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n m. (prob. late Lat. brabeum, -dium. Lat. bravium, PH Gloss. s.v. braff .) prize (?), supremacy; superlativeness: b.¤ .i. bárr néithe `the top or point of a thing', P. O'C. co ro-foruaslaigthi sollsi in lai dar dorca na hoidhche, ┐ co ruca braff fuineta di so that it may be able to carry off the supremacy at sunset (i.e. of days becoming longer after the vernal equinox), PH 3513 (`shortness'). Gramm. formoulad .i. molad for molad reimhtechtach .i. brabh for in mbrabh toisiuch .i. superlait, Auraic. 3361 - 3362 .

Compds. bec brab-beirius comparit, mor brab-beirius superlait the comparative expresses a small superiority, the superlative a great one, Auraic. 3329 (prabh-beres . . . brab-beres, v.l.). brabluaisc .i. folt, ut dicitur: forfagaib brabluaisc in Lēith Machæ, O'Mulc. 192 = bradhluaisc, H 3.18, slip betweenp. 70 and 71 .


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n form variable (Engl. loanword) colonel : corenēl, Fl. Earls 24.22 . in chorenēil (g s.), 72.24 . corneil S., Rel. Celt. ii 182.37 . corinel do Ghallaibh Doire, AFM vi 2224.19 . imón Corinél ba tóisiuch . . . dhoibh, Hugh Roe² 286.20 . muinntear O. ag caoine a gcoroinéil, Ó Bruad. iii 90.19 . coirnilar do bainm ┐ do boific dho, Rel. Celt. ii 198 n. 1 . coileneil, 176.23 . ? acht coirenel corr curaidh, ZCP ii 363.1 (see iii 625).


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adj io,iā (dolb) false: cona tóisiuch d.¤ Lucifer, SR 8321 . See also doilbthe.


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adj i quick: bad treit `let it be quickly,' Wb. 9d6 . as t.¤ forndiuclannar ade `it is quickly devoured,' Ml. 104b5 . co tarat cobair trein t.¤ | do hingenaib int shacairt, SR 3767 . ba gnim t.¤ , 7711 . is throit (.i. is opund), TBC-LL¹ 2986 . atbath Cessair do thám t.¤ , MacCarthy 142 § 3 . Compar. is traitiu adcotar fortacht dáe, Ml. 92b9 . is traidiu dusfānic int erchor dēdenuch quam in tōisiuch , ZCP xiii 372.33 .

As adv., absol. or with prep.: fo thinniu throch t.¤ atbath `in pangs of suffering suddenly he died,' Metr. Dinds. iv 94.38 . cóica n-a trén-medón t.¤ `fifty in the midst of her, quickly,' iii 12.135 . t.¤ donroïg Cū Domna, Fianaig. 12.6 . t.¤ indleas cada na n-eo, ZCP v 486 § 8 . ri hadart tend tricc, mod truit, | nī gabat greím grip guip gai `though rapid' (?), PRIA xix 540 § 5 ( LL 146b ). is amarech téit co t.¤ `tomorrow she goes quickly,' Fél. 64.7 . roslecht do Dauid co t.¤ , SR 6995 . oslaic go troit tuaga a gillai, TBC-LL¹ 6036.