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[n u, m.] (1 slis)

(a) the side of the house opposite to where the king sat ? : o iar-[sh]lis go slis rigda `from the back to the royal dais,' Celt. Rev. i 296.12 . Fraoch mac Fidhaigh ar an slis rigda ... ┐ clanna Fidhaigh uada go hiar-shlis, 14 . san fhocla fheinned isan iar-(sh)lis ar a n-agaid `in the champion's seat on the back bench in front of them,' 20 .

(b) flank, hind-quarter : cona assaibh īerslesai with his shoes made of a hind-quarter, MacCongl. 124.39 . Hīar[sh]liss Caerach comainm mo chon `Haunch of Mutton is my dog's name,' 79.7 .