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o-ā (neg. of codnach) ` non compos ,' hence

adj (a) deprived of reason, irresponsible, imbecile : cor foceird baeth .i. cunnrad doni in t-eccodnach a contract which the idiot makes Laws iii 6.21 Comm. masa codnach ruc in lenamh ar a muin istech...masa ecodnach `a sensible adult...a non-sensible (irresponsible) person' i 178.18 Comm. in codnach dar erbad in t-ecodnach do coimet iii 500.22 Comm. (Of cases where there is guiltlessness in accidental injury to persons looking on at work) iar ndliged urfocra ┐ urscarta .i. urfocra do codnachuib...┐ urglana dona heccodnachuib the sensible adults are warned and the irresponsible are driven away v 158.1 Comm. dar cend na robb ┐ na n-ecodnach, RC iii 185.6 = LL 122b17 .

n (b) an infant at law, minor : is e airet is ecodnach in mac the time during which the son is an infant (i.e. up to the age of seventeen) Laws ii 188.3 Comm. = O'Curry 2368 . na mir ┐ na hecodnaig ┐ na daīr `infants' i 86.21 Comm.