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1 tárr(th)aigid

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v g (late denom. vb., see under tárrachtain) overtakes, catches, seizes: do neoch ro etar do gabail .i. tartaigther, O'Dav. 723 , cf. 1372 . cid leth colpach tarraighther is seized, Laws ii 204.3 Comm. in focal tres-a tarraigter ciall comshlan `the word through which is got perfect sense,' v 4.17 Comm. ? athgabail tuathaig tra airm hi tarrachar, is and a forus, H 3.18, 372b ( O'Curry 803 ). tar gach ealadhain abaidh dár thárrthuigh | seacht dteangtha do lábhradh which he had mastered, Hackett xl 79 . ní bhfuil ... pongc gliocais ... nár theastaidh, nár bhailigh, 's nár thárrthuigh there was no kind of skill which he had not tested, taken to himself and made his own, 92 . ? mac máthar dá ndáilid filidh | mír ós mnáibh a dtárthaidh ise `whom the poets love to give the palm to over rival ladies,' Ó Bruad. ii 186. Cf. tartaide.