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Forms: .t., thrá, tra, thra, tráth, t., trá, tráth

adv. and conj. (See GOI p. 558 , p. 673 ). Written plene BCr. 3d : anísiu t.¤ is écen remfuar bissext ┐ emblesim `this, then, is necessary, to prepare bisext and embolism.' Usually contracted to .t. in O.Ir. Glosses. Later when written fully the forms thrá, tra , thra occur. Also occasionally tráth. That t.¤ is a fully stressed wd. is shown by the rhymes: tra: chombartsa, Thes. ii 292.1 . tra: anma, SR 1349 . tra: himmarba, Metr. Dinds. ii 42.17 . trá: lá, DDána 2.13 . TD 1.9 .

With regard to its position in the sentence, the use of t.¤ corresponds to that of dano, didiu, immurgu etc. (see these words), and these are commonly interchanged with it in Mid. Ir. MSS., e.g. marbthair dōib dano in mucc ( tra , Hl.), Sc.M² 5 . toirbirid tra (immorro, LU), FA 1 . tir shuthach solusta tra in tír sin (iarom, LU), 4 . na búidne ocus na hoirechtu tra (dano, LU), 6 . Also occurs side by side with such words as dano: ina bretha fir aicnid tra didiu (sic leg.) ro labairustar in spirit noem, Laws i 16.10 . a forbí tra dano for lortaid na muindtire, Mon. Tall. 128.7 .

In general trá comes after and emphasises the first principal stressed word in the sentence. The commonest positions are:

1 After the verb: ní ceilsom tra as né crist, Wb. 4d16 . ni-con fil tra belre issin [biuth so], 12d5 . amal gnís tra crist, 21b2 .

2 After the copula and predicate: cib cenél tra dia roscribad ind epistil, Wb. 3b20 . is bées tra donaib dagforcitlidib, 11b6 . is hed torbe nammáa tra , 12d29 . is hé tra as fír, 19c7 .

3 After prepositions with suff. pron.: ropo ainm dúibsi tra inso uile, Wb. 9c29 . masu glé lib tra in precept, 13b12 . darolged dam tra , 18a12 . Cf. cid as dénti fri sin tra , 12d41 .

4 After conjunctions and adverbs: isamlid tra is lobur, Wb. 4a27 . is amlaid tra canithsom, Mon. Tall. 139.9 . in tan tra rochloither imtecht duini, 136.14 . is ann sin t.¤ , BDD² 429 . huair tra is deichnemur rochachain ina psalmu, Hib. Min. 126 . an uair tra tainec am legind, BCC 172.9 . iar sin tra dorala for dul dia hacallaim, TBFr. 15.13 . is suaichnid sund tra as rect maid, Wb. 3d10 . hi sunt tra conricc frissa lind serb, 7d9 .

5 After nouns: ceist tra , etc. Wb. 13a13 . a senud uille tra ni biat i nóentu muintire nime, 9c28 . inna tri secht tra , Ml. 2d2 . cóic méich fichet tra , LU 8126 . focal coirmdhighe th.¤ ar ttreas, Studies 1921, 589 § 7 . iarsin mbreith sin tra Laws i 14.12 . indill dún in carpat t.¤ , LU 8571 . ( FB 43. ) donertad iude tra in so, Wb. 5b11 . cosmulius co nécsamlus tra inso, 13b25 . de dliguth tra inna niltoimddensin, Sg. 26b7 . do neoch t.¤ do daínib in domain, LU 2060 . Less frequ. after the subject following the verb: bertit alaili tra combad spirut nóib, Wb. 13a16 . is lib atá a rogu tra , 9a23 .

6 After proper names: Cathbad tra tainic, RC vi 175.29 . Fachtna Fathach tra is é ba maclendan don ingin, 50 . Nihassa tra a hainm iar sin, 174.20 .

7 After adjectives: it dóindi tra haec exempla, Wb. 10d4 . ro-pad demin tra , PH 5122 . maith tra , LU 8096 . Cf. is nech tra ecin dom chomaltaib, TBC-LL¹ 2172.

