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n f. (?) protection: foceird mo greis (.i. cumairce) forsín creisigh `cast my protection on the pious [Brigit],' ZCP v 490 § 16 . diandum roib forsa rol mo greis if I have anyone under whose protection I may put myself, TBFr. 314 . tromtortha na tuath forollat (.i. atat) for do greiss, Ériu viii 173.19 . réidig romainn ... | for do deis, a rí báid bind, | iar ngreis do cach láech lúadimm, Metr. Dinds. iii 406.36 . adamair ba Cuculaind carustar ┐ for a greiss bui `she confessed it was Cuchulainn she loved and that she was under his protection,' Ériu xi 95.5 . doratt ... a ech for greis Colmāin, BColm. 86.20 . masa di[i]bh dlighis greiss (: éisslis), Anecd. ii 66.2 . nir ghreis anníu do Chathal | cia contola fria rigaib C. had to-day no protection, though he slept with kings, RC xvii 189.1 . g.¤ .i. comairce, O'Cl. Cf. gressa .i. comairce, O'Dav. 1062.