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1 náde , náte

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neg. particle used in answering a question, really = nád (cop.) + hé (see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 260 ), a particular case of 3 nád. in doich side do ? náde ní doich is it likely for him ? nay, it is not likely, Wb. 4b14 , cf. ib. 16 (náte). náte ní cloín, 4c17 (gl. numquid iniquitas apud Deum ? Absit). in ní nad ndíxnigider ? nate, Ml. 55c10 . cani epir ? náte atbeir does it not say it ? nay, it saith it, Wb. 10d5 (where Fr. si would be used). In affirmation : in innonn less parbulus et nutrix ? náde ǽm is innon verily it is the same, 24d11 .

In dissent from a proposal : `dogéntar airiut'. `Nate em' ol sesseom, BDD 21 = náte, BDD² 216.