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Forms: fersat, —aid, fearsaid, fertas, fertais, feirtse, fertais, fertsi, feirsti, fersde, fertse, fertsi, feirtsi, feirstte, fertas, fersad, feirtsib, fersib, fertas, f., fersad, feartas

n ā, f. (cf. 2 fert ?) in late Mid. Ir. by metathesis also fersat, —aid ; mod. fearsaid ` spindle .' n s. fertas, LU 5250 = fertais, TBC-I¹ 773 . g s. feirtse, Laws iv 108.6 Comm. a du. eter di fertais , LU 5066 . n p. fertsi, LU 8595 . TBC-I¹ 2512 . feirsti, Mart. Don. 154.14 . fersde, TBC-I¹ 2580 . a p. fertse LU 5260 . fertsi, 5252 . feirtsi, TBC-I¹ 2506 . feirstte, ZCP x 283.21 . g p. fertas, LU 5251. 5258 . fersad, ZCP viii 539y . d p. feirtsib, Alex. 232 . fersib, TBC-I¹ 2549 . A pole or stake , esp.

(a) a shaft attached to a chariot and possibly also a spoke ; occas. translated `axle,' a rendering based on O'Mulc. 524 (cited below) and on Lat. axis in Colgan's Trias Thaum. p. 390a , corresponding to feirsti an carpait, Mart. Don. 154.14 ; but the word is pl. in the latter passage, and in the majority of exx. `fertas' is used in dual or plural of a single chariot. The word may have been used both of shaft and axletree (see PICCS XIII 281 , but chariot-pole according to Greene, The Iron Age in the Irish Sea Province 67 , and swingletree according to Sayers, Études Celt. xxi 176 ). The f.¤ could be of holly-wood : na fertse cuilinn, TBC-I¹ 784 . Cf. cuilenn ? fer for araili inn sin, ┐ feirse carpaid, Laws iv 150.2 ; of [plated with (?)] metal : co ḟeirtsib ... óir ┐ argaid, Alex. 232 . in carpat co fersib credumaib, TBC-I¹ 2549 . Cf. 2331 . a charpat ... cona ḟeirtsib findruine, RC xliii 62.25 . In the follg. exx. the word seems used of a chariot-shaft projecting either in front of the chariot or more often behind : ech ... fil do desḟertais in charpait, LU 10207 (obviously a front-shaft). The f.¤ was attached to the chariot-frame : (all that remained of a chariot :) bass dina fertsib immon creitt, TBC-LL¹ 6070 (but cf. the parallel passages : bas dona fertsaibh im in roth, H, Add. ; dorn dona fersib imon droch, TBC-I¹ 3639 ; the prep. imm may mean here `on both sides of' or `including'). fertsi crúadi colgdirgi (dist. from droch, roth, all, sithbe, cuing), LU 9261 . A person could sit on it : co n-accai ... in n-aenmnaí for fertais in charpait, TBC-LL¹ 202 (but the sense is not clear). It could be detached and used as a pole for other purposes : domroched f.¤ mo charpait co ro ḟromur in n-áth give me the shaft ... that I may test the (depth of the) ford RC xiv 422.17 . cid nach srengai feirtsi in charpait fom thaib ┐ mo ḟogaimen fom chind co rocodlaind colleic? TBC-I¹ 2506 (where the `feirtsi' and `fogaimen' seem converted into a kind of litter) = scaroidh feirstte ┐ forgeime mu charboitt fum, ZCP x 283.21 . scar dam fortcha ┐ forgemen mo charpait fóm, TBC-LL¹ 3285 . Animals could be attached to the `fertse' behind : gebis da n-ag ... ceṅglais d'fertsib ┐ d'ithisib ┐ d'iallaib in charpait, TBC-LL¹ 1324 (= cumraigis itir dia ḟeirt, TBC-I¹ 690 , see 2 fert). teilcid [in ngai] a ndiaid A. co ndechaid tresin milco[i]n bui eter da fertas in carpait, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 34.10 . Further exx. : forrurim a láim eter di fertais in carpait, co mmebaid in carbat, LU 5066 . ar samailtur nime [ = ar insamlaiter nemed, SM Facs. 5b ] fri beusa carpuit (.i. cach tuidme tuidhmes nech docum in carpait do dul ind is uad uatuasluices feirtsi in carpuit ┐ a rothae), O'D. 508 (< H 3.17, 413 ; cf. Laws iv 374.27 Comm. ). da n-impōind m'aigid ... noragdais fersde charpait triam chūlmuinēl, TBC-I¹ 2580 . rogab in cú fertais in charpait fo Ailill ... is and donáraill F. ara Aililla ... corrala a cholaind for leth ┐ co ro an a chend i fertais in charpait, IT i 106.1 ( ScM. 19 ). is mo chend-sa ... imcoicertár ... eter fertsib [ferstib v.l.] carpat, BDD 81 . cor ránic [in snechta] ... co fertsib carpat, LL 264a33 ( MU² 307 ). Acall. 3510 . gia ra-thiasmáis i ndib carptib and ... ní rossed crú nā roth nā fonnud nā f.¤ dib [lár], TBC-LL¹ 5865 . in tan romebsat da fhertais in carpait, Lism. L. 3498 = fracte sunt due rote currus V. SS. Hib. i 102.32 . brisitt feirsti an carpait do bí faoi, acus gach uair da ndaingnighthi iad an tan do teigheadh P. is in carpat do brisdis doridhisi, Mart. Don. 154.14 . The gloss : fertais carpuit quia uertitur cum rota , O'Mulc. 524 (= spoke ?) may be due to freq. association of the word with `roth,' cf. TBC-LL¹ 5865 and TBC-I¹ 3639 quoted above. Or does it imply that the word was applied to an external projection of the axle? Fig. of a hero ? f.¤ búada for a blai `chariot-pole of victory' Metr. Dinds. ii 80 (but the expression may refer to the rath of Alend, cf. Acall. 4114 quoted s.v. 2 fertas).

(b) a stick used for winding or spinning yarn, etc. a spindle: f.¤ snimae quia uertitur digitis , O'Mulc. 524 . fersad (gl. fusus), Ir. Gl. 568 . feartas n-olla (n s.) `a spindle full of woollen yarn' Laws v 214.18 Comm. ni tabair acht ... fertais, ii 378.28 Comm . damna feirtse `the makings of a spindle (of wool)' iv 108.6 Comm . damna teora fertas 116.9 Comm .

(c) of other objects : a spike projecting from a horizontal cooking-spit (?) : Fulacht na morrigna ... tricha bir do bid ass ┐ tricha drol ┐ tricha fertas ` spindles ' Celt. Rev. viii 74 = Mackinnon Cat. 133 . A rung (of a ladder) : a ḟeartais āraid (leg. feartas : cleachtus), IT iii 85 § 84 . a ḟeartais abraind, 102 § 189 ( fertas, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. i 70 ) = Bruchst.. i § 83 , 86 (where Meyer reads : a f.¤ a broinn. Used contemptuously of a person). COMPD. ¤lorg a mace, club: fertas-lorcc iaraind, TBC-LL¹ 5529 St. Cf. lorg-fertas.