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2 a 1Denoting possession, ownership, relationship, connection, etc.
2 á mouth
2 abairt 1 game, feat, trick 2 performance, behaviour
2 ablach corpse, carcass, carrion
2 accarda interest
2 accmacc very narrow
2 acht action, act
2 achtaigid 12 decrees, ordains
2 aclaid(e) acolyte
2 adaig Used in concrete sense of something which divides, separates
2 adarc destruction(?)
2 adba musical instrument
2 ad-cumaing Reaches, extends to, attains to
2 admall bard of the fifth degree
2 adrad act of adhering to, following
2 adraid adheres to, follows; respects
2 áe 1 law-suit, litigation 2 fault(?)
2 áel Fleshfork; Of a weapon
2 áes People, folk, those who, etc.; the wicked; the imperfect folk; of the poor; the righteous; of perfect folk; of sickly persons; the blind; of the saints; the young; superiors; members of an assembly; sojourners; penitents; friends; prisoners; allies, partners; co-operators, fellow-workmen; sleepers; the watchers; ecclesiastics; retainers, counsellors; messengers; actual perpetrators; personal retainers; the passers-by; from the laity; Esp. to denote an occupation or calling; craftsmen or poets; poets; artists, poets; favourites, confidants, etc.; Folld by gen. of a place-name; the Baby- lonians
2 ág 1 fight, battle, contest; Armageddon(?)2 prowess, valour
2 aí Poetic inspiration, learning; metrical composition; Of Muses; measure, quantity in verse(?); In names of metres
2 aiccill name of rhyme of the end-word of one line with a word in the beginning or interior of the next line
2 aicclech name of a metre
2 aicde 1 material, substance 2 structure, building, manufactured article 3 literary composition, poem
2 aicdech craftsman
2 aidech harmonious (?)
2 áige post, prop, pillar; judge; Of a high place
2 ail 1 disgrace, reproach; act of reproaching; verbal insult; In physical sense blemish, defect 2Name of a type of satire 3 misfortune (esp. of death or wounding in battle)
2 aile Fence, palisade (esp. to prevent cattle from trespassing)
2 ailech satire, invective
2 ailid suits, fits
2 ailt edge, blade; edged weapon(?)
2 aín fast, period of fasting (originally as an ascetic practice, as opposed to troscad ‘coercive fasting’ ); Of the fast on the eve of a feast day, hence vigil; (lit. first fast) Wednesday; (lit. between two fasts) Thursday; (lit. end fast) Friday
2 ainecnae foolishness, lack of enlightenment
2 ainféth evil appearance
2 ainféthach ignorant
2 aingel very bright
2 ainis ignorance
2 ainrecht great outburst (of anger, passion)
2 áinsid accusative case
2 airbe name of some type of literary composition
2 airc greed, desire; with exaggerated lies(?)
2 airchell act of surrounding
2 airchissid sympathiser
2 aircthech given to plundering
2 aird heed, attention
2 airdérgud proposition, intention
2 airdrech face, front
2 aire load, burden
2 airech name of a type of concubine
2 airechas heed, care
2 airer delight, satisfaction, pleasure
2 aires bundle of firewood(?)
2 airfitech music, minstrelsy
2 airgdech epithet of a horse
2 airge rafter, beam; Of a spear
2 airid guards, keeps watch over
2 airlann end, butt-end, handle (of a weapon); point, tip of a staff; Of the rudder of a ship; end, completion(?)
2 airle granary; byre
2 airlech act of hewing down (in battle, etc.), slaughter; wounds(?); Of slaughtering cattle
2 airne grave-stone
2 aisc petition
2 aiscid 1act of seeking, requesting; request, boon, favour 2 gift, present; without payment, gratis, for nothing; Without requital, in vain, etc.
2 aite abode, dwelling
2 aitech Of a case, repository
2 áith Drying-kiln (for grain)
2 aithbiraid reproaches, blames
2 aithche harmony (?); In concrete sense, a type of musical instrument
2 aithech master of a house, husband; mistress of a house, wife; fighting- man, warrior
2 aithigid 1 act of visiting, frequenting, resorting to 2 occupying 3 practising, observing; in use
2 aithne 1 act of knowing, recognising, perceiving; knowledge, recognition, perception; acquaintances; Transfd. meaning that by which something may be recognized; characteristic 2In more active sense of coming to recognise or getting to know:; recognizes, realizes, gets to know; recognizes 3 recognition (in sense of recognition of a poet by his patron), generosity 4 generosity(?)
