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1 tuinnte

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Forms: tuinnte

part. of do-sní (see tuinnem) as subst. thread, ball of thread, clew: tunti līn a uerbo tundo , Corm. Y 1252 , see Corm. Tr. 162 . Fig. a leabhraibh loma do mheall mise | ceann a dtoinnte `I have enticed the clew-end of their kindred' (i.e. have traced their pedigree), Ó Bruad. ii 54.16 . dhul t.¤ as an ród no go ccriochnaighthear an phleideail digression (?) (a procedure forbidden to an opponent in a discussion), Luc. Fid. 275.5 . ? Cf. tuinnte, m., IGT Decl. § 2 (39.14) . inadh luinnte tre theagh túir | do shúigh t.¤ gel don gréin a sunbeam, a gleam of light (?), ex. 61 . See also under 2 tuinnte.