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2 dea

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n (= 2 día): drúchta dea .i. ith ┐ blicht, Corm. 451 Y. Corm. Tr. 57 . drúchta déa, O'Cl. for soilsi (sorchi, soirci, v.ll.) samluain … for druc[h]tu dea (.i. ith ┐ blicht .i. ceneili forcetail) 'on the light of a summer-moon … on dews of a goddess (that is, corn and milk, that is, types of learning)' Imm. in dá Th. § 113 , § 115 . soirche samlūain eter drūchtæ dē āth 'the light of a summer moon among the dews of a goddess of fords' BDC 142.619 . See also drúcht.

2 Dea , Deae

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Forms: Deaae, Deae, Dee, Deaa, Dea, De, Dedad

pn g s. in the following names: Inber nDeae i Crích Cualann i Laignib, the estuary of Aba Deae immediately below Arklow. Aba Deae river, flows through Glenn nDeae. Glenn nDeae earlier name of Glenn Dá Locho. Loch Deae.

FORMS: Deaae: Cell Dara do orgain do gentib ó Inbir Deaae, AU A.D. 835 . Deae: co Inber Deae, Trip. i 32. 11 ( Eg.93 93 ). Dee: in portum apud nós clarum qui uocatur Hostium Dee dilata est , Ardm. 2 b 2 . Inber nDee i Crích Cualand, Hy Maine 147 b . Deaa: do gallaib Inbhir Deaa AFM A.D. 835 . Dea (the usual form): Trip. 30. 17 ; oc Inbiur Dea i Crích Laigen, ib. 34. 18 . co hInber nDea i Crích Laigen, ii 448. 5 . LB 26 a 14 f.b. Aband Dea ┐ Inber ṅDea LL 159 a 5 f.b. Aba Dea, Hy Maine 147 b 2 . De: Inber nDe, BLism. 4 a . Hog. Onom. 458 a .—Confused with Deda, gen. Dedad: Inber Dedad i Crích Cualann, BB 370 b 30 . Inbhear Deaghaidh, Keat.

By the Irish themselves wrongly associated with Dea, npr. m.: Dea mac Degad a quo Inber nDeda i Crích Cualann, Dinds. § 40. 1 . Garman Glas mac Dedad cuius frater erat Dea a quo Aband Dea ┐ Inber ṅDea i Crích Cualann, LL 159 a 5 f.b. Dea mac Dedhadh a quo Inber nDea a Crích Chualand, D II 2, 27 a . Dea was the name of the river; cf. Ban-dea, name of the Shannon, Ardm. 11 b 1 ; Dub-dea `Nigra Dea' (River Dee in Scotland), Thes. ii 279. 6 . It seems identical with Ptolemy's Dēvā, the river Dee in Scotland. Ptolemy's Δηούας ποταμοῦ ἐκβολαί may render an Ir. Inber nDee, Inber nAbann Dee. Gen. Dēvās compared with Arm. Dee shows that in the 2nd century the Irish substitution of -ās by -iās in fem. ā-stems had not yet taken place.—Cf. Pictet RC ii 2 . Holder 1273 .