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Forms: menme, menmae, menma, menmai, menman, menman, menmmann, menmain, menmuin, menmain, menmuin, me[n]mana, menmm-, menme, menma, menma, menmannaib

n (O.Ir. menmae) n, m. n s. menme, Wb. 6d3 , 10a15 etc. menmae, Ml. 21c3 , 31a24 . menma, Sg. 202a ( Thes. ii p. xxi). menmai, SR 1692. g s. menman, Wb. 1c15 , Ml. 54a1 . in menman , 15a2 . menmmann, Sg. 59b16 . a s. menmain, Ml. 21a8 . menmuin, Wb. 3d13 , 13a12 . d s. menmain, Ml. 54a5 . menmuin, 51a1 . n p. na me[n]mana , 35c5 . Occas. written menmm- in Sg. In Mid.Ir. fem.: ind menme , Mon. Tall. § 39. menma (n, f.), IGT Dec. § 8. (g s. menma) § 2 .

The mind in wide sense, hence

(a) the thinking faculty, the understanding: menme corp animm imbráti mind, body, soul, thoughts, Wb. 31b26 . tucfa mo menme a n-asbérat mo beiúil (gl. orabo mente), 12d12 . oínmenme lib occo et oíngním (gl. unanimes), 6d3 . is imradud á labradsidi in menman the speech of the mind is thought, Ml. 138a3 . frecrae menmman a mental answer, Sg. 28b15 . scríbend menmman an intended writing, 178b3 . airecc menman (= mentis inventum), Hib. Min. 8.252 . i n-ecnairc meanman (.i. a n-ecmais ceille codnaid), Laws v 510.5 , 22 . ticc co menicc fo menmain occurs to the mind, ACL iii 321 § 1. is messi dorat fó menmain Aililla do seirc-siu, IT i 127.32 (LU = for menmain, Eg.). tainicc for menmain do B. tormach . . . do chuingidh, BNnÉ 19.14 . nach raibe for menmain righ nā thaisigh acht fledach neither king nor chief thought of anything save feasting, Marco P. 126. indtí dogní ní do maith fria menmain fadesin the man who does good in intention, Mon. Tall. § 21. in tíí chomailles in maith cretes ho menmain, PH 6794. is tar menmin lim it passes my understanding (? `es geht mir gegen den Sinn' transl.), ZCP viii 175. 27 (Laon Gl.). ni mór conanic Priam a ḟrecra . . . acht namá atbert dar menmain, TTr.² 748 (`in his mind', Stokes; without thinking, on the spur of the moment?). turnfaidh se a mair dar menmuin will upset the minds of all living (?), Irish Texts ii 83 § 15 .

Esp. thought, heed, attention: gíd uathad lín in chaire | do chaitter menma airi (i.e. it calls for attention), TBC-LL¹ 2358. Michél . . . focheird mo m.¤ airi `my mind is set on him', Ériu ii 92 § 2 . bííth a menme frisso[m] (gl. cognoscat), Wb. 13a22 . is ferr menme friss (gl. alioquin [et tu excideris]), 5b37 ; `better is (thy) mind towards Him', Thes.; better bear that in mind (a caveat)? a ben! ni friot atá mo menmo: ata mo menma colleic isind imairiuc, Fianaig. 10 § 1. is beithi menmæ frisin fodor `care must be taken (to check) murmuring', Ériu vii 164.4 . ní théit mo m.¤ fri bethaid I care nought for life, CCath. 2186. m.¤ re cill, cul re tuaith, ACL iii 306 § 9. m.¤ re múnadh máthar (characteristic of a good daughter), ZCP iv 468 § 10. a m.¤ ina ndulemain their thoughts fixed on their Creator, FA 7. focerd m.¤ in coca thairis the cook forgot all about it, Lism. L. 1997. rachuaid a m.¤ dar slúag na Troiana they made no account of, LL 243a21 ( TTr. 1950 ). óid menmain féil Teclae give heed to, Fél. June 1 . In phr. do-beir do menmain considers : tabair co lēir dot menmain 'consider carefully', SR (Adam and Eve) 96.2042 . ​tabair do menmain 'consider', SR (Greene) 3337​ . on uair doratus-sa mu menmain i nDia, Lism. L. 1736 ; ZCP xii 370.1 . bid at menmain bear in mind, remember , Rosa Angl. 222.9 . Thought, i.e. opinion, belief, fancy: ní bá m.¤ la cech n-óen . . . corob . . . no one will deem that, TTr.² 289. nirbó m.¤ léa ben . . . do derscugud dí she did not think that any woman could surpass her, 364 , cf. 366 .

