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Forms: maam, mám, mod, mām

n u, m., freq. written maam in Glosses. mám, IGT Dec. § 95, p. 127.24 .

(a) a yoke: fon m.¤ nuu, gl. sub iugo novo, Ml. 2b11 . Generally fig.: máam firinne . . . máam ind soscéli, Wb. 18c6 . airde n-éelutha máma a sign of evading the (marriage-) bond, 11c11 . is étrom . . . m.¤ in Choimded, Ériu i 197 § 14. ar truma in císa ┐ in mama Romanaig, Todd Nenn. 72.14 . Esp. in phrase: fo m.¤ under the yoke (of), subject (to): fo maam (gl. subiecti), Ml. 103d20 . inna ní nu bitis fo maam inna rig (gl. subditorum), 85d7 . 27d7 . fo m.¤ pectho, Wb. 3c38 . fri orddugud caich fo m.¤ , SR 4545. fo dóermam, 1776 . fót m.¤ midedar de ilṡluagaib . . . fot chommus tabairther, LU 5476 = TBC-I¹ 998 ; cf. mochean Cuind comarba . . . bid fo [leg. foa?] mam medethar d'ilsluagaib, YBL 181a5 ( SG 254.25 ). d'argain na crích . . . rabátar fo m.¤ Priaim, LL 242a30 = TTr. ro tairberead Persa fó mam daíre, Alex. 366. is fo mam ata cach urlabra . . . do fir in berla bāin, Laws i 18.9 . fo m.¤ tomais in full measure: gach olc doronsat tarras orro fo mam [sic leg.] tomais all the evil they had done was avenged on them in full measure, Cog. 116.4 . taris [leg. tarrus] forrtho son in [leg. 'sin] cath sin fo mam tomais, 36.16 . mam .i. cubus [= commus?] ut est fo mam an[a]mcharut, O'Dav. 1277. mam .i. cumas no cumhachta, O'Cl.

(b) an obligation and by extension a service, duty, function; for transition of meaning cf. Laws v 516.28 : ci asingba in ben as a mamaib though . . . fail in her duty (cf. Wb. 11c11 quoted above), and iv 50.24 : in tan geibius in rig ina mama so `when the king gets these submissions' (i.e. hostages and payment of rent and fines). Freq. in Laws (text): aire eisindraic nad oiget a mamu who do not fulfil their duties, i 54.9 . cach moga a mam . . . cach memur ina mamaib coirib, v 36.5 . mac . . . bis a mamaib gaire dia athair (i.e. who is bound to support his father), 364.17 . in mam sin ro gabais-siu . . . gētair orut the office you have undertaken (to a king), ACL iii 315.3 . dia mbo epscop . . . geib do mamb do leir, 313.2 . foratha áiritiu oighedh do cach ina moam `a guest's maintenance is due to every one according to his function', O'Dav. 68. Hence O'Dav. 1243 : mam .i. tochus ut est a tesbann dia mamaibh tesbann dia lóg enech (i.e. any shortcoming in one's duties involves a corresponding diminution of honour-price; the definition is a false inference). Cf. further: aenfear i mam deise ┐ dias i mam aenfir `when one man is legally considered as two' (lit. one man in the function of two), Laws iii 140.26 . Hence the expression fer máma mod (where máma and mod are respectively g s. and g p.) a substitute, a locum-tenens , Laws i 130.6 Comm. , iii 472.6 , 538.9 ; in v 120.24 we should perhaps read: do cach mama mod [d'] eclais.

The follg. obscure ex. may represent g p.: o Adam co Abrām n-án | co ngradaib glanmām comlán | tri mili . . . cethri bliad[na] is noi fichit, SR 2302.