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adj (a) due, proper, fit, meet: d.¤ .i. dlisdin, Lec. Gl. 163(M) . dir .i. dleisdín, Stowe Gl. 51 . d.¤ .i. dlestanus, 318 . Generally folld. by prep. DO: ni d.¤ dúib ní disund nothing of this is meet for you, Wb. 27a26 . ni diír do noibad aní forchanat what they teach is not proper for sanctification, 31b17 . is d.¤ .i. is dethiden do gl. ad illum pertinet, Ml. 30c4 . amal is d.¤ do mogaid as befits a servant, RC ii 386 § 6 . ní gata Adomnan fīachu ar . . . fine dia mbí d.¤ to whom they are due, Cáin Ad. 29 . adae .i. ad dee .i. dīr do Dia, Corm. Y 67 . i n-as d.¤ d'eclais, 962 . is do is dir inndi is canticum dindí doberar a claiss hi croit, Hib. Min. 287 . is é ná facaidh ní nár bhu d.¤ dhó do fhaicsin that was not proper for him to see, Lism. L. 4894 . déansa gach ní is d.¤ do dheaghdhuine, ML 100.6 . laidh . . . is d.¤ ┐ is dligeadh d'éicsib d'aisneis, MR 92.4 . cech fírmanach dond eclais dian d.¤ gníd amal cech mog to the church to which it is due, Fél. p. 4 . espuc do nach diur adhultrus, Laws i 58.22 . ro imbir fair cach ada aili ba d.¤ do imbirt for tarb idparta, CCath. 959 . diambadh d.¤ fuil do snām if blood were fitted for swimming, ZCP xi 62.6 . do leith fitt . . . is d.¤ insin that (word) is applicable to a half-ration, Mon. Tall. 156.21 .

Used absolutely without complement: cech ní is d.¤ dlegmait do rad, LL 139b12 ( RC xlvii 304 ). corrthair .i. . . . nō co hor .i. co himel as d.¤ a breith it is proper to bring it to the edge, Corm. Y 336 . ma indligedh dogne in flaith resin cele is d.¤ imsgar fris, Laws ii 274.11 Comm. robba d.¤ recht aicnid [uile] inge cretium the law of nature was right except for the faith, i 16.17 . as forra féin ro ba dir clú an mhadhma do bheith, AFM v 1648 . niptar dir na oiss | immá duma dess, PRIA xix 534 .

(b) belonging to, appertaining to: tectid cach cumachte as díir do dia that belongs to God, Wb. 26a6 . conic do pianad-sa ┐ pianad cech oein as d.¤ duit torment thee and thy seed, PH 6600 . ni fuil sund neach na pad dir (duall, v.l.) dait o a athair no mathair, BDD § 13 . carn ind ríg in fess cía rí | dianid d.¤ ? to whom it belongs, Metr. Dinds. iii 202 . tuatha Fochmuinn . . . for Almuin ┐ anas d.¤ di hi finíbh, BB 255b40 . forumai sár for cach toil . . . acht anas d.¤ dí fadesne but what is accordant with itself (luxuria), Ériu vii 138.4 .

Folld. by gen.: do neoch ba d.¤ udbarta issin tempul everything that belonged to . . ., TTr. 1223 ( LL 233b5 ). gen nach ngnim is d.¤ mugsaini to do nothing appertaining to servile work, Anecd. iii 21.8 . ní bus d.¤ clóine anything involving wrong, Ériu ii 202 . menma aircisechtach di cach duine acht ní bas d.¤ pecath save for aught that involves sin, Ériu vii 160.28 . trūail .i. dir uailli í it is a sign of pride, Corm. Y 1240 .

(c) necessary: ní nad d.¤ do trachtad int sailm what is not necessary for a commentary, Ml. 25a6 . ised ro bo d.¤ do Césair toídhecht docum in tshenaidh Rómhánaigh C. was obliged to . . ., CCath. 213 .

As subst. [n.] one's right or due: Lind mná féile . . . | ainm na linde 'nar báided | is é a d.¤ (díl, v.l.) maras dise this is its proper title inherited from her, Metr. Dinds. iii 294 .