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n (Germanic loanwd. Cf. O. Norse praéll, Engl. thrall) slave: traill a nomine trulla .i. lossat .i. ar dóire a fognama, Corm. Y 1249 , `a thrall a nomine trulla i.e. a kneading trough i.e. for the slavishness of its service,' Corm. Tr. 162 . Misunderstood by O'Cl. in: traill .i. losad. ┐ on focal so trullo a dubhradh. Hence `kneading-trough ,' O'R., Dinneen . puttrall .i. fait-trall .i. faitbed do traillib hi, Corm. Tr. 138 . Cf. cacht .i. cumal .i. bantraill, O'Mulc. 265 . traill odur ulchach areachtra, IT iii 86 § 88 . a thraaill, RC xxi 312.6 . an cú sebhrach nó an t.¤ tú, IGT Decl. ex. 2091 . tidlacad troch | tugadh on t.¤ , Irish Texts i 27 § 17.