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2 adaig

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n In phrase a.¤ etarba. Perhaps originally same word as 1 adaig. Used in concrete sense of something which divides, separates , see Thurn. ZCP xx 359 . fiad cacha feda a.¤ eadarba co ndeith bire, feam cacha trachta (in a list of things suitable for everyone (ada comdilsi do cach recht), Laws v 482.z .i. in adaigh bis etarru, itir na ferandaib, co ndeithbirius aici for imirge .i. for teithed, 484.22 Comm. slabrad for chimig, adaigh eatarba i nglas, 484.5 (? some kind of obstruction between the legs to prevent quick movement). ingraide tire .i. ingraid a hindi a comaititin in comaithchi ina thir .i. da aichi no a trí etarbai itir do ceili, Laws iv 48.19 = ingrege .i. innretha .i. di a.¤ etarbai no theoir hi tir do cheli, O'Curry 859 ( H 3.18, 388b ) (? a boundary barrier).