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n m. gutt. st. (óc + aire) name of a social grade in old Irish law; the lowest rank of freeman settled on his own hereditary estate or piece of land, ZCP xiv 341. cidh ara n-eper ocaire? Ar oitiu a airechais, Laws iv 304.9 (`for the juniority of his noble grade', MacNeill, Law of status 286 ); in the same passage he is placed above the bóaire, but elsewhere lower; in Laws iv 298. 18 the `occaire' is a subdivision of bóaire; in v 78.26 the `fodla febe' (classes of worth or substance) include the `boairi tanaisi' and `ogairi tuisi', the latter term being glossed: in t-ogaire is ferr .i. taisech na n-ogaireach in boaire is tāire, 80.10 , i.e. the highest ócaire is (equivalent to?) the lowest bóaire. d s. o ocairig., Laws v 244.1 . samaisc do occeirigh, i 58.6 . g s. ben boaireigh ┐ occaireich, v 386.26 (leg. -airech). n p. rāidem fēne fírfodlaib . . . midbothaig, trí ocairig, trí boairig, ZCP v 499 § 6.