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Forms: druil, drolu, drol, drol

n o, m. n p. druil, LB 121a14 . a p. drolu, Three Hom. 82.23 . See Marstrander, ZCP vii 406 .

(a) staff, bar , passed through rings attached to some object in order to carry it or used as a bolt; prob. the orig. meaning, drol being later confused with its deriv. drolam and taking over its meaning. Of staves used to carry the Ark: cethri drolaim . . . asind airc dia himmarchor, dá d.¤ treothu (where drolaim and drol correspond respectively to annulos and vectes, Exodus xxxvii 3 , 4 ), SR 4311 = da d.¤ , BB 242a24 , YBL 292a19 . fócerd a cochall fliuch for bunnsachaib na gréne ┐ forailangatar amal drolu, Three Hom. 82.23 (`like pothooks'). Of bolts: dúnaid bar ndóirrsi umaide ┐ tabruid druil iarnaigi forru, PH 3874 . cuirid sabai ┐ druil iaraind forru, LB 226a6 (or to be referred to (b) ?). Transf. of plaits or locks of straight wiry hair: a fhossugud ar drolaib ┐ ar clechtaib ┐ ar claidínib in fuilt, BDD § 97 (Eg.).

(b) In later lang. of horizontal joists or beams placed on vertical ones in construction of a house, rafters, ridge-poles (?): mar bheantar a thuir ó thigh | leagthar a dhruil 'na dheaghaidh, Miscell. Celt. Soc. 156.2 . Cf. droll, 1 drol a baton, club, beam or rafter , P. O'C. (with preceding quotation). ag so an fáinne i bhfeidhm na nd.¤ doing the office of ridgebeams (?) (of a house in collapse), Timth. viii 11 § 14 (1918).

(c) ring attached to an object to serve as handle, etc. (= drolam). d.¤ .i. lúb, O'Cl. Of rings attached to either side of a cauldron (cf. Joyce, Soc. Hist. ii 125 - 6 ): coire co ndrolaib óir, MR 58 = FDG 503 . sadail ar cairi da drol our two-handled cauldrons, RC xi 131 . innbir ┐ d.¤ ┐ tine agan caire uma, O'Curry 2268 ( Eg. 88, 20aa ). Of rings attached to the Ark: cethri druil ōir esti . . . re himorchur, LB 121a14 (where druil = drolaim, SR 4311 , see above). Of the circular brooch attached to a `delg' or pinbrooch: atnaig a mér tria d.¤ a delci, MacCongl. 25.17 . In CCath. of rings of chain-armour: srebana na fola ic tepersin tre drolaib na lūirech, CCath. 5903 , cf. 5224 , 5280 .