2 aithnid 1 knows (usually of a process rather than a state), comes to know, realizes, under- stands 2 recognises, knows (i.e. at sight, immediately) (person, thing etc.) 3 recognises, perceives, notices (a fact, state of affairs)
2 aithnigid avenges
2 ál timid, fearful, afflicted
2 all rein, bridle
2 alt, allt height, cliff; depths (?); dark-maned,
2 altram(m)aid fosterer
2 ám moving to and fro, stir, motion
2 amarc (visible) defect, disfigurement
2 amlach harness
2 amm 1 the human hand; power, control, etc. 2 band, host
2 amsach band or troop of mercenaries
2 an water; otter
2 án 1 glory, splendour,; splendid person; fine cows; bright flame; bright torch; splendid king
2 anacra misery, distress
2 anáeb great prosperity; pleasantness
2 anaid blemishes
2 anair 1 from the front, before 2 east of3 from the east (implying motion); Of the east wind
2 anaithne act of failing to recognize
2 anarrachta very strong
2 anarsaid very old
2 anathlam very active, vigorous, prompt
2 anba great quantity
2 ancaire anchor
2 anfúirithe unpreparedness
2 anglan matter from a sore (?); pus (?)
2 annsacht love, affection; loves
2 ap an interjection of defiance
2 apa ape
2 apthach pertaining to death
2 ar for, since, seeing that, for the reason that
2 ara Temple (of the forehead)
2 árach some kind of conveyance, litter, bier
2 arbar Host, army
2 arc body
2 ard dog-collar
2 ardán pride
2 arg 1 noble, great, impressive 2 prominent person, champion, hero
2 argán little champion
2 arnaid a knot, band, tie; bail, surety, sponsor
2 art stone; solid, strong, stout, a stone; pebble; a quarry or stone pit; stony sand, coarse gravel
2 arthrach increase
2 as shoe, slipper; hose; a shoe, rather a stocking.; hose; broad-shoed
2 assa(e) easy, light; considers easy; after (the time when it was) easy (feasible); too late
2 áth poisonous plant; water-dropwort (?)
2 athair serpent; Also in plant-names
2 athbrat renewed captivity
2 athchuingid act of asking again, asking back; Usually simply act of asking, requesting (in some exx. perh. importunately); request, boon
2 athchummaid reshapes
2 athgonaid wounder(?)
2 att head-covering, hat, hood, helmet
2 ba fence, appar. extracted from etarbae
2 bach intoxication, fury
2 bachlach curling
2 baile vision; frenzy, madness (originally arising out of super- natural revelations); subject or inspiration of poets; Name of a class of tales; mad, frenzied; mad, frenzied
2 báire leader, chief
2 bairne fragments
2 bairnech limpet, limpets; barnacles
2 banda active, vigorous (?)
2 banna bond, guarantee
2 bara flow; ? same word as barae in sense of upsurge, movement:; intention, design
2 bárc book (B. na f.)
2 barrach tops (of trees and plants); tow, hards of flax; fibres or hards of flax, tow; stubble (of flax); stubble, straw
2 barraid bars, hinders
2 bas top
2 basc Expld. as necklet, neckband, apparently consisting of or decorated with beads of precious stone and circular in shape; circular place; a circle; necklace of round beads
2 bath sea
2 bechta accurate
2 bedgach 1 name of an ailment in cattle; staggers
2 béimnech act or noise of striking, clashing
2 ben son
2 bennach 1Of animals, etc. 2 sharp-prowed; pinnacled
2 bertaid brandishes, flourishes; shakes, tosses; makes quake (some of follg. exx. perh. to be taken as forms of beirid)
2 bés perhaps, maybe. Later (?) with indic. in all probability, doubtless, certainly, indeed.
2 bethach beast
2 bethamain swarm of bees; a bee
2 bethra expld. as water
2 bethrach watered (?), moist (?)
2 bí Name of some part(s) of a door or entrance
2 bíathaid provisioner