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1 á cart. war-chariot
abó!, abú! a war-cry (first attested in the Calendar of Justiciary Rolls of the early fourteenth century)
árchú 1 war-hound, slaughter- hound 2 watch-dog(?)
badb Name of a war-goddess; hooded crow; scald-crow (in which form the goddess appeared).; Also in human form, witch; deadly, fatal, dangerous, ill-fated; deadly, warlike, venomous
1 bé Woman; wanton, harlot; lit. wandering woman (a class of concubine); woman of the kneading-trough and churn-dash; foundling woman; lit. woman of a secret relation, i.e. in an irregular association with a man; woman (with power) of choice (variously interpreted in Laws Comm.); woman, maiden; wife of Néit (a goddess of war )
caistél castle, fort; Of fortified town or city; war-engine
carpat 1 war-chariot. Somet. also car, waggon, etc.; car 2one who has stock but no land 3 gum, palate
cocad War , conflict; act of waging war (for, fri against)
comthócbáil 1act of raising (together)2act of stirring up or going to war , doing battle 3 muster, recruitment, forces 4Fig. act of rising up in opposition, vying
1 cuad war
debuith 1A diversity of opinion or purpose; difference, variance; a dispute or quarrel (arising therefrom), a contention, contro- versy, often with a notion of vehemence.; an occasion or instance of strife or controversy; a controversy arises; to arouse strife 2Act of fighting; an armed conflict, a hostile encounter on land or sea, a combat, a fight; esp. a skirmish; to seek battle; a single combat; battlements; a howdah; a fighting- mound; a port-hole; a fighting-place; battle-field; a war- trumpet; a particular fight 3 fisticuffs 45 Haste, hurry
díla steed, war- horse, saddle-horse
dúchon war (?); war , warfare
écclandach like an `éccland' or champion, war- like
éicen 1 necessity, compulsion;; com- pulsory, needful, necessary 2 force (i.e. exercised by persons upon others); violence; tyranny; an act of violence, an outrage; a disaster, calamity; Violation, rape 3by or under compulsion or force; with difficulty, hardly; by force, compulsion 4 Difficulty, need, trouble, strait; in relation to war; stress of battle; a state of strenuous endeavour; Grievous plight; hardship; Sorrow, grief; stress; overpowering exuberance; Need, necessitousness; esp. famine, scarcity
fócra(e), fúacra 1 proclaiming, announcing, making known, giving notice; Of denouncing a fault, etc. 2esp. announcing, proclaiming (a ruler) 3a notice, announcement, summons, ordinance; In Laws: a warning (of legal action), summons; an illegal challenge 4 summoning, suing (?) 5 denouncing 6 giving notice of battle, declaring war , challenging 7 proscription, banishment, outlawry; banished. outlawed; an outlaw; submitted
gleo 1A fight, a combat
1 imguin 1the act of making a slaughter, waging war , slaying; slaughter, battle, conflict; leader, captain 2the act of reciprocally wounding or slaying; reciprocal wounding or slaying; contending with; fighting along with
imm-goin wages war , gives battle; fights
1 intech 1 sheath, scabbard; war-sheath? 2Used of the wattling round stakes in a fence
intla(i)sse ? 1Of the ornament on weapons and war-gear, reins, garments, shoes, brooches, inlaid ?, ornamented with inlaid work ?, with insertion ? 2Of a colour, dappled ?
lúirech 1 breastplate, cuirass, corselet; suit of armour; Of the armour of war-horses 2Fig. of divine protection against temptation, sickness, etc.
lúithe usually as name of some engine of war , perh. battering-ram
2 Macha one of the three war-goddesses of the Tuatha D.D., daughter of Ernmas and sister of Badb and Morrígu (sometimes identified with the former); a royston crow
Morrígan, morrígu name of an ancient Irish war- goddess
muc(c) 1a pig, sow; Of a wild pig or boar 2a sea-hog, porpoise 3name of a war-engine, a shed under cover of which besiegers undermined the walls of a city 4a sow's litter or brood; pig- slaughter; a trench or furrow made by a pig rooting?; a boar; pig-loss; a pigsty; sow-Ogham', a species; a herd of pigs
néit 1 combat, battle, fighting 2name of an ancient Irish war-god; a warrior?
nemain 1 name of an ancient war-goddess, the wife of Néit and somet. identified with the Badb.2 battle-fury, warlike frenzy, strife; murder; malice
nemthor the `n.' of the war-goddess (? battle) is an obscuration of the valour of champions?
pharó a war-cry used by the Irish in the later Middle Ages
pirrél a ballista or war-engine for hurling stones
roth 1something circular, or wheel-shaped; a wheel (of a vehicle); Meton. the vehicle itself 2a disc or sphere 3a circular brooch, wheel-brooch 4a loop, noose; a chain, link 5used of movable war-machines mounted on wheels 6`rowing (?) wheel', name of a fabulous flying-machine 7
sásaire one who constructs engines of war; engineer
sith- 1 long; a long crook; a long-bow; long limbs; a long ship; lasting fame; constancy, perseverance; a long-headed person; lasting war; a long mound; endurance, durability; perserverance; a long ship; long or constant gazing (on); a long rod 2 long and white; long and blue; long and thick; long and tough or stiff 3 neglects 4 ever-guileful (?); long-edged; constantly shedding (?)
slógadach, slúagadach having many troops, war- like, martial; a warrior
1 tethra scaldcrow, (?) war-goddess; Also used of a pet crow
túaradlia unsettled conditions during war