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2 ceis

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n c.¤ .i. guidhe, ut est dian ceissit [a] airiltin .i. amail guidhes a airiltin, O'Dav. 505 (an inference). c.¤ .i. on cheasacht, O'Cl.

2 céis

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Last Revised: 2013

n f. Appar. orig. of some part of a harp; a plectrum; a ring-headed pin (?). Meaning already obscure in M.Ir. A bar or yoke on the arms of a lyre that could be used to tune instrument ( Celtica xxi 66-67 , BDC 153 , Proceedings of the First North American Congress of Celtic Studies 373 ). Also explained as (small) harp (so perh. also in some of the exx.): is crot cen cheis, is cell cen abbaid . . . .i. cen choe astuda a tét . . . c.¤ ainm do chruit bic bis i comaitecht cruiti móre him chomseinm. Nó ainm don delgain bic fostas in teit humaide na crute. Nó ainm dona coblaigib. Nó ainm don tromthét. Nó is i in ch.¤ isin chruit aní chongbas in leithrind cona tétaib intí, ACC 20 . ceis .i. cruit, Stowe Gl. 279 . Lec. Gl. 342 . admholta c.¤ , Ériu xiii 40.8 . ni ceilt c.¤ céol do chruit C. `the lute hid no music from C.'s harp', ZCP iii 6.2 ( Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 9 § 1 ). dia sephaind c.¤ [cenntoll] céol `when the hole-headed lute played a melody', 7.2 . co ro sheind a qeis cendtuill do, RC xxi 154.17 . a imlige baise céise caise coise cornaire 'o licking around the handle of a curved céis at the foot of a horn-player' EIS 154 § 52 . Freq. in phr. cruit cen ch.¤ of someth. useless or ineffectual: cuire cen chenn cruit cen c.¤ / samail na tūath déis a rríg, Ériu ix 48 § 22 . an doman as cruit gan ceis, BCC 416.27 . abhran se cruit gan ch.¤ , AFM i 216.3 . ? ri na mbard ōn cheis romchar, Rawl. 165b30 . ? a fir, nā mannoir an cēs / dona crannoibh forsmbæ hi sás, ZCP xii 292.6 .