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éimdid , éimid, éim(d)igid

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Forms: féimdid, ro (f)eimdid, éimdhidh-, éimdhigh-

v also féimdid, etc. (cf. under as-midethar, fémdid, fo-émid, for-émid); the -m- is freq. lenited in later MSS., see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 579 . Cóir Anm. 1 . In forms such as ro (f)eimdid the pres. s. 3 may have been taken as the stem, but éimdhidh-, éimdhigh- would fall together in Mid. Ir.

I Refuses, rejects (with acc. of pers. or thing, or with imm of thing and for or ar of pers.):

(a) tancus a Fair...┐ a hElis do thochmarc na n-ingen...Ra eimthiusa sin uili I rejected them all TTebe 663 . ga fear nár éimdhigh? what suitor has she not rejected? IGT, Introd. § 94 . ro heimdedh an comhuirle sin aca they rejected that counsel ZCP x 288.14 . in fhleadh icár heimdhed isi at which she was refused (refreshment) Lism. L. 1243 . níor éimdheabhair neach you never refused (the petition of) any TD 14.36 ; 25.7 . iarrais B. an mart...éimghis an bhean é, Keat. iii 1059 . an dara hathchuinghe do iarr éimidh A. sin A. refused to grant that 1502 . ro emgeatar dul refused to go TBC-LL¹ 2858 St. TSh. 7511 . ro éimhdhigh (v.l. eimhigh) dul, FDG 317n. do eimghidh S. ┐ M. feis `refused to be espoused' ML 12.27 . ro eimgedar na Goill an cath refused battle Cog. 210.28 . TD 32.15 . do éimidh sé Saul do mharbhadh, TSh. 2452 . ro éimigset a thabairt refused to give him AFM v 1770.4 .

(b) N....rofemid imm oenbargin refused a single loaf SR 6308 . fémthit...a n-asbertis they refuse (to do) what they said Trip. 130.10 . femdid in fer marbad refused to commit the murder YBL 63b39 = femdig, LB 115b24 ( indara fer feimdeth gail, SR 3255 , see Strachan's VSR, line 185n. ). na femdeg comland let him not refuse combat Ériu i 114.9 . ní ba meisi cétḟerfeímthébas sochur ḟeraind na G. do chosnam who shall refuse to defend TTr.² 88 . ro ataigh P. eisim co tarta Ro feimhidh in t-occlach fairsium sin D IV 2, 73 [63]ra 13 . rogāidh for P. anadh...Ro feimdhigh P. sin, 72 [62]vb 13 . ó ro fhéimig (v.l. ro éimhigh) C. in inar refused to accept FDG 292 = MR 40.2 .

II Fails: (a) o ro emidh tra...A. impide for L. imonī ro chuindig fair `was unable to prevail with' Aen. 1660 . In this sense forms with f- are regular, see fémdid, -igid, fo-émid, for-émid.