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2 ellam

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n (a) a bride-price given by the bridegroom to the bride or her father: eallamh .i. coibhche dogeibhthear a láimh, O'Cl. (cf. 1 ellam, end of II c). mad rotoirrched bansgal a ttaidhe cin cor, cin dilsi, cen ellam `without dowry' Cáin Ad. 52 . ellom rogáid ben Géde | for a chéle, Metr. Dinds. i 6.5 . co tuctha a hellam huile | do Buichet till her bride-price were given to B. (i.e. to her father) ZCP viii 270.10 . tucad ellam anbfoil ann d'ingin C., 270. 11 .

(b)? in an extended sense gift to a minstrel, etc.: do iarr a (th)idluctha ┐ a elmha leis, Celt. Rev. ii 26 . adconncadar an imirce adbalmor ellmha da n-indsaige, 28 (but these are perhaps wrong expansions, cf. 2 ellach). Cf. `ealladh' aisgidh (v.l. ealladh no eallamh), Metr. Gl. D 42 .