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1 dochonn

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Forms: dochuinn

n o, m. (cond) simpleton, imbecile; one non compos juris (a child or a lunatic): dochunn .i. fer co ndrochceill, H 3.18, 248 . rucus tindell (leg. dindell?) tigradais do dochond, ZCP xv 343 . co dosaigid dochuinn ata gairid a dil, O'D. 2212 (Nero A vii, 146b). aí dochuind the suit at law of an imbecile, Triads 153 . `dochuinn' included among classes of persons disqualified from entering into contracts, Laws iii 10.18 . dochuinn .i. mir cen rath, no mic beca, 12.2 Comm. ? ar dochundaib, ZCP xii 366.8 . In n.loc. il-Lis Dochuinn, RC xvii 183 ( Tig. 634 ).