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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: doforcaslais, doforchossol, doforchosalsam

v (* to-fo-com-sel-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 622 ). Perf. 2 s. doforcaslais, Ir. Lit. 40.26 . 3 s. doforchossol, Wb. 13d27 . 1 pl. doforchosalsam, 21b4 . Vn. tóxal.

(a) seizes, carries off (especially of distraint): toroxal iarom Cur[o]i ar Ultaib (of the cows of Iuchna Echbél), Corm. Y 585 . inbleogan .i. toxal .i. athgabail in fir fine do gabáil o c[h]inaid in c[h]intaig, co rotoxla side ar in cintach, 788 . co toxluidhther how is it carried off? Laws i 266.1 .i. cinnus donither a toxal amach, 288.13 Comm. dofoxla triar do cethrur three carry it to four, 3 . cu dlighthech rotoxladh it was lawfully carried out (in distress), ii 52.18 Comm. dofoxla ilgiallu he takes many hostages, iv 330.4 ( Críth G. 460 ). tiaghar docum faithce fir asa tir toxlaither from whose land the distress is carried off, i 268.12 . sruth do aill . . . dofoxla ailche it carries off (loose) rocks, iv 356.12 . conid toxla in sruth, O'Dav. 1559 .

(b) brings over, inherits (lit. draws or drags over): doforchossol cách in recht sin ho Adam, Wb. 13d27 ; 'every one has inherited (taken over) that law from Adam' Celtica xii 13 . ní ó aicniud na cétne tuisten act is o aicniud pectho doforchosalsam ó Adam which we have derived, 21b4 (see Thurn. ZCP viii 78 ); 'it is not from the nature of (our) original creation, but it is from (our) sinful nature which we have inherited (taken over) from Adam' Celtica xii 13 . ar ecnairc na colla noem-glaine doforcaslais a crislach ina hóige, Ir. Lit. 40.26 . tofoxlaitis gl. nec coniunctus sum noxia tractaturis, (prob. understood by glossator in lit. sense of drag), Ml. 47a13 .