Exceptionally with obj. gen. thought (of), care, concern (for): atta m.¤ int sloig ocom innocht I am concerned about the host to-night, LU 4693 , cf. TBC-I¹ 220. tánic gérmenma ... Con Culaind do Ḟergus 'a sharp premonition ... of Cú Chulainn', TBC-LL² 394 .

(b) of emotional nature, state of mind, feelings (= Lat. animus): bid maith mo menme-se (gl. ut bono animo sim), Wb. 23d2 . ni bu fǽlid leis a menma, FB 56. na mba olcc a m.¤ frimm that he may not be angry with me, Sg. 202 a ( Thes. ii p. xxi ). ba holc lasna haithechaib a m.¤ , ZCP xi 60.21 . ba holc frisin imper a m.¤ de-sin the emperor was perturbed thereby, PH 1028. is tromm ar menmæ linn indiu, ZCP viii 176.5 (Laon Gl.). dagmenme no mesce tre ol cormæ jollity , Mon. Tall. § 40. as coir daoibh m.¤ maith do beith occaibh to be of good cheer, Leb. Gab.(i) i 244.20 . maille re menmain maith ┐ re deghc[h]aithemh aimsire, Fl. Earls 58.13 . mac rig is cuilen mílcon . . . inand m.¤ doib malle propensity, disposition , MR 14.9 .

(c) spirit, courage, self-confidence: m.¤ ┐ meisnech maith do beth acu, ZCP vi 29.22 . as mé an mathgamhain ar menmain, BNnÉ 285.32 . foillsig do menma a Maghnuis!, Irish Texts ii 60 § 25 . leicid deocha dia n-elifinntib . . . do metugud a menman ┐ a ndasachta, Marco P. 187. a n-uabhar ┐ a meanma chroidhe, Isaiah ix 9. Esp. in phrase méit menman (often with notion of overweening self-confidence or conceit): ro chomarlécc Dia do Petar imarbos do denum, náchar-gabad met menman, PH 3178. go ttainic mét menman chuige `pride of spirit', RC xxix 110 § 1. met menman ┐ aicnid, Cog. 188.15 . Éibhear go méad meanma `great-hearted E.', Content. vi 28. ní hiongnadh dhí méad meanman, Gofraidh Fionn v 28 ( Ir. Monthly 1919. ) See also mórmenma.

(d) desire, inclination (cf. Eng. `I have a mind to . . .'): coir menman `an offence of heart, voluntary ', Eg. Gl. 132. do denam a menman ┐ do airiuc thuile dó, ZCP iii 7.6 ( LL 270a5 ). mairg fa ttabhraid mna menma woe to those on whom women set their desire, BS 112.1 . in tan fuarais neach ro gab do meanmain ┐ dia tucais searc, Aen. 689. is í m.¤ ag mac S. . . . dol do chómfégain Chláir Néill, O'Gr. Cat. 408.20. m.¤ theithmi desire of flight, AU iii 544.20 . nochar mhór leis clár-Bhanbha do beith aige re a mhenmain at his pleasure (?), Duan. F. i 86.28 . pl. dar a mōit ┐ dar a menmannaib against their wish and inclinations, Alex. 1101. ba duthracht linn . . . mad iar menmannuib connētsimis (= if we followed our inclinations we would comply with your request?), IT ii2 228.35 Eg. = iar menmannrad, YBL.

(e) high spirits, pleasure, elation (late use): gí bé da ttabhair meanmuin, | atá neach da ttabhair brón, KMMisc. 346.15 . rachthaoi-si amach maille ré meanmuin with joy, Isaiah lv 12. gáirdeachas ┐ meanma mhór, 1 Peter iv 13.