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aistrigid 1 causes to move, brings 2 travels
ascnamaid sets off, travels
imm-rá rows around, rows, navigates:; In a wider sense, travels about, goes
imm-téit 1 goes around, goes about, travels , sets forth, comes, goes (in general sense); goes away, departs; Fig. passes away, is lost; Fig. proceeds, walks (of manner of life); befalls, happens; has to do with, deals with; changes, varies; is lost, is done for; dies 2 circumambulates, travels on, traverses; goes about in the sense of encloses; in- cludes; goes round protectingly, guards
1 sét 1a path, way; trace; goes on a journey, travels; sets out, goes 2 way, manner of life 3 way, manner (of doing a thing)
siblaid, siblaigid 1 travels , tra- verses, proceeds, moves, walks 2of water, flows 3 go over, examine
taistlid travels , traverses; Of perusing books
tríallaid 1 journeys, travels , traverses 2 attempts, endeavours 3 brings, guides 4 treats of (literary subject)