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2 dechtaid

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Forms: rodechtait, deachta, deachdta

v ā. An early loan from Latin dictare. The rendering of -i- by -e- and the cpd. do-er-dechtim, gl. dicto Sg. 155 b 4 , show the high age of the loan.—Like Lat. dictat = fingit, componit, composes, indites, writes, informs (dictare est aliquid docere in omni genere doctrinae, Juv. Sat. Britannicus 8 ). The sense dictates has no examples from Old- and Mid.-Ir.— blodh bec don lebar dodecht Adhamnán a Laidin, ZCP iii 520 § 8 . dia rodecht som isin dúain dorigni of which he informed LU 51 a 33 . dorad Aenias in tuarastal do chách díb amal rodechtait as they had been informed (pret. pass.), Aen. 1060 (referring to Aeneas' words, ib. 1045 : dobérthar a riar do chách úaib). BB 460 b 23 . dar dechtadh an cairt so, 3 B 22, 34 b .—deachd, inf. deachdadh, indites, dictates, teaches Coneys. enacts, harangues O'R. ann. Cf. Sc. deachd indites, dictates, inspires , M‘A. HSD (c.s.). pc. deachta, deachdta perfectly certain, in Sc. gu d. most certainly, most assuredly; but cf. decht .i. deimin, s.v. 1 decht.