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n m. meaning doubtful, occurring in the expression: m.¤ (mór-)teined a great fire, a bonfire; possibly a large mass, heap, pile , cf. O'Cl. : m.¤ .i. mór. ro fadaiged m.¤ morthinedh, Fianaig. 58.4 , cf. 70.32 . do dealbsam m.¤ mor teineadh, ZCP i 131.30 . dealbh guail ar n-a loscadh i m.¤ móirthenidh, ITS v 14.14 . m.¤ mor tinedh, Fl. Earls 224.10 . 'na morcaibh troma teineadh `in mighty masses of flame', TD 4.22 . Cf. follg. and molc.