora ailig anscui[ch]thi breth occa, CF 73.7 . ropot samaigthi i n-ollamnas amal ail anscuichthi, RC xxvi 53 n.l . Fig. of a person: am dún díthogail am ail a.¤ , Misc. Hib. 20 § 3 ( IT iii 53.26 ).

As subst. immoveable property: connic duine a scuithche ┐ a andscuithche uile do thabairt ina nertslainte don ecclais, O'D. 2283 ( Rawl. B 506, 25d ). is indearb dona scuichib curab inand dono um andscuiche, Laws v 208.z Comm. a leth . . . ar scuithi . . . a leth ar scath anscuichthi in respect of moveables or immoveables, 34.15 Comm. Cf. ansclithe.


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Forms: toichned

v (*to-cin-) fasts: docinet lais fo domnach (corothroiscset, v.l.), Imr. Brain ii 285.25 . is gle lim ni toicnebu cen torc (sic leg.) cailli cech fescar, ZCP xiii 276.4 . ? Cf. taichnefaid, Metr. Dinds. iii 202 . Trans. dia toichne[a] a dá[i]m causes to fast, Críth G. 239 . Laws ii 28.12 , v 170.26 .

Vn. toichned .


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Forms: scu(i)che, scuichi, scuithe, scuithche, scuichthe

n pl. movable property, movables. More particularly smaller animals as opposed to cattle. Thurn., Ir. Recht 56 n. 1 cites the MS. spellings scu(i)che, scuichi, scuithe, scuithche, scuichthe, etc., and suggests that the word may be pl. of scuich or the part. of scuchaid used as a substantive. It may, however, be pl. of the word scuichid, scuithid pig (agent noun from scuchaid?) found in the first three quotations given here: is ocht n-anmanna in[n]a muc, comlachtaid, scuithid, etc., O'Dav. 360 . scuithid .i. ainm do orc, ut est scuithidh sceo banb lomtharr .i. ac ithe scoth. Nó tescaidh a cenn dona scothaib. No ótcí na scotha scuichid, 1428 . scuichid sceo banb lomtarr lupait lintar . . ., O'D. 2225 ( Nero A vii, 152b ). mad nocht aile, gebaidh side fri damscuithe (sic leg.); ni dicead scuithe ar a dluithe `oxen and small cattle', Laws iv 112.7 .i. noco teit in ní scuchas na scota trit ar dluithi, 25 Comm . ba .i. fal, etarba damscuithe `a fence of oxen and small animals', O'Dav. 327 (not necessarily a dvandva-compd.). na scuithi .i. indile, Laws v 496.11 Comm . (gl. seoit, 3 ). dibadh sguithi ┐ annsguithi `moveable and immoveable "dibadh"-property', iv 292.20 . a scuithi uile don eaglais ina neart[sh]lainte `bewegliche Habe', Ir. Recht 32 § 34 . con-ic duine a scuichi uli ┐ a andscuichthi do thabairt ina nertslainti don ecclais, 56 xi a . na scuithi do comraind doib, Laws iii 404.3 Comm . a leth seic ar scuithi . . . ┐ a leth ar scath annscuichthi `movables . . . immovables', v 34.14 , 15 Comm . ni uil eneclann doib na dire a dualgus scuithi, 120.26 Comm . as a scuichtib, 518.19 Comm . Cf. an-s.¤ .i. neams.¤ .i. gan toichned dogrēs, Corm. Y 361 .


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n i, m. (? toichned ) necessitous person (?) : dá thaisbeánadh ... go bfuil an t.¤ a gcoinghiall róphráinneach re cian aimsire, O'Gr. Cat. 667.11.


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x see toichned .


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n u, m. vn. of do-cin.

(a) act of (illegally) withholding food from: cumal fri toichniuth cach ae `for keeping any of them fasting,' Cáin Ad. 48 . ataat tri toichnedai frisná ruide tocrád ríg ... toichniud íar n-él(a)úd aige dia ḟolud ... toichniud íar n-etiuch, Críth G. 548 . fortha dono i forussa nandlig diri snaidti na toichniudae immeted isan domnach, Anecd. iii 26.z . atait a tri dosliat dire ┐ toichne[d], O'Curry 2141 ( Eg. 88, fo. 2c ). dairt no colptach i toichnedh in fir no na mna, ┐ coibchi ┐ eneclann i toicnedh legha, O'D. 2366 ( Rawl. B 506, 43b ). uíí.mad eirce a bais ina toichnedh, Laws iv 354.y . seachtmad mar[b]tha cháich ina toichne nó a mbrisedh a turtha, O'Gr. Cat. 79 3. Hence penalty incurred for this offence: a cata ┐ a t.¤ , O'Dav. 1275. Cf. smacht toithinta, Laws ii 28.8 Comm. smacht toichenta le lucht na hoipre, O'D. 2373 ( Rawl. B 506, 45a ).

(b) act of fasting, going without food: ar ná rabi hi t.¤ (.i. hi troscud) innocht, LU 6832 = ar na rabais hi t.¤ innocht, BDD² 363 . caire ainsic .i. ... nō an-scuithe .i. neamscuithe .i. gan t.¤ dogres, Corm. Y 361 . tuc na tri toichnedha no na tri troiscthi fair .i. a bel gan biadh, a taobh gan leba, a chosa gan ionnloth, Leb. Gab.(i) 174 n. 4 . toichneadh .i. trosgadh, O'Cl. Metaphorically: cethri fichit, is fír sain, | do blíadnaib acht óen blíadain | taichniud Tailten, tróg a fot, | céte Cormaic cen charpot ` desertion ,' Metr. Dinds. iv 160.191 .