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2 dérgud

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n m. Vn. of 1 do-érig. ? IGT Verbs § 54 . Stripping, making bare: bai dia hainfélisi na ro faelangair gan luighe 'na fochair ósi ar na dergadh (.i. nochtadh) she being stripped, Leb. Gab.(i) 28.1 . leaving, abandoning: dergud na n-uli procept ┐ forcetul, PH 8225 . nertatt na maithe . . . iat fen tria énerti a colla o nd.¤ (leg. on d.¤ or o[a] nd.¤ ?) dírech by weakening their flesh through renunciation, 6503 (where lit. sense may be either abandoning or with poss. adj. stripping themselves). Cf. 2 dérach, déirge, 2 dírech, derged.