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1 túath 1 people; Of specific peoples with qual. gen.; the beaver-tribes; the Amalekites; the Canaanites; God's people, the Israelites; of Jesu's folk 2 country, territory; In Laws `territory, petty kingdom, the political and jurisdictional unit of ancient Ireland; Hence in sagas, etc. with ref. to various territories 3The state as opposed to the church; the laity; lay pro- perty, secular buildings; heathens; in the country
2 túath- northern; left, on the left; perverse, wicked, evil; the northern point (of the compass); offensive smell; evil move; evil deed; evil-doing, fierce; blind of the left eye; having an evil eye; perverse company, evil-living clergy; perverse and wicked; blind of the left eye (?); half-blind (?); on the left (north ?) of the stem (of the Ogam letters h, d, t, c, q); the good folk, fairies, elves; badly mangled; evil- speaking, slandering calumny; fierce, furious; badly mangled