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1 fris-ben

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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: frisben, frisben, frismbia, frisbia

v (the form of the vn. frepaid, q.v. suggests that this is a compd. of the subst. vb. contaminated with -ben. Cf. ocuben).

(a) heals ; gl. mederi in Ml. pres. frisben Ml. 125c4 . frisben att `heals the swelling' Thes. ii 250.11 . fris-benaim galar, Léachtaí Cholm Cille xxx 116 . pres. subj. frismbia, Ml. 19d12 . fut. frisbia, 96b15 .

(b) in follg. exx. possibly pays (cf. double meaning of 1 íccaid) : corcair ┐ ruu ┐ snath ... on lucht atá [leg. ata] fearr do chocartaibh. Má ḟrepait ; no ma theachtaid ind sin dá chuibéis forthu, Leb. Cert. 218.22 = ma ḟrepait. caega ma techidh indsin dá coibes forro, BB 279a19 ; transltd. `if they render this [it is well], or if they neglect to do so' (but perhaps = ? 2 fris-ben : if they oppose or evade this obligation). ? fallach cach fine frisa mbai micora, Laws v 442.190 (with gl. ... don ḟine bith ana aititin na ndrochcur can a fuaidredh) = frisben micuru .i. iadhuth forsin fintiu ... fine nad airci michuru a memmor, H 3.18 p. 389b ( O'Curry 863 ) every `fine' is neglectful which becomes involved in (?) bad contracts.