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2 art

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Forms: a.

n expld. in glossaries as stone: a.¤ .i. cloch nō leac ligi cuius diminutiu[um] artēne .i. cloichēne, Corm. Y 26 . a.¤ .i. aill, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 27 § 1 (reading of BB). fúigfe an lása é 'na Art / acht grása Dé 's a dhaonnacht (pun on the name Art), L. Cl. A. B. 243.11 . a.¤ solid, strong, stout, a stone . Also dim. airtine pebble , P. O'C. Note also compds. artchaireal or artchailéar a quarry or stone pit . artghaineam stony sand, coarse gravel , P. O'C. Note also (perh. merely an inference from anart): crúaid `a.¤' a ṡenainm go fír is `anart' ainm do mhaoithmhín, Metr. Gl. 15 § 34 . a.¤ ┐ anart cruaid ┐ maoth, O'Mulc. 56 .