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6 fál valley
fid 1a tree (sense in Glosses).; a wood of trees; a tree-hedge; Passing into sense of tree-trunk, tree regarded as timber 2 wood, timber; Of a shaft or pole; spear-shafts; walking-stick; Of a wooden shield 3 trees (coll.), a wood or grove: distinguished fr. caill; the Fews 4a letter of the Ogham alphabet; artificial tree; alliteration 5a vowel, distinguished fr. taebomna `consonant'; vowels 6 drinking-vessel
foithir, fuither a piece of unreclaimed valley or wooded land (a glen or dell ?); estate; forest-valley
gibis 1a gullet, a jaw 2a gorge, a glen, a valley 3a cleft, cavity or socket 4 fight
gim(h)eas valley , hollow (?)
glenn A valley , a hollow;; In wider sense of a hollow or depression in general; undulating; the furrowed sea; a deep-set eye
3 mid 1 middling, partially; half-full; swelling (?); middle- broad; Name of Finn's drinking-cup 2 mid-; middle age; middle bag', belly; a central glen or valley , a depression; space between the shoulders; midday; middle, centre; midnight; nocturn; mid-side, mid-beam; Of seat running along one side of a room
srath 1 grass, sward 2 valley , bottom, meadow or grassy place near a river 3 fine, tax