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1 rúanaid

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Forms: Rūanaid

adj i,

(a) red (? blushing), perh. orig. meaning. ruanaidh .i. dearg, O'Cl. ruanuidh ainm dílios don derg, Metr. Gl. D § 21 (ruanaigh v.l.) Diarmaid Ruanaidh .i. Díarmaid derg, Cóir Anm. § 134 , where another explanation of the sobriquet is also given. From the story of Diarmaid R. as given elsewhere ( BNnÉ 304 § 16 , § 17 ; Keat. iii 1922 - 45 ) it seems to have been bestowed on him on account of his submissive behaviour towards Mochuda and to mean bashful, timid ( Keat. 1945 explains ruanuidh as = deargthach `bashful'), but later to have been understood in sense (b). Cf. forsin rūanaid (.i. a ruidiud ig gabáil lāma Mocuta), ZCP xiii 381 § 35 (of Diarmaid R.). rúanaid atberthe co sse | frisseom ar mēt a náire, LU 9579 (i.e. he was called R. from his modesty) = ar met a náne `the greatness of his splendour', ZCP iii 204 ( LL 276b34 . where the facs. reads: a áne); the LU reading may be the orig. one, changed in later versions to suit the later explanation. ¤corob rūanaidh don bēim bloody (?), ZCP viii 104 z (B. na f.).

(b) strong, powerful : ruanaidh .i. laidir, O'Cl. ruanaid .i. fearg, Lec. Gl. 302 (an inference?). laech ruanaid rigthend trén, LL 266a44 ( MU 30.16 ). tri ánraith rúanaidi ro-dana, 225b24 . mic Amalgaidh ruanaidh reidh, Irish Texts iii 52.76 . a belbaigib na n-ech rúanaid ro-thend, TBC-LL¹ 5067 . nert rúanaid ar ríg-nai, Fél. Prol. 256 . reim ruanaid ro-garg, SR 6082 . athesc ruanaid ro-derb, TBC-LL¹ 4107 . bidc rúanaid, LL 297b5 ( SG 365.4 ). Of place: [a] rRaigni ruanaid, Ériu viii 69.53 . ? Adv. as ruanaidh tice on cleiriuch (.i. as rioghda), BNnÉ 304 § 17 (prob. a mistaken gloss; rather thou comest shame-faced, abashed ; the words are addressed to Diarmaid Ruanaid).

As npr. m. Rūanaid, ZCP viii 104 x . Tāin Bō Rūanaid, ib. 0 .

(c) skilful, dexterous? ruanaidh .i. glicus dexterity , H 3.18 p. 628a ( Ériu xiii 82 ).