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1 gibne

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n , f.

(a) a lock or curl of hair : mong ł gibnæ (gl. cirrus), Sg. 159a7 = gibbne, Thes. ii 230.24 .

(b) a fillet worn by men, especially charioteers, to keep the hair from falling over the eyes : taraill a lám leiss in gipni ndergbudi, mar bad land dergóir ... fri étan dó ind chomartha a aradnachta, TBC-I¹ 1879 . gipne findruine for a etan nád leced a folt fúa agid, LU 10233 ( IT i 311.1 ). Cf. Anecd. iii 50.19 . gibne .i. snáithi, ut est ... fer isin mag ┐ gibne finnbhruine fora édan, O'Curry 1459 ( H 3.18, p. 650a ). folt forgarb ... ina gibnib foa cend worn like a fillet (i.e. coiled) around her head, ZCP iii 248 . gibne .i. snáithe, O'Cl.