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2 brecc

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Forms: breac

o, m. subst. use of 1 brecc, lit. speckled one, a small fish, usu. translated trout (cf. Hib. Lat. bricius `a fish, a kind of trout' c. 1200, Med. Lat. Word-list from British and Irish Sources, J. H. Baxter and C. Johnson). breac `a trout . . . spot-fish, so called, because it is spotted', P. O'C. ? he b.¤ baoi i mBóinn (Colum Cille), TFrag. 10.7 , see 4 é bratā[i]n pric (: tric) `trout', K. and H. 18. do bhric ód bruachaib amach, SG 96.15 . Bledh iat ┐ Blodh ina mbreacoib Boinne, Dinds. 66. breac ar sruth, Oss. iv 42.8 . iasccach ┐ bric ciordubha `coal-black trouts' (sic), AFM i 510.2 . dearcain donna / ar breacaib srotha ac saigdeóracht, IGT Decl. ex. 266. gidh beac an breac bís fan lin, 525 . fuilngidh breac acras ar édtráigh, 1021 . brec marb `a dead trout', BCC 57. b.¤ dubáin, see 1 dubán.