8 After féin: doselbi fein tra do praind, Mon. Tall. 148.27 . Cf. a mesrugud do neuch tra buddesin, 152.10 .

9 In phrases, see infra.

In addition to emphasising the word it follows trá usually has a conjunctive or adversative sense with reference to what has gone before.

I Conjunctive then, therefore, so, indeed: coir irnigde tra inso `this, then, is the right way of prayer,' Wb. 4a27 . ní áil tra insin do epirt `it is not proper, then, that that should be said,' 27c8 . trop tra donadbat `a figure of speech, then, he shows,' Ml. 15a2 . maith tra, ol Patraic `well, then, said Patrick,' Laws i 8.7 . tocuirius etrum thra na huile nert-so `I invoke therefore all these forces,' Lib. Hymn. 135.1 . huair tra is deichnemur rochachain ina psalmu `now, since it is ten persons that sang the psalms,' Hib. Min. 12.6 . ro bátar t.¤ deólatchaire móra inna fhlaith, BDD² 182 . ni chumaic thra nech isin bith, LU 1996 . bā soccair tra in lestar `indeed, she was a sound craft,' MacCongl. 85.15 . fri teora la tra ro badar foran abairt sin `for three days then,' Stair Erc. 197 . tug an damh [t.¤] tug an t-asal | aithne ar an rígh rugadh ann, DDána 17.9 . soitheach th.¤ do dhéanamh go n-onóir, TSh. 902 . So also tráth: is solom dún in sét sa tráth, TBC-LL¹ 2071 . is amra lib tráth, 2083 . badh hiongnadh tráth, CRR² 26 . doden-sa trath inni-sin, RC vi 176.1 . is aire sin tráth aderthi Núadha Airgétlámh friss, Cóir Anm. 154 . marbh trath a mathair dia bhreith, BB 205a42 . tréigthear libh t.¤ bhar dtuirse (tráth, MS.), Measgra D. 60.5 .

II Adversative

(a) however, but, on the other hand: ata ni is messu de tra , SR 1349 . Patraic tra ind inbaid sin i ndaíre i nHerind, LU 266 . Assa a hainm gó sin anald, ar ba hailgen. Nihassa tra a hainm iar sin, RC vi 174.20 . robái t.¤ Ioif co firen, TTebe 4254 . acht gé tá cló tred chroidhe | dá mhó t.¤ do thrócaire, DDána 20.17 . focal coirmdhighe th.¤ ar ttreas `our fight was mere words at ale-drinking,' Studies 1921, 589 § 7 . dobheredh ierraidh meinic ar a himfholach fo n-a brat. Nī roibi tra sin ar comus dō `he often endeavoured to conceal it under his coat, but could not succeed,' Fl. Earls 62.29 .

(b) In the phrases cid trá acht (later cid trácht ?), cid fil and trá acht however, at all events: cid tra acht .i. cid cred ┐ tra ticfaid ┐ acht gnim, Lec. Gl. 280 . cid tra acht dia curta nech i secht n-áesaib, LU 2454 . cid tra acht nir chutulsa do Chonchobar, CRR 12 . cidh trā acht do tinōiled, ML² 197 . cid tra acht torchair cethrar, TTebe 954 . cid tracht ro cind Ercuil forro, Stair Erc. 192 . ciodh trácht roghluaiseadar na Cléirig, Celt. Rev. x 133.1 . cidh tráth acht, 24 P 9, 67.1 . Cf. cid didiu (sic leg.) acht, PH 146. 565 . cid fil and tra acht marbais Cú Chulainn cét, Comp. CC 64.14 . cid fil and tra acht ata in scriptuir, PH 2184 . cidh fil ann tra acht nirba sorimthea, Stair Erc. 158 . cidh fil ann tra, ol an ri fri hErcuil, acht ro crín, 1251 . Cf. cidh fil ann didiu acht, 605 . PH 834 . cid fil ann immorro acht, Stair Erc. 448 . cid fil didiu (sic leg.) acht, PH 1803 . cid fil ann tra , 2299 . See